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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone. I have just finished putting together my new 700l african setup. I have tried my best to get quality hardware (within reason) only using brands I trust. The heater I chose to go with is the Eheim Jager 300. My question is what do you think is the best possible heater for my setup? It's taken me a long time to put together my fish collection and way to much $$ lol so I need a heater that I can trust. I know the Eheim Jagers are good but is there anything better? Thanks in advance for your help
  2. Hey, Just wanted to show off/document my new tank. Biggest tank I have ever had. Measures in at 158x 60x 80cm with 700L holding capacity. All made out of 12mm Glass. Just want add a shout out to Phil from Aquariums to Go for doing the silicone on the beast. Also say thanks to Sam from River to Reef, sorry you had to shut down mate but you did give me some awesome deals So it all started in Janurary when I picked up these two tanks on eBay for $20. IMG_0178.JPG[/attachment:3sb7qa1u]IMG_0181.JPG[/attachment:3sb7qa1u] Instead of getting them repaired which would cost quite a bit I stripped em down and after about a 4 month impatient wait (I moved house) I got em cut cleaned and stuck together to give me: IMG_0368.JPG[/attachment:3sb7qa1u] Since then I proceeded to build a stand that is wayyyy over-engineered. (I lost a 200L tank in the house once, and her in-charge said if this one goes I'm in the big big doo-doo)IMG_0379.JPG[/attachment:3sb7qa1u] I Painted it to seal it, but I will buy pine panels for sides and doors and stain em a dark black. Is all the $$$. I then proceed to do a horrible silicon job on my sump with some bits of acrylic I found layin round. IMG_0377.JPG[/attachment:3sb7qa1u] .... Truely a masterpiece.... Got it all on the stands last night IMG_0382.JPG[/attachment:3sb7qa1u] Then drained the bit of water in it.IMG_0381.JPG[/attachment:3sb7qa1u] And filled the sump to get my plants a new home after breaking their 2ft holding tank while setting up the big guy. IMG_0383.JPG[/attachment:3sb7qa1u] Anyway that's the journey so far, Hopefully tonight I will have sand and rock inside and will fill it. Put the last of the plumbing in place tomorrow and I have a cycling if somewhat bare tank till I can afford more lol. Sump pump is a Aqua Medic OR6500 which should move bout 4500 LPH @ 5ft head. I am using a PVC siphon system made from 32mm piping to draw water back into the sump. This is the siphon system that has a 32page threadnaught on 3reef. Running through filter wool, the biopad, then drip tray then 5 rolls of gutter guard + a heap of spare bits of biopad. Goes through crushed coral and 500ml of Purigen, past the 300W heater and round again. Got a lot of work to do on making a background, (not foam have no fear) filling the sump properly etc. Tank is going to be an all male malawi show tank. Mostly Peacocks. Fish are gonna cost a fortune If I can find em all. Still need to put together the UGJ system. It's too deep to have to gravel clean all the time lol. Thanks for looking!
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