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Found 1 result

  1. Ok tonight I got a letter from Energex, informing me that on the 13th of June they are going to cut the power for 6 hrs from 8.30 am till 2.30 pm. In the middle of bloody winter. FFS !!!!! My situation. 1:a rack of 9 2ft tanks all on sponge filters with a large aerator powering the lot through a loop of irrigation pipe. - said rack has 6 cold water rainbow tanks (rhads, blue eyes) and 3 tropical tanks (PNG Rainbows). - non of these tanks are over stocked, so I am not worried about a lack of air for 6 hours nor am I worried about heat as two of the tropical tanks contain Boesmani that until the beginning of May were in an out door pond. In any case my rack and garage are well insulated. 2:Where I am worried is my planted indoor display tank, which is a mixed tropical tank. - it contains about $300 dollars worth of Tetras, Hatchet Fish and miscellaneous tropicals and nerite snails. - It is a Juwel 120 Lido - I have a jaeger 100w on it. - I have an Eheim 2213 on it. - and aeration from an aerator and obviously no CO2. -the tank is planted. - the tank can best be described as heavily stocked for effect. Given that it is the middle of winter, my main concerns are. -Heat or lack of. -The bacteria dying in the canister. -a lack of oxygen due to the heavy stocking of the tank. Obviously I can add a battery powered aerator. That isn't the issue. I am more concerned about a canister full of dead bacteria. Should I be concerned for 6 hours ? I have heard you can request a generator from Energex for this eventuality. Should I be worried or just go with it for 6 hours, its not that long really. Thoughts people.
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