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  1. Hi all Needing to know ASAP, but after viewing a 6x 24x 30 tank this afternoon, before committing to the buy, I want to make sure the current stainless? corner bracing/trim can be removed for a cleaner finish? Have read that plastic ones are just for aesthetics but being wider stainless, is this structural? The setup is cheap so pretty happy with it but want to make sure first See pic Thanks Jacob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hey guys i just wanted to show off my 6ft breeding tank. Tank is just for breeding fish so it's not a looker but it works. It contains. 1 pair of Blue Ramirezi, 10 neon tetras ( originally there to liven the tank up but are now breeding), 2 BN (10 cm long, Albino male and female common. They are the start of my colony that will contain albino, common and peppermint) and 12 gudgeon ( no idea what type of gudgeon but they were the fish i used to cycle the tank) No fry as of yet because it has only been running with fish for 3 days. BN were under a cave and I didn't want to disturb them so no photos Thanks for looking, TAH001
  3. Hey guys, thought I would just post up a pic of my current 8ftx2x2 american community setup. It has been running for a couple of weeks and looks pretty good so far. I think it needs something still but I cant put my finger on what. Anyway, I still have to stick a background on (thinking dark blue) which will probably help a lot. I made a 3d background out of expanding 2 part poly foam but it shrank and **** itself so I got rid of it. The tank is running 2 x aquaone 2700UVC filters with MarinePure, micropore, matrix and the obligatory foam. Water is nice and clear! In hindsight, with the stand the way it is I should have done a sump, but NVM. Tank has 2 x brasiliensis, 1 x convict, 1 x green terror, 2 x blue acara, 3 x firemouths, 2 x ellioti and a large albino sailfin pleco. Next project is I have the 6x2x2 tank I am going to have a Dovii in. Currently ordering gravel and bits and pieces for it. Still deciding whether to flip off the canister filters on it and get an FX5 or something for it. This is a picture of the 6ft before I moved the fish out of it: So at the moment, looking around for a dovii or pair of dovii for the 6ft. If I get a single male I might look at putting a DJ in there too and maybe a jag. If I was to convert to a sump on that one I would need to make a new stand which is a pain in the arse, so might just stick with canisters. Suggestions on the 8ft? Like I said I think it needs something. Just not sure what!
  4. ....Hi all looking to buy a 2nd hand or ner new display tank for my Frontosa colony needs to be with a cabinet not a stand. if anyone's looking to sell one with in 2hrs drive from Toowoomba qld 4352 let me know pm me or sms me on 0403745984 cheers
  5. .Hey, I've got numerous axolotls in a six foot tank, looking at breeding them but im not quite sure what sort of plant axolotls like. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions and/or knows of any places to buy these plants from. Any help is appreciated. Cheers Tyzy
  6. Hey, im looking at buying a 6ft fish tank stand and accessories for axolotls. i would prefer if the tank was fully setup with filters, sand, rocks and plants ect so i can pick up and basically fill it up and put in my axolotls. any help would be much appreciated and if you know of someone wanting to sell please let me know. price is negotiable so send me a price with a few pices and ill get back to you. will pick up in brisbane, sunny coast and gold coast, or south burnett area (or withing reasonable distance). Cheers.
  7. Hey guys just picked up a 6x2x2 today now when I looked at the tank yup sweet no damage. The stand had a lip on it that the tank kinda sat in so getting it off the stand was not easy! Anyways the guy I got the tank off said yea I no how to do it I'm moved it heaps. So I left him and his mates to it and sure enuf they had it on the back of the ute no drama. Now it gets messy. On 1 end of the tank was back ground and I was thinking mm y would u have it only on 1 end so I looked and no crack all is good. The old owner said that the sun came thru that side in the arvo and he had a hard time with the glass going green. Yea fair enuf I was thinking. Any who tied the tank down and went on my way. Stopping at a servo just down the road to get fuel and that's when I seen it. The end of the tank now has a crack in it!!! So looks like I'm going to have2 replace 1 end of the tank. Now what is the best way to do this? Some people say u have2 rip the tank 100% apart and rebuild the whole tank. Is this tru? Any hint or tips would be very handy!! Thanks!
  8. So after getting my order from livefish courier drive says to me...do you want to buy my tank.. only grew yabbies in it for fun but its been sitting in the shed for a while.. said yea sure and had a look...quite scratched, custom made, didnt grab measurments, but 6ft long about 40 high and maybe 60 wide. all up for the tank, all the usual stuff, filter, heater and a solid metal stand..$20 and a promise to pack freight neater than my predecessor lol! will get photos up when i pick up the tank and start the project, but at the moment planning on doing a water seal test, using some hints on here to remove scratches and then possibly think about investing in a new filter
  9. Evening all, New to the forum so thought i would start out throwing up my new project. Recently picked up a 6x2x2 tank setup with a 4ft sump (stand, hood gravel etc.) as well as fish ( Discus, Super Green Texas, Green Terror, 3 Plecos, couple Leopard Dorys i think and blue cray) which are currently housed in my other 4 ft tank (originally purchased for this project). Other equipment i have 2.5kg CO2 bottle setup still to be laid out, as well as a control center for all power, temp displays and other future items for easy and tidy setup. Currently researching lighting to upgrade to LED eventually also. Not exactly sure on what gravel came with the tank but i went into AOA on sunday (very helpful and great service, info overload for the hour that i was there haha) and picked up some Eco Complete gravel for plants hoping to get more next pay to fill in around the roots and rocks more before planting. But will defiantly be heading back to AOA soon for more stuff The plan is to moderately/heavily plant out the tank with the probability of only keeping the discus from current fish and eventually adding more discus, tetras, shrimp etc. Will enclose the stand and stain hood and stand the same which should help keep little hands out of the sump tank:). Will be great to get this project completed as it is something for both my wife and 1 year daughter to enjoy also. If there is anything left out or any questions please ask and ill try and give more info would love some feed back and suggestions also. Cheers Matt
  10. Looking to add some fish in with my discus. Tank is planted 6ft with driftwood and heaps of bristlenose varietys. Wanting to add some nice fish in with the discus other than angels. What are some good ones that are peaceful and something different?
  11. Hi all, I need advise or some pictures to setup a heavy planted 6ft tank, no heater but have CO2 and a 200lt drum as a sump if required. I have seen rainbowsrunner p's outdoor tank and an awesome thread of outdoor planted tank. So may I have your help about which type of plants and gravel should I use, and of course native fish: rainbows or goldfish ( if posible) as I cant get you-know-it big K in here lol... The tank is 180 x 50 x 70cm in my fish shed. I put next to a windows for direct morning sunlight to warm it up a little bit in winter. I plant to get CO2 auto on in the morning to match sun light, and turn light on at night if required. My thinking are belw, but if you know how to do it cheaply, pls help as I run out of budget after getting this tank. gravel: eco complete mixed with something cheap to fill the tank (need help, please) Fertilizer: Dino dung, Weekly dose dino pee, dino pit, and Seachem combination. Move to peter salt and other KO2 based salt when can save some coins to order. Plant: advise please as the name of the plant sound alien to me.... will continue to collect cheap plant and try, but will try the best to start decent. Fish: any suggestion beside rainbows and goldfish? My focus is on plants, as my africans are on the next 4ft. Filter: start with one sponges, and a 200lt sump with filter sock at return from tank for mechanical, to a box full K1 sitting in the drum (not sure if required???). CO2 will be one from my favorite aoa or if someone sell one? Auto power: will get a cheap one to basically turn on off the CO2 Light: morning sun light (algea will be challenging but I am a newbie, so any note to beware???) Extra light at night when back from work and staring with a beer, any one have a cheap 6ft for sale? If not, will save and build a diy growing led. Did I miss anything? Or assume wrongly? I am open to any critics and comment as I have not run a fully planted tank yet until this chance. Thanks in advance, Unheatedtank
  12. I need to move in the next few months, all are right, except the tank. Any tips to move as it is 6x2x70 full of plants, around diy substrate: 80kg bunnings sand, dino dung, etc... Fish looks fine except some small peppermint BNs and shrimps, not sure how to find them, but plants and substrate are my most concern as I may need a few weekend to take out plants, move, and set it back ;( I have a 2ft guppy, which i can try to select some best plants to move first just to be sure. A 200l drum to store the big fish.... Anyone done before has some tips for me or notes to beware? Thanks...
  13. Re-scaped my 6 foot tank and added some new friends. Got some lovely F1 Princess Brichardi, tried adding them to an exisiting group but they were rejected, they new have themselves a new home and have already made themselves tough against all the other Big Boys in the Tank............... love their attitude!! (Sorry bout the $h!tty phone pics!)
  14. Just been mucking around again, gotta have something fishy to do when too windy for actual fishing
  15. I have finally got around to reposting the tank build after losing the thread a while back. So, here is my journal for my 6ft L x 2ft W x 700mm H with custom made stand and sump! I had mike (cichlidwife) help me build the tank and josh (Potter24) build the stand for me. One of the sides Mike applying the silicone Mike cleans the excess silicone to leave a very neat finish
  16. Hi So I have a 6x2x2.5 Ive been meaning to set up for quite some time but really unsure what to put in it. Its either going to be my 2 festae or my planted display with around 50 fish. Festae because i would like them to breed some day but not sure if thats going to happen any time soon as my male is around 4cm smaller than the female, yet they are the same age. They are in a 4x2x2 with 2 featherfin cats and a 34cm albino pleco which im trying to sell. Planted display because its looking a little cramped and having more space to fill would be good fun, not to mention i was thinking of adding my ghost in there (not sure if its wise). These are in a 5x2x2 and set up was a bit rushed so starting over would be nice. Sooo Festae to go in the 5x2x2 and transfer my community tank to the 6ft? or Festae straight into the 6ft and hope for the best? She is my favourite! haha If the plants go in the 6ft im changing the FX5 to an eheim pro 3 2080 Please help me decide! Thanks
  17. Granted, I'd like it with less god damn beard algae! But I'm really happy with the stock list, just thought I'd share! Geo is just in there temporarily. Can't say I really bothered with the scape though haha! Finn
  18. hey guys just wanna get an idea of what size steel would be ideal for a 2 tier 6x2x2ft stand. or if anyones made one before and would like to share designs cheers
  19. Hey everyone, im looking at getting a 6 x 2.5 x 2.5 with 12mm glass plus the cabinet. Whats the best way to move something so heavy without damaging it. It need to travel from Deception Bay to Wakerley (about 40km). Is a trailer safe enough or would it need to go in a van. Im also guessing that 2 people would not be enough to lift such a tank. Is there a cheap removalist option for tanks? if that exists Cheers
  20. Hi all, After spending a few years on rainbowfishes, I've decided to give that a rest for now and venture deeper into keeping and breeding fancy goldfishes. Lately, I have been lurking on various goldfish forums & have been reading some very interesting discussion/sharing of pics of beautiful goldfishes on this forum. Definitely some awesome stuff being posted as of late My aim for this tank is to create a minimalistic aquascape with various ferns, rocks and mosses and also obtain some high quality goldfishes for this tank. I'm particularly like the look of chinese styled orandas and the 'UK standard' veiltails. As most goldfish keepers will know, finding quality fish in Australia might be difficult but there are the occasional imported stunners. Anyhow, here are some specs & some brainstorming/plans Dimensions: 6x2x2 Filtration: Ehiem Classic 2117 Lighting: 4ft (2X54W) T5HO fixture & 2ft (2x24W) T5HO fixture Heating: 300W Jager (probably not required however it might come in handy when used to induce spawning) Substrate: Aggregate Sand Hardscape: Large round-ish river stones (will purchase at local landscape supplies) Flora: -Microsorum pteropus -Microsorum pteropus 'windelov' -Microsorum pteropus 'needle leaf' -Vesicularia montagnei (christmas moss) -Anubias nana Fauna: -4 x orandas -4 x veiltails -possibly include pom poms & ranchus if the ehiem 2217 can handle it. I am looking for a lower maintenance set up so will be stocking sparingly. Here are just some initial pics after the tank was nuked with bleach and hydrogen peroxide this morning I don't know if its just me but having an empty tank just excites me heaps; all the planning & researching involved etc. Filled with water Inspiration - love the minimalistic effect of this scape. Simple yet tranquil-like and relaxing. Being a plant lover, I will be certainly be adding more plants to the scape. Anyhow, will keep yous all updated Cheers, John
  21. I currently have a 4ft planted tank (230L) with 5 7-8 month old discus, 4 bristle nose, 4 ottos, 10 corys, 2 appistos and 12 purple harlequin rasboras. I am planning on upgrading to a 6ft (680L) tank so my discus can grow out as they are growing larger every week! The issues I face have to do with the cycling period in the new tank. I am currently running two internal filters one fluval and a uv filter plus a 1200 cannister aquaone filter in my 4 foot. I was planning on moving all the fish into a 3 ft spare tank with no gravel running the canister filter I currently have and using a new 800L cannister on the 6ft tank with some of the filter material from the 4 footer. HOw long do you think it would take for the new tank to cycle properly using the fishless cycle with seeded filter material from my 4 ft? I am also wondering how I can clean the substrate (gravel and aquasoil) from debris before I move it to the new 6fter without killing off and disrupting the good bacteria that is in it? I am planning on using most of the old water in the 4 ft to fill the 3ft so as not to cause too much stress on my fish with the move. So I wont have enough left over water to clean the gravel. Anyone had a similar experience before upgrading a tank? Any tips you can give me on how to make the cycling faster etc so the fish don't stay squished in the 3fter for a month and a half would be absolutely wonderful! (the time period it took my four foot to cycle). PS: I was wondering if anyone knows of anyone with a ute that could carry a 195cm tank length and 135 wide. I have a landrover and doubt it'll fit! IF anyone is keen to do a pickup and drop off I am willing to pay for the time/petrol Thankyou!
  22. Hey guys, I have had fish for ages now but I just upgraded to an awesome 6ft tank! I have never really bothered with live plants because from the few trials I had I found fish destroying them and my tank becoming very dirty. Would anyone be able to recommend (or sell) some good easy plants to stock my 6ft tank that won't make my life hell. Much appreciated, Dave
  23. Hi All, unfortunately we had some disease decimate my tropheus colony and I need to re-stock my 6ft x 2f x 2ft tank. I was thinking maybe furcifers or some other Tangs but open to all suggestions anyone got any for us?
  24. Just wondering if anyone can give some advise on setting up new/old 6ft tank that had discus in it but now want to put my colony of electric yellows in it is as simple as emptying the water out and adding new water and away i go or is there much more involved any advise would be great
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