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  1. on the weekend go a 4ft bay tank and stand that is now going to be my new marine tank just have to sand the stand and stain it all so go lots off live rock it all came out off a 6ft so its in 2 tanks until I get this up and running got to get a sump and plum it in
  2. Hey guys, Ive just started up a tank after months of thinking on it so I don't know a lot about the technical sides of what species go with what other fish. I know all the basic's. But James from Caramel's Fishy Friends @ Flinders View referred me here. Anyways, for the last week I've cycled the water and got the Ph levels right at about 7.8-8.6. Water temp at 24 degrees. Using a AQUA ONE filter doing 2000L per hour, very big for the tank but thought id go all out I will attach photo of my set up. At the moment I have 2 clown loaches, 1 peppermint bristlenose, 1 red top zebra. I'm wanting to add 5-6 iceberg blue cichlids and 5-6 electric yellow cichlids and maybe have a couple of others like mpangas, flamebacks, peacocks. Is this an okay set up? Will i be facing any issues or if this isn't a good set up what is an example because I've done a lot of research and can't really find out too much help with this.
  3. Hi All, I have a 4ft tank with an old Jabao external filter which runs a bit rough, even stops for 5 seconds sometimes and then restarts! I'm thinking an fx5 would be good, or is it a bit too much? Any thoughts? Cheers.
  4. When we saw this tank at the Pet Expo recently showing off its stylish design we just had to take it home and is now on display in the store. The planted layout was designed by John Bailey from R&J Aquatics and Pets specifically for the trade show, some may recognise the name as the previous owner of the forum. Unfortunately we had to transport it so it had to be dismantled and we have redone the scape adding a few extra plants. The Glossy tanks will be available through us and ordered in as required and comes with the tank stand and as well as the LED light - the lighting is what sets this tank apart from other planted tanks as the LED is in a tube style allowing the twin LED light modules to be directed highlighting specific area's. If you are looking at a Elegant Display planted tank - pop on in and see the tank - the pictures just do not do the tank justice. Aquael Glossy 4ft with LED Lighting
  5. Set up yesterday. Still clearing but getting there. Currently home to 10 crimson spot rainbows. Once I get a heater for the tank I will be looking for some more different types of rainbows to add
  6. Hey guys the main focus of this thread will be the planted tank but will include pics of the little fronts every now and then! The planted tank has been running for a month now and slowly kicking into gear. The scape is not 100% complete as I have some random plants in there just seeing how they go. Still sorting out the piping and going to install some glass inlets/outlets soon. Fronts tank: 4*2*2.5ft high. 9 Ikola 5-7cms 3 Random Peacocks 3 Clown loachs 1 Albino Pleco 1 Sailfin Pleco. fx5 filter 1ft t5 light (they like darkness) Planted tank: 3*1.5*1.5ft 2*canisters Ehiem 2213 running a 200w inline heater. Fluval 206 running a Sera in-line reactor. Pressurised Co2 system running at 3bpm. 4*39w t5 globes. (3*plant grow, 1*10000k) currently 5 hours a day. (Only just increased from 2 to 4 bulbs) Ferts: None atm Substrate is 2toned diy on the bottom and capped with sand and then ADA Amazonia 1 and a half bags. Fish list: Cherry Shrimp 2* royal whips 3* L134 To get fish: Pair of rams Pair of Red Breasted Acaras Maybe some smaller tetras if I only get one pair. The scape I am going for is a jungle of crypts at the back left (raised) then down the slope that the driftwood creates into a field of hc (that is slowly growing). Most of the stem plants will probably end up going or being moved. Then on the right side have a little "island" to break the hc carpet up with some more crypts, blyxa and a feature sword. The peg will be going shorty so don't worry haha. Let us know what you guys think and any times on the setup would be helpful Cheers Damo.
  7. Hey all, new here. Just wanted to show off my 'New Guinean Rainbowfish' tank. It was a bit cloudy at this stage because of a recent clean and water change. The tank is slightly random but the main focus is the rainbows with 8 Melanotaenia boesemani and 4 Melenataenia lacustris. There is also one ancient Melanotaenia fluviatalis, 6 Rummynose Tetras, 3 Peppermint plecos and 2 Kuhli Loaches which are never seen unless absolutely everything has been removed from the tank. This is my best pic so far of my two largest male boesemani and a video of the tank. Hope you all enjoy.
  8. Just changed the tank around sold the Africans and just having frontosa now.
  9. Hi Guys as some of you know im setting up my 4 ft tank soon i just wanted to know how long should i have my cannister running b4 tranfering over the fish to the new tank
  10. On the back end of building a custom cabinet & hood for my wife's new 3ft marine tank over the past 6 weeks, I've decided it's now high time to utilise the 4ft tank I received for Christmas...which has meant further trips to Bunnings for building materials (such a bummer ), & copious use of power tools. At the end of the process, I'm planning on turning out a 4ft native biotope tank with plants & fish endemic to my local area on the northside of Brisbane. My wife's new marine pride & joy:
  11. .heres the link: 4ft fish tank with accessories | Fish | Gumtree Australia Caboolture Area - Ningi | 1060559453
  12. Hey everyone. We have chosen to change the left side of our tank. This means removing the root/tree style wood (will be for sale) We like the rocks but would like some input in what would make this tank a nice display. The tank is 2 months old roughly and the growth hasn't really started yet so it's the perfect time to rearrange it. Any ideas would be awesome! Schooling fish (rummy nose and cardinal tetras) and L066 and Sewellias will occupy this tank. The wood being removed.
  13. hey guys ive recently been doing some trading here and there and decided that im not going marine just yet Click here to enlarge the room i have gets really hot and i dont want to fork out lots for a chiller,skimmer and leds ect.. its just not the right time financially. so what i do have is just about every thing to start up an african tank Click here to enlarge that way its not going to bust the bank to much and they can handle a bit of heat during this summer. so heres a breakdown on what equipment this setup is containing TANK - aquaone aquagrande 120, 4ft 70 gallon curved glass corners CABINET - Custom made by myself FILTRATION - hagen Fluval fx 5 LIGHTING - hagen glo twin t5 reflective unit, 54w powerglo 18,000 k SUBSTRATE - 60kgs micro crushed coral sand + 20kgs seachem pearly shore's HARDSCAPE - 110kgs A-grade Texas Holey Rock - life like Plastic plants
  14. Hey all newbie here, Just got a 4x2x2 setup and want to keep just a single predatory fish in it. Just wondering what size of fish I can keep in this tank fully grown (ie like 30 or 40cm etc) as I want to keep a fish happy and healthy for its life time. Reason I ask is so I can start looking for fish that come in at or under the size limit for my tank. Really like peacock bass but after just buying a house I can't afford to house one perminatley at the moment! Any help is greatly appriciated! Thanks in advance, Andrew
  15. Hi guys just wondering if you have any good ideas for what i should put in my 4ft tropical tank. All i got in there are pep bn at the moment.
  16. Hi fellow fish tank peeps!! I've recently moved house and have just redone my 4ft aquarium. I have never done a complete planted tank before but i intend to have the whole tank covered in plant life. The plants i have used in my tank include the following; - Anubias Barteri var. Nana ( i really was after petite but the supplier of my local fish store is pathetic and doesn't list scientific names.. Pisces. ) - Dawrf Hairgrass ( again from same supplier .. cant believe the snails. ) - Dwarf Blyxa ( Same supplier .. poor quality on arrival, could not believe it. ) - Ambulia - Rotala Wallichii - Dwarf Chain Sword - Glossostigma ( Dwarf Chains and Glosso came from serene aquarium - who i will use in future as plant health was a amazing on arrival. ) The things i am not sure about in a mass planted tank however are the fertilisers i should use, should i be looking for individual fertilisers or should i use a broad spectrum that covers all? Given the quality of the blyxa i ordered, i am already observing the occurance of diatoms on the leaves and i am hoping this does not spread onto my other plants in the aquarium. Correct me if i am wrong, but a broad spectrum fertiliser might lead to an abundance of unwanted minerals in my aquarium that could stimulate increased alage growth and i am thinking if that were to happen given a complete planted aquarium, results could be disastrous. What fertilisers do the enthusiast's use? I love my tank and I really want to breed shrimp and L numbers in the future so I am after any and all information on keeping the planted tank! My partner loves her cat, but i think i love my fish more haha! I have no fish or shrimp in my tank at present, but will be receiving some crystal black shrimp and yellow cherries tuesday/wednesday next week as well as 5 otocinclus i have ordered from my local fish store. All these i believe will aid my plants keeping their leaves clean for maximal growth. ( in theory haha ) Please if you have an advice for planted tank fertilisers and how to dose and deliver within the aquarium, i would be very appreciative. I can only get so much info from my local fish store, as sometimes i know what they tell me is incorrect. But it is all business to them at the end of the day. Cheers, Toddfish88
  17. Hi all After a bit of advice on the filtration on my 4ft 270ishL tank. Currently have a 2200lph eBay canister running it which is doing a fine job but as I've recently restocked with African juvis (3-5cm) I'm considering putting extra filtration on the tank, Until I can upgrade tank size when we buy our own place down the track. I'm considering putting a sump 70L In series with my canister. Is this doable? Also need a pump size? Any help is appreciated Thanks Jacob
  18. hi all as the title suggests, looking to do a rescape of my 4ft tank, tank is a tropical/ community set up and fairly planted. looking to swap it all out and set up and African tank, After opinions on the best way to do this, I want to keep the filter running and media 'alive' but want to strip everything else, except a driftwood log, out including substrate. fish to go are 2 angels honey gourami bolivian ram firemouth cichlid 2 Siamese algae eaters 3 bronze cories 8 congo tetras acara blue cichlid 2 kribs i know bit of a mix match but all get along fine all plants in the tank to go aswell, but can go for free with the fish will also sell substrate which is 4x 7 kg bags of Seachem Flourite Black Sand and a 20kg bag of pool filter sand thanks jacob
  19. IN THIS TANK IS! reddevils green terror texas 2 jack demspheys feather tail catfish peacock 2 plecos 2 blue eye chiclids :) :) :) :) :)
  20. Well as the title says I managed to score a 4 ft tank of my neighbor for $30. It came with a really crappy stand that doesn't run its full length (about 15cm of tank hang off each side, and the stands not quite what I like.. So i've decided that its should be easy as to build a quick easy stand with some studs, screws and a bit of glue. Just a quick picture of that stand I got with it. One weird thing that I've never seen before in a tank is that the bottom is two pieces of glass joined exactly halfway along the length of the tank with silicon, its water tight and seems strong enough, just unsure as to how it would go. I don't know if I should be concerned about it. Here is a picture to illustrate. Should I be concerned about this? I figure I'm going to run a brace right under the join to try and keep it from blowing out because it wasn't supported. My main question for you all is with regards to building my stand. For supporting the tank should I run two lengths of stud glued together along the front and back of the tank? Or is a single stud strong enough to take the weight? By the way the tanks volume is about 280-300L depending on how full it is. I was also thinking of doing the legs with two studs glued together each. Is that overkill? Or completely reasonable?
  21. Just a quick little video of my current setup taken last week. It's a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft with mostly American Cichlids.
  22. ok sold the 8ftr and stand, have also sold most my fish to top people on this site also:), now with remaining fish i will knock up a quick 2tier set up to house what i have left will consist of a 4x2x2 and smaller custom tank for the top, and will be run with my FX5 for simplicity.. cheers mike
  23. Someone dumped a 4ft tank with a cabinet out the front of their house along with a few bath tubs and a couch, So my mate and I went and grabbed it and started cleaning it today. It's 4x2x1.5. Painted the cabinet as it was peeling and gross. Yeah, talk about a good find haha. Messed my back up carrying it 500m down the road haha. I will grab some photos when I go back to my GF's house (where I left it). Any suggestions of what should go inside? Marto
  24. Hey all Just doing up a design for the 4ft, 2 tier timber stand/cabinet i want to make. Have a look a pic and tell me what you think, not sure if i need another support on the front, in the middle. Stand is just on 5ft long & 4ft high & just over 1ft deep. Made it longer so i could put canisters in there as well. Will skin it with 3mm ply Will use 75x40 pine for the frame. Cheers Dan
  25. I currently have a 4ft planted tank (230L) with 5 7-8 month old discus, 4 bristle nose, 4 ottos, 10 corys, 2 appistos and 12 purple harlequin rasboras. I am planning on upgrading to a 6ft (680L) tank so my discus can grow out as they are growing larger every week! The issues I face have to do with the cycling period in the new tank. I am currently running two internal filters one fluval and a uv filter plus a 1200 cannister aquaone filter in my 4 foot. I was planning on moving all the fish into a 3 ft spare tank with no gravel running the canister filter I currently have and using a new 800L cannister on the 6ft tank with some of the filter material from the 4 footer. HOw long do you think it would take for the new tank to cycle properly using the fishless cycle with seeded filter material from my 4 ft? I am also wondering how I can clean the substrate (gravel and aquasoil) from debris before I move it to the new 6fter without killing off and disrupting the good bacteria that is in it? I am planning on using most of the old water in the 4 ft to fill the 3ft so as not to cause too much stress on my fish with the move. So I wont have enough left over water to clean the gravel. Anyone had a similar experience before upgrading a tank? Any tips you can give me on how to make the cycling faster etc so the fish don't stay squished in the 3fter for a month and a half would be absolutely wonderful! (the time period it took my four foot to cycle). PS: I was wondering if anyone knows of anyone with a ute that could carry a 195cm tank length and 135 wide. I have a landrover and doubt it'll fit! IF anyone is keen to do a pickup and drop off I am willing to pay for the time/petrol Thankyou!
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