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Found 35 results

  1. Hello QAF peeps, I've decided to merge my threads into a journal on my 5ft cade with 4ft sump. A lot of planning has gone into this and I've only been into this hobby ~6months. I will list off the features of the tank and then bomb the thread with pictures. Haha Project Includes: Basic: - 5ft 'Aquatic Style' CADE Rimless Tank (predrilled from Gumtree) - 4ft Reef ready sump with minimal baffles (refugium) Hardscape: - 4x Bags of ADA Amazonia - 1x Bag of ADA Amazonia Powder (Top layer for carpeting plants) - 1x Canister of ADA Bacter 100 - 30kg+ of Seiryu Stone - 5x Pieces of assorted Mangrove Hard Driftwood - 20kg of Double Washed Playground Sand (most of it is in refugium) Sump build: - 1x 7"Filter Sock & Holder - 2x Hand-Cut to size green and black course filter pads - 1x Chopped up and siliconed Bread crate to replace eggcrate - 5 Litres of Marine Pure Spheres - Cut to fit Fine Filter wool - Double Washed Playground Sand (refugium Substrate) - Spare volcanic stone from previous tank Tech: - 1x 6.8kg Co2 Swap'n'go MKOL bottle from Brewer's Choice. (To be Purchased) - 1x Ista Co2 Inline Reactor (To be Purchased) - 2x Left over light fixtures from other tanks to grow moss/plants in refugium - 1x Nios Viper 5000L/Hr Pump (To be Purchased) - 1x Eheim Jager 300w Heater Tech in Display Tank: - 2x A360W Tuna Sun Kessils with goose-neck and 90 degree anglers - 1x A150 Amazon Sun Kessil with goose-neck and 90 degree angler (from another tank, will be added later) - 1x Twinstar Nano Algae Inhibitor (Tank is too big for it, but having it wont hurt) Tech To be considered: - Jebao DP-4 dosing pump - Neptune Apex Controller - Kessil Light Programmer More Pictures to Come feel free to ask for updates!
  2. Hi folks, I'm new here, and i thought i would share my project. The missus and I are both keen sports fishers and have done a couple of trips to cape york over the last few years. we loved it so much we wanted a little piece of it at home! Im still new to all this and have been furiously reading and scouring the web for info. Any thoughts or criticisms are welcome! I picked up a tank second hand for a few hundred bucks with all the bits and bobs that go with it(mostly). them i gave it a coating in some dark varnish i had left in the shed. I had originally gone with sandstone as there is plenty of it up there and i got it for free. however i spied some nice river stones in my mates backyard that he didn't want any longer and this took me in a new direction. working on a layout. i had picked up some more large stone, some gold vine and a couple of bags of denman river pebble (landscape supplies) to finish it off. plenty of washing and scrubbing, and a few weeks of soaking for the vine was next. I previously had conditioned the tank and had 6 tetras in there to get the filter established again. along with some val. it all seemed to settle ok and the water was fine once again with happy little tetras doing their thing. then the gold vine decided to spew forth with is sap! a couple of scrubs in hot water seems to have gotten rid of it now. i also got some banana lillies in there and changed to a 38W sena sunlight tube for a more realistic look. im also digging the tanins! before after I'm looking to stock with 3-4 archers, a saratoga, 1 jungle perch and maybe a coal or sooty grunter. thanks for looking!
  3. This is the largest planted tank I've done after recently upgrading from my 3ft and 2ft tanks. I will be focusing on this one tank. This tank will be dedicated to discus. both of the smaller tanks will be or are already pulled down with the 3ft to be run with sponge filters as a grow out if needed but mainly quarantine / hospital tank. Recently purchased this tank 2nd hand. Very big tank for me! and my unit lol. Equipment: 5ft x 22 high x 18 wide tank, cabinet and hood. approx 360 - 400L when you minus approx 45L of soil. filter: eheim 2215 and eheim 2213 (will be added shortly - still running 2ft tank) heater: 150W jager (think I need to upgrade to a 200w ) co2: 2.6kg bottle, aquamedic regulator and solenoid EI dry ferts mixed into 500ml bottles - still learning with this 1 x 10 000 Build My Led Light - 3ft 1x 3 foot and 1x 2 foot 6500 worz led lights. some t5's in the hood as a back up small internal filter filled with K1 media (as I run Co2 can't run diy air filter as that would be too much surface movement) running the aquael mini uv light to see if that will help minimise algae growth - currently working I guess. substrate: approx 2.5 bags of old ADA soil from my 3ft tank approx 6 years old. 3 new bags of ada on top. Heaps of dino dung that was in the old soil. Proposed Fauna: 4-6 discus. Will start with 4 then will increase over the next 6 months to probably 6, maybe 8 . a few ottos pair of either blue rams or neon blue rams or one pair of each one male apisto cac triple red that I bred from original panda petes stock so have to keep (thought about getting a female but would rather a pair of rams) and lastly if there is room a small school (10) of cardinal tetra to finish it off That's basically it. Main focus will be discus and a few of my favourite fish (rams) to pick up the scraps. Flora: I don't know all the names but will give a rough idea Needle leaf Java fern Small annubius (think it's nana petite but just appeared if my other tank so not sure where it came from ;P) Eleocharis Belem hairgrass - lot's of it!!! reddish crypts Rotala sp "Colorata" a few different red stem plants (not sure what type) Blyxa (need a few more stems of this) and a few random mid ground plants that I'll seeing how they go. now for the pics hood is still off for ease of planting. still need to sand an give a coat of varnish. I'm still waiting for my order of stems and 6 pots of belem grass to arrive. having ammonia spike from new ada soil. sitting at 2. I was currently doing a water change in the pics. Tanks has two endler guppys in there to help cycle. haven't seen a cycle yet, only ammonia spike, (old soil was 6years old and stayed wet, and established 2215 went straight on the tank) doing 50% water change every day / 2 days from now on. tank has been set up just over a week and this was the 2nd water change. before water change. after Let me know what you think! I'm really excited about this tank. the whole right side will be belem so give the discus a lot of swimming space. I think the scape has a great potential once it's grown in. sorry for the really long post
  4. Group shot FTS Another newcomer to the tank - Meet Diablo
  5. Just one more tank lol mad'n'angry is building me a 10x3x2.5ft tank and that will be the largest tank in my fish room to date. The stand will be built by my mate Predator Rob and the cabinet will be built by my mate a.f.a and my missus will be the designer of the cabinet. It will have a 6x2x2ft sump and I'll do all the plumbing etc I have the easy life this time around thanks to the boys. I couldn't bare to sell the kapampa frontosa colony I had advertise which was sold to a mate. He understood and we sourced him Lloyd's WC Kapampa he had for sale. Tank is to be started in 2 weeks stand is to be built in 2 - 3 weeks I will share pics of the stand and tank and get the tank up and running with a canister and sponges to get the colony straight in once built and then will add the sump later on once it's available as I need to wait until some 8ft's are sold by Rob. The cabinet will be designed soon as well as the height of the stand is 1100mm high and it will have doors. The sump will slide in underneath the stand with plenty of room to access as the cabinet is gonna be open at the back. I'll share pics of all progress.
  6. So this was my weekend project! Substrate: white sand from landscape supplies. Filtration: fluval 305, fluval 206, OTTO 1200LPH internal. Hardscape: Sandstone rocks from local landscape supplies Live Stock: 4x electric yellow, 4x electric blue and more to come....
  7. Looking to buy a 5ft 3 teir rAck if anyone has one or can build me one would be great let me know! thanks please pm me or txt on 0447606420. Like the one in the attached picture .
  8. Just got the tank on Tuesday, absolutely stoaked with how it looks in its new place.. had three heckelii before the move and acquired my old two surinamensis and another heck off my friend as he was shutting his tank down... they dont even know themselves and my rams are loving the hollows and caves in the wall.. pretty amateur with the camera, cant seem to get the shutter speed right.. its a nikon coolpix p500
  9. Hey guys, Been a while since ive been on the forum, lots has changed. Just looking for fish and wondered whether 7 bristlenose (2 albino and 5 peps) would work together with clown loaches. I know that they are both bottom feeders, but as the bristlenose hide alot, could this be possible? I know its a far shot but just wanted a few more opinions.
  10. Hi So I have a 6x2x2.5 Ive been meaning to set up for quite some time but really unsure what to put in it. Its either going to be my 2 festae or my planted display with around 50 fish. Festae because i would like them to breed some day but not sure if thats going to happen any time soon as my male is around 4cm smaller than the female, yet they are the same age. They are in a 4x2x2 with 2 featherfin cats and a 34cm albino pleco which im trying to sell. Planted display because its looking a little cramped and having more space to fill would be good fun, not to mention i was thinking of adding my ghost in there (not sure if its wise). These are in a 5x2x2 and set up was a bit rushed so starting over would be nice. Sooo Festae to go in the 5x2x2 and transfer my community tank to the 6ft? or Festae straight into the 6ft and hope for the best? She is my favourite! haha If the plants go in the 6ft im changing the FX5 to an eheim pro 3 2080 Please help me decide! Thanks
  11. Hi guys. Im still new here so sorry if this is in the wrong section. I am looking at this sunsun tank that this guy is selling brand new. Its a 5ft tank. My question is about the stock t5 lights that come with them. Are they able to be replaced easily from a store like petcity? or are the connectors different? Also the height is 880cm so i guess the glass would have to be thicker than 10mm. Does anyone know what the thickness of the glass is? Thanks for your time. Mo
  12. Hey guys, having some drama with my hood. I can't get the centre fluro to work. The others are dodgy at best. Ok starter and tube have been tested and are fine. Seems to be no power getting starter. Anyone with exp. with aquanova products? Any ideas on substitutes or replacement of hood, I don't need filtration just light. Cheers guys Bryan
  13. Since I got my tank back from FJ it has been comming along nicely. I used this substrate here: Lighting is 2 or 3x T5 54w Filtration is a fluval 404 cannister co2-soon will do a diy setup maybe plants: HC anubias Amazon swords Ambulia Java fern Christmas moss Ozlot sword HM Aponogetus crispus Blyxa and a few more comming pics Tank with substrate and hardscape planted some hc and anubias full heaps more pics comming as it gets going
  14. Here's my Monster fish community which I decommissioned early this year. Too bad I only can have one big tank, or else I would still keep them There are several Full-tank shots from different stages of the tank.. The tank: The ex-fishes: Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri (Wild from the Guinea) Polypterus endlicheri congicus (Wild)
  15. Hi All Here is a Video of my 5ft Malawi Community tank Hope you enjoy
  16. Heya guess been slowly making my tank better and better so far this is it! Size: 5x2x2 Filtration: Aqua Pro CF1500, AquaFX SPR2200 Heater: Eheim Jager 300w Stock: 1x Tiger Oscar, 2x Peacock Bass, 2 x Plecos Future: Another external canister thinking FX5 or Eheim 600, more filtration the better! Going to get my self some new lights something a little brighter, Need to get my self 1 very nice piece of driftwood to suit tank/fish! More cichla!! pbass!! also once i move house again will be looking at picking up at least an 8fter for the pbass to go into once bigger and hopefully getting a ray! Also have a 3fter with couple barra growing out and 1 of my plecos in there to control algae. less talk more pictures! Im open to feedback and ideas! i just put on black background today wish was an idea from another member on here getting poplin from spotlight! Sorry bout quality all on fone camera!
  17. Hello All, Next month i will be moving house and also upgrading to a 5ft tank. my Current tank (3ft) has about 10 africains,loch,silver shark & a upside down catfish in there. I was just wondering what is the best way to set up the 5ft tank? I will try to take as much water as i can from the 3ft along with the rocks and use the existing 2000/L h external filter. Should this be enough with out harming the fish ? thanks
  18. Hi Everyone, I have been on this site for just over a month now and I thought it was about time that I showed you my display tank. It is an African cichlid tank but you will notice that I have an american in there as well (Herichthys carpintis - Green Texas Cichlid). He came to be there as a result from both me breaking a golden rule and not doing any research before purchasing him and also a little bit of misleading information from the bloke at the lfs. However at the moment he is living with his Ph level at the max he can tolerate but seems to be thriving. He is growing at a fast rate and his colouring is beautiful. He really is the boss of the tank but he seems to only exercise that right at feeding time and they all seem to get along fine for the most part. Everything else you see in the tank has come from the great people on this site including fish, rocks and substrate as well as one of my filters. Anyway enjoy
  19. I'm looking to add 1 or 2 oscars to this, currently it just has a few clown loaches in there.
  20. Here is the video of my 5x2x2 display African. Sorry for the bad quality camera, I haven't work out the best function on this camera yet. http://s1125.photobucket.com/albums/l594/Supercobwe/All%20Video/?action=view&current=My5ftdisplayAfrican.mp4 Cheers, Ryan
  21. Hello, i have a 5x2x3 tank spare right now, wondering how maybe some purple spotted gudgeon's and maybe some rainbows would go in there? and how many really could i stock in it?
  22. Was this Now this 2 clown loaches (3 more to be added) 2 angels (breeding pair) 1 redtail shark
  23. Wanted to post a pic of me new guys. Bought 20 Sub-adult/fry Ikola Tropheus from a guy in Victoria, shipped them up and got them a couple days ago. Have settled in nicely. They are brilliant already two of the dominant males have dibsed a rock pile each and trying to breed with the girls! It will be another few months before I might see some actual mouthfuls but its so awesome to watch them trying and acting like a colony after being in there for a couple days. Tank: 5x1.5x1.8 Filtration: 2 Aquaone CF1000 Canisters, 2 Internal Fluvals. Lots of diff media, bioballs, noodles, matric, foam, corral. Tank Mate: 20Ikolas, 4 Dubosi Tropheus, 2 Frontosa (these guys happily eat the vege pellets...and growing, maybe they decided to turn Vegetarian...), 2 common bristlenose, and 1 electric yellow (fry that was hiding when I had my colony, now he thinks hes appart of the colony.) Water Change: 40% Fortnightly, add homemade buffer using Marine salt, epsom salt and bicarb. Yes, so ill get more photos when I can find some time, but here is a length shot of it.
  24. Hey I was wondering if any one can give me some pro info on setting up a south american community tank? And if possible any recommendations for fish to go with a ghost knife, some diff rams and 3 or 4 orange head Geos? Also like what plants and/or drift wood? Cheers Steve
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