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Found 27 results

  1. Current fish are 7 blue sevs 3 gold sevs 2 red sevs 2 urau 1 flagtail and 4 geos
  2. Hey guys, thought I would just post up a pic of my current 8ftx2x2 american community setup. It has been running for a couple of weeks and looks pretty good so far. I think it needs something still but I cant put my finger on what. Anyway, I still have to stick a background on (thinking dark blue) which will probably help a lot. I made a 3d background out of expanding 2 part poly foam but it shrank and **** itself so I got rid of it. The tank is running 2 x aquaone 2700UVC filters with MarinePure, micropore, matrix and the obligatory foam. Water is nice and clear! In hindsight, with the stand the way it is I should have done a sump, but NVM. Tank has 2 x brasiliensis, 1 x convict, 1 x green terror, 2 x blue acara, 3 x firemouths, 2 x ellioti and a large albino sailfin pleco. Next project is I have the 6x2x2 tank I am going to have a Dovii in. Currently ordering gravel and bits and pieces for it. Still deciding whether to flip off the canister filters on it and get an FX5 or something for it. This is a picture of the 6ft before I moved the fish out of it: So at the moment, looking around for a dovii or pair of dovii for the 6ft. If I get a single male I might look at putting a DJ in there too and maybe a jag. If I was to convert to a sump on that one I would need to make a new stand which is a pain in the arse, so might just stick with canisters. Suggestions on the 8ft? Like I said I think it needs something. Just not sure what!
  3. I am looking at joining 2 4ft universal rock back grounds for the back and a 2 ft back ground one side of an 8x2x2. Has anyone ever tryed to join these back grounds? I was thinking i can try and join it in a similar way that people make diy back grounds. If anyone has done this any info or pics would be great. Or know of another quality 3d back ground brand???
  4. ok guys I have up for sale a fully rebuild 8ft tank in progress, with new front panel includes:- - stand - never used ehiem filter with no media (I purchased to use but never use) - a 6ft light with blue & white tubes - a 300watt Jager heater - new lids - holes drilled if required I will build tank for all to see the quality and detail that goes into it. Back panel can be painted black if required. Delivery can be organised for a small fee. tank will also be display quality as usual. $550 will not separate pm or call 0433567664 :beer:mike
  5. some one wont let me post pics so no one can see,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, happy with result. looks hot
  6. Thought I'd put up a pic of my attempt of an American community tank tank is 2440l x 600w x 700h all fish are only 4-5cm I'm putting a fair few fish in there to hopefully spread out the aggression as they get bigger stocking so far is 2 synspilium, 2 jack Dempsey, 2 jags, 2 green Texas, 2 braziliensis, 3 salvini, 3 green terrors and 3 clown loaches future fish 2 oscars 3 more clown loaches and 2 festae that are in another tank waiting for the other fish to get a bit bigger before they get added[ATTACH=CONFIG]45041[/ATTACH] looks a bit empty at the moment but not for long
  7. Just some quick pictures when I fitted the Co2 Beencees supplied great unit fast delivery and well priced. I will up date the pictures as the work in progrees develops.
  8. Hi everyone I'm looking for a tank builder that can make a 8ft x 4ft deep x 1metre high. I will be needing 2 of these monsters. because I am building my new house around them. If anyone can help me out or point me in the right direction I will be very greatful.
  9. Just today we upgraded the 4ft to a 8*2*2. Sole inhabitant at this stage is my 20ish cm Murray cod. [ATTACH]29789[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29790[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29791[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29792[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29793[/ATTACH] Planning on adding sand tomorrow - hopefully pool filter sand. More live plants in a few weeks. Considering adding more fish - just not sure what fish....gotta be decent size. Filter at moment is only 1 ac110, but will be adding 2 aquaone 2700 in the near future. Cheers Dan
  10. ok so iv got this 8*2*2 setting in the garage out side of the fish room and its been empty since i got it 3 months ago so to day i went to get the sand and some other gear to set it up .the plane is to grow some plants that i can maintain with only a few bulbs on the tank .not to shore on the plants yet but iv got a heap of anubis left over from another project so i can start with that. filter has not been put on yet as im not shore what to use only got 2 sponge fillters so far .please give me some tips on plants and anything else .so hear is some pics of how i did the substrate. this is the tank empty its not much to look at but for my first planted tank it will do some of the stuff i got from bunnings 2 of bags corse sand 2 bags of washed sand
  11. Hi I was just wondering what kind of fish is best for cycling an 8 footer? I figure it would need to be a bigger fish than used for a smaller tank, bcoz it will need to generate enough poop to start the cycle. Fish I have on hand at the moment are; they are in the order in which I would choose Oscars Green Severum Blue Acara Plecos Rainbow Shark Spotted Dollars Clown Loaches
  12. its been a while with work and various other things but will complete last stage my 8ft build. have completed the stand and sump awhile ago and have had fish in a 6x2x2 holding tank (cheers mick).. now the real fun can begin................................. mike
  13. Thinking of selling my 8x2x2 so i can up grading to a 8x2x3 just not sure what the 8x2x2 is worth. It does not leak and is my display tank so it look ok no major marks on it. Any help with the price on the second hand 8x2x2 would be appreciated.
  14. hey guys, just wondering im picking up a 8ft tank on sat, and if the truck falls through, just wondering if the tank hangs a little over the tray of a ute will it be fine? cheers
  15. 8x3x3 tank, going to have lots of reef rock and live coral (soft & hard), as well as 30 - 50 fish. Other than an awesome sump with stacks of live rock in it, a chiller and a protein skimmer, what else do I need?
  16. So I only have enough room in my house for another 6ft tank and an 8ft tank. So I was wondering weather it would be easier to build them myself(preferred choice) or buy them? The question I have for DIY section is: How do you increase your amount of tanks without compromising room in your house? Just a Note I was tempted to use an 8ft tank(so I could have 2 in my house) as a divider for the kitchen table and kitchen.
  17. i need some advice on bigger tanks do u need a sump on tanks over 4ft or will a big 2400l/hr canister filter do?
  18. good evening, trying to get the right light for a 8ft tank, there are a few americans in there and no plants Im looking at 2 x Aqua Nova Aluminium Aquarium double Light NDL-1200 any experience with the Aqua Nova brand or better alternatives? thanks!
  19. This piece has been the envy of all my friends, photo taken off phone but still I wanted to share it. Its dimensions are 1000x600x700 lxwxh. Only just was able to fit it in statesman boot (larger boot than commodore), for a 20 hour drive back to gold coast. Can't wait to get my 8x2x3 lxwxh, its gonna be tight but I'll make it happen!
  20. current in 4ft 2x venustus 1m 1f? 2x electric yellows 2m? 1x demasoni 1m 1x afra cobue 1m (have more to bring in from other tank) 1x albino afra 1m? 1x flavus 1m 1x lab. Mbamba 1m? 1x red empress 1m 1x neon spot 1m 2x johannii 2m ( one is throwback coloured like a lombardi but was in batch of normal fry) 1x sailfin pleco also have had fry appear?? possible venutus but we'll see when they come out of the rocks fish we would like to add when the 8ft is bought and set up black yellow tail aceii crabro hongi definate male lab. Mbamba some BN's and cobues for 1/2m to 4f, and 2/3f johannii from the other tank suggestions, comments, advice welcomed
  21. Does anyone know of a relatively cheap and safe method to transport an 8ft tank. Its so big and heaavy! Mini movers charge $150 and hour, its expensive but they ensure no damages and will compensate if there is any. The bloke I'm buying it from thinks hiring a trailer from a servo would be alright but i think it might be too bouncy and damaging for the tank... am i being over protective? Any thoughts or suggestions??
  22. Ok here goes ive been wanting to do this write up for a long time now, so here goes. it all started over 2 years ago, me and my girlfriend had just finished buying some new furniture and we had alot of packaging foam left over, n i thought wat the hell iam gonna make a background for the 6ft. I started off with a very big piece which i drew on wat i wanted to do. then came many long hours in the garage carving out n shaping foam to make rocks n etc... everything was going good even made a under gravel jet system but soon scrapped that idea when i realize it was going to make the background about 4'-6' thick to hide the piping behind the background. then everything changed, i got my tax back n decided to buy a much bigger tank so i went to aquariums r us n ordered a 8' x 2' 2' tank, stand n hood. so mow my background was too short n not wide enough for the 8ft tank. so a few quick add ons n i was back up to speed. Now because this was going to be for our baby snake neck turtle Fred, i made up some mangrove roots that i was going to have at one end for any fish to hide in when ever fred got too much for them. but it was scraped after a while when i found out it was almost impossible to cement n that it couldnt hold its own weight with cement. i tried fiberglass but that dissolved the foam so i ended up with just using some twisted tree branches, problem solved I did some test rocks out of foam n using the render cement u get from bunnings n mixed it with some hydro crete water proofing n bonding agent. found it to work really well so on with the rest of the background. Then it arrived WOOOO . i couldnt resit putting the background in to see how it would look. slowly i continued cementing the background n staining the stand n hood in Australian jajah. But then some bad news , our little fred passed away from a lung infection. so the whole project was put on hold for awhile till i decided wat to do with it n wat to stock, do i get another baby snake neck or just stick to fish. then slowly over a few months the background was finished n coated in 6 coats of clear estapol. and was ready to move into the house. The big day came when i emptied the 6ft n moved it out of the way. 4 of us it took to move into the house. Then came the not so long and tiring siliconing in place of the background, while at the same time filling the house with fumes from the silicone. :perplex: :upsidedown: allowing the silicone to cure for its recommended 72hrs i went back in to colour, mixing up a runny mix of render, colouring n hydro crete i painted away for a entire arvo n nite. Let that all dry for another 2days b4 i very slowly n anxiously filled with water, as ive heard of people having their backgrounds lifting off n floating around. I ran a spare canister filled with carbon on the tank for a few days with daily water changes. i finally drained it added my sand, rocks n plants n my 2 canisters which i still had running on my 6ft. let that run for a week n a half b4 i added my fish. and thats that, it now houses 2 gold head comp juveniles, 15 cyps juveniles, small colony of 11 multis and 3 albino BN thanks for looking, if u have any questions iam happy to answer anything on wat ive done or wat ive used. Cheers Dno.
  23. Hi iam about to set up my 8ft tank next weekend, and want to know wat would be the best way to heat the water, currently on my 6ft i have a aquaworld 300watt n that seems to keep it at a constant 26degrees. but know iam going to a tank thats almost 3 times as much water volume, will this one 300watt heater be enough or will i need 2 off them? I would like to have them out of sight so even a external heater/s would be good. any ideas or suggestions. The tank will be housing Tangs
  24. redoing me 8ft tank by 2ft by2ft not sure how or wat fish to put in it but i wont somthing spectacular if any one has any ideas please drop a msg would be great thanks clayton
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