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Found 9 results

  1. https://www.facebook.com/events/1024810137577804/1024810147577803/
  2. https://www.facebook.com/events/1024810137577804/1024810147577803/
  3. Great idea for a last minute Xmas present - we received a good buy on these due to the amount that we get in and pass on the savings.. Don't forget your QLDAF discount too which brings this book by Ad Konings down to $66.55. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/tech-den-127/how-members-get-their-qldaf-discount-tech-den-their-aquarium-items-77517/ Malawi Cichlids In their natural habitat 4th Ed by Ad Konings
  4. Next QCG meeting is next Friday 4th October. Where: Bar Jai Hall, Alexandra St, Clayfield When: 7:30 to 08:00 PM start Paper work for Fish Only Auction on 12th October will be available. All are Welcome.
  5. I thought I would get this done a little early and give you guys a heads up on whats on the weekend! (As always Club Only, NFD etc, etc) (Also please remember these are this weekend only, if you miss out its back to normal price. I do these as a way to clear our tanks for the new orders on Monday, not because I need to make a sale!) Apistos (Since we have new ones on orders) Macmasteri Super Reds $25 Juruensis $35 Viejita Rednecks $20 Blue Heads (Steel Blues) $10 Cacatuoides $15 Borelli Yellow Blue $15 Algondon II $35 Elizabethae $85 White Seam Agassizi $27.95 Arua $24 Dwarf Cichlids Neon Blue Rams $25 Neon Balloon Rams $25 Kribs (Normals) $8 Cattie Sale Dianema Flagtails $40 Upside Down Cats $15 L144 Blue Eyes $500.00 Pictus Cats $15 Farlowella $15 S. Multipunctatus -Wild Caughts $75 S. Petricola $35 S. Decorus $30 Pimelodus Ornatus $100
  6. Hey guys Well the love birds have been at it again....... Their 4th spawn together although the last spawn i think had more fry, check out the pic off all these things at feeding time. crazy shiznit. last ones a video
  7. Just a reminder about the meeting this Friday at the Bar Jai Hall, 178 Alexandra Road, Clayfield. Meeting Agenda: Monterey Bay Aquarium - DVD - Fish of the Month - Tank Busters - Greg Ure Photos of Sponsor - Aspley Pet Centre Spawnings, Acquisitions and Losses - Q & A
  8. Just 2 days to go QUEENSLAND AQUARIUM HOBBYISTS AUCTION Saturday SEPTEMBER 4th FISH IN FROM 3.00PM AUCTION STARTS 5.00PM CABOOLTURE HIGH SCHOOL HALL LEE STREET, CABOOLTURE for more information check out our website at http://www.qah.org.au Q.A.H. AUCTION GUIDELINES Fish and other items in from 3.00 p.m. closed 7.00 p.m. Auction starts at 5.00 p.m. and finishes when all items have either been sold or passed in. Pass ins will NOT be gone trough unless time permits. All items are offered up for sale with the highest bidder becoming the purchaser. In the case of multiple lots the highest bidder has first choice then the second highest then the third highest then open to the floor. Items that do not attract a bid equal or better than the reserve price will be passed in. The minimum bid increments are $2.00. items from $21.00 to $50.00 will be $5.00, and for items $51.00 and over will be $10.00 with final bid increment amounts at discretion of the auctioneer. Sellers can have a maximum of 60 lots. For fish and plants, sellers can sell up to 3 lots of any one variety up to a maximum of 12 lots of any one species E.G. fish etc with more than 1 known variety, guppy's for example, can have a maximum 3 lots of each variety (blue tuxedo's, sunburst, snakeskin etc) with a maximum of twelve (12) lots of guppies TOTAL. Fish should be of a saleable size approx 4cm Total length (from tip of nose to end of tail) unless a dwarf species of fish. While there is no limit on the number fish or bags in a lot, Q.A.H. will NOT accept any more than 5 fish in any one bag unless they are small fish (under 60mm) or the bag is very very large. All sellers as they hand their boxes over, will be asked two questions. 1. Do you have any large fish? 2. Do you have bags with more than 5 fish in them? Any yes answers and the seller will be required to check those bags in front of Auction Staff to ensure they are bagged satisfactorily otherwise they will told to re-bag them immediately. Extra large fish must be in suitably sized containers not squashed up in a small bucket etc. If seller does not have suitable bags etc they will be charged a fee for re-bagging depending on what is required to fix the problem. All bags used for bagging fish MUST be clear and not opaque. Do NOT use freezer bags, any fish not bagged in clear bags will not be accepted for auction. All fish should be in a healthy condition. If any dead fish or sick are found in a lot then that lot will NOT be offered for sale. No HYBRIDS will be accepted for sale with the exception of Discus Fish should not have been fed for at least one preferably two day before bagging. All bags must be approx 1/3 water 2/3 air and sealed tightly, any fish not bagged properly will incur a charge for re-bagging at the least or be rejected from the sale at the worst. No potted plants, gravel, shell grit, coral sand, sand or any item containing dirt or gravel will be sold. This will help in stopping the spread of Fire Ants. For dry goods, sellers are allowed up to 3 lots of any one item and where the items are the same except for size there also will be 5 different sizes (ie vegetable fish food pellets). All electrical goods must have a current safety tag or they will not be accepted for sale. All sellers must produce some form if identification (drivers license etc) when putting fish etc in. Sellers must report to the check in table to obtain sellers letters, auction forms , bag and box labels. Sellers letters will be given out on a first come first served basis with the exception that any Auction Staff from the previous Auction will be given first choice of letters. What this means is that if you help out as a volunteer at an auction you will be able to choose your sellers letter for the next auction. Having said that it will still be first in first served for the auction staff as well. To Qualify as Auction Staff you MUST be a member of a Q.F.A.S. affiliated Club and work a Minimum of 6 hours at the auction this includes setup work, back stage work, auctioneer, pencilling, running and helping in the canteen. As workers for the auctions usually start at 1.00 - 1.30pm and finish at least 3/4 hour after the last lot is sold. Having to work only 6 hours is dead easy, most of us at present put in 10 - 12 hour days sometimes longer. The bag labels should be attached to every bag offered for sale and the box labels to the outside of the sellers boxes for identification. The bag labels have room on them for lot #, description, qty in bag and reserve price, NOTE-: If you do not wish to put the reserve price on the bag, then you can just tick this box and write the reserve on the list. All other boxes on the label MUST be filled in by the seller. e.g. Lot # AC12 Reserve $20 Qty 2 Description Frontosa 6Bar The box labels will have a sellers letter and # of boxes and MUST be filled in by the seller. e.g: Seller AC Bruce Jones Box 2 Of 4 It is recommended that sellers arrange box & lot numbers in sequence so that lot #1 is in box #1 etc. Sellers will be asked to identify the majority contents of their boxes by placing a coloured dot sticker onto the box label. This will enable the auctioneers and auction staff to avoid having the same things coming up at each auctioneer at the same time. The most that could happen is that a seller's letter might be moved out of order by one. Colour dots will be available at the sellers sign in area and will be as follows: Green - Plants Red - Americans Blue - Africans Yellow - Natives Black - Catfish White / NO DOT - Dry Goods, food, etc. Bags and or boxes not labelled correctly will be rejected until labels are corrected The area where the lots are stored prior to sale is OFF LIMITS to everyone except the authorized Q.A.H. personnel. If for any reason a person requires anything from the back area they must approach one of the authorized personal to get it for them. NO ONE else will be allowed out the back area for any reason. Any person wishing to purchase anything from an auction will need to register and obtain a bidding number. Name, address, contact number, and email address required. Numbers will be coloured and only be used at one auction with new different coloured numbers issued for the next auction. Registration will need to be done at every auction you wish to purchase anything. No bids will be accepted unless bidding number is held aloft and clearly shown to the auctioneer. In the event of a very rare or expensive item coming up for auction it will be placed on a special viewing area so people interested can have a look before making any bids. Item will remain in viewing area only as long as sellers goods are being sold. The Buyers will need to pick up their purchase from a special buyers table at the front of the auction. Failure to pick up items promptly (max 5 minutes) will result in that item being returned to the auctioneer to be sold again. The bidder number will be recorded and if it happens on more than one occasion that bidder number will be banned from the auction ( bids will no longer be accepted from that number) it this happens regularly then that person may be banned from future auctions as well. In other words when you have a winning bid you get up off your backside and make your way immediately to the buying table where you will pay for your item and pick it up and take it back to your seat. You will still be able to bid while in line picking up items already bought. The auctioneer has the final say on any item offered for sale and if in the opinion of the auctioneer that item should not be sold then it will be rejected. The auctioneer has a responsibility to obtain the best price possibly for any item offered for sale but also has to ensure that the pace of the auction is not slowed prying bids out of the audience. Once no further bids are forthcoming items will be sold. Auctioneers should NOT reveal the reserve price on any item but should use this as a guide to start the bidding. A 15% commission and any re-bagging fees will be deducted from the sale price of all items sold. Come enjoy the auction.
  9. hey arnt birthdays good, got that book for my 21st (well its on the weekend but hey) started reading it n love it. also have a book "native fishes of north eastern queensland" good to have a read from the scientists perspective. learned a few things i never knew before and im only up to page 26. anyone else have this book? i would recomend it to anyone keeping malawi cichlids, only prob is they paid around $40 more for it than they had too. cheers mick
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