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Found 4 results

  1. Easter long weekend sale at The Age Of Aquariums !!. Up to 50% OFF on selected items !!. Starting now and ending Midnight Tuesday ( 7 / 4 / 15 ) You have four days to grab these insane specials. 25% off all Water Conditioners ( Fraction , API , Easy - Life ) 20% off all New Life Spectrum Fish Food 20% off all Blagdon Products ( Pond Filters , Pumps , Uv's ) 25% off all Ocean Nutrition fish food ( Dry ) 20% off all Deltec products ( Protein Skimmers , Returns pumps ) 20% off all Aquabee submersible / inline pumps 20% off Dupla Marin Dosing Pumps 30% off Worx Freshwater & Marine LED's 15% off all Ecotech Marine Radion Leds !! 15% off all Aqua Illumination LED's ( Hydra 26 / 52 ) 25% off all Hydor Koralia Powerheads 20% off All CO2 Equipment / Hardware ( Dupla , Ista , Tunze ) 20% off All Substrates / Coral Sand / Gravel ( CaribSea , Eco Complete , ADA ) 15% off all External Filters ( Fluval , Worx , Marina , Aquael , ADA ) 25% off all Heaters ( Hydor , Fluval , Shogun , Titan , Eheim ) 25% off all Sponge filters ( Including Bulk Buy ) 50% off 32mm Bio Balls 20% off all Submersible pumps ( Laguna , Tunze , Aquabee , Blagdon , Hydor ) 20% off all Air pumps ( High Volume LP's , Airlab , Worx , Fluval , Blagdon ) 20% off all Test kits ( Redsea , API , Elos , Salifert ) 25% off all Seneye products ( Seneye Reef , Seneye Home , Seneye Web Server - Discount does not apply to Seneye Slides ) 25% off all Algae Magnets / Scrapers ( Aquablade's . Tunze , Serenity ) 20% off all Filter Media ( Chemi Pure , Rowa , Nitra Guard ) 25% off all AOA Fish food ( AOA Bits , AOA Algae Wafers ) 25% off all New Era Fish Food ( Cichlid Green , Red , Pleco Logs ) 20% off all Koi Food ( JPD , Ocean Nutrition , Kusuri ) 25% off all Marine Supplements ( Continuum , Caribsea , RedSea 20% off all Coral Foods ( Reef Roids , Phyto & Zoplan ) And 10% off everything else not listed above !!. To receive your discount please mention AOAEASTERSALE in the shipping instructions section on your online order form or when placing the order over the phone - 07 3800 5592. We charge all credit cards manually so we will adjust the total on our end. If paying via paypal we will refund the difference back via paypal. Our trading hours over easter in store are Friday 3rd - Closed Saturday 4th - Open 9am - 5pm Sunday 5th - Closed Monday 6th - Closed Tuesday 7th - Open 9am - 5:30pm Our online store is open 24 hours per day at Age of Aquariums - Aquarium Products.com.au All orders placed over this period will be shipped from Tuesday onwards. In the event that we run out of stock during the sale of a particular item you will be notified via email / phone. All pricing will be honoured and out of stock items will be supplied as more stock arrives. No further discounts apply. Happy Easter and hope you all have a enjoyable time with family , friends and doing water changes lol
  2. The Aqua Zonic G2 Titan Heaters in 600w, 1000w and 1500w are due to hit Australia Mid August with some big improvements on the previous model. We are taking preorders at this stage and expect to be sold out on arrival and I think the first shipment is almost all sold already. For Starters - the electronics are not in the main unit - they are a separate controller, this will be a good way of going and avoiding any issues with the water and electronics. They also have a feature where they have a half power control so you can reduce the power usage by 50%. I think the 50% off would be handy where you are looking at extending and going on a rack system where you might be adding tanks at a later stage and might need the extra power. The option of using it to expand with out buying an additional unit. The 50% off will use just one of the two elements. Safety Auto Off Double Heating Units Temperature Precision +-.5c Fresh and Saltwater Multiple Heating Options Shatter Resistant Quartz Glass LED Water Temperature Display Plastic Cage to Protect Fish Anyway here is what they look like.....pricing is on the link and priced a lot better than the previous ones. Aqua Zonic Titan 600w Heater Aqua Zonic Titan 1000w Heater Aqua Zonic Titan 1500w Heater
  3. Making room for the new pellet Only have 9 x 1kg bags left 50% OFF ---- NOW ONLY $11.25/kg Get in quick and don't miss out AquaMunch Cichlid Bites 1kg Fish Food
  4. I am doing up a wishlist of stuff I would like to get at Wetdreams 40 to 50% off sale tomorrow. I don't think my pockets will be deep enough. What would you love to get, if your pockets were really deep and you were going to such a sale? My list so far: Long fake plants for my rainbows and african butterfly to play in, Florish liquid for an attempt to grow instead of kill my real plants, Prime water treatment liquid always needed, Purigen in the bag always needed, digital thermometers since my eyesight isn't good enough to read those little tiny thermometers, little urns which my cichlids might like to spawn in, foam underlay for my two 6ft tanks coming on Friday, some lights for those tanks, driftwood for my wood eating plecos to turn into swiss cheese, a monster FX5 canister filter (yeah really dreaming now).
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