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  1. Seven of us had a ball checking out the local marine life and took home one or two little lovelies and hecklers, the pipe fish came home as a photo only!!!!!, that was easy to read wasn't it? just in case there is any more crap from the mosh pit,lol. I took 2073 pics from the last time we hit the water and here a few of those pics. A false stone fish. A cute green toby. The very common harlequin ghost pipe fish. A 2 inch antennatta. An endemic pink heart urchin.
  2. Some great days have been had by us all on aandtsociety club trips over the last couple of months and these are a few selected pics from our club threads for you to enjoy, hopefully. This was a calm day for free diving then rock pool collecting,both in one day. We have been lucky with some clear waters at some sites. All club collecting trips are here. http://southeastqueenslandm.aforumfree.com/f18-marine-fish-and-invert-collecting
  3. The last month or so has seen some top trips by aandtsociety guys and gals to collect our own reef aquarium species, maybe spear a fish or two or just observe the wonderful life forms we seek out for our tanks in the wild to get a real understanding of how they live their lives. This is where all our field trips are. Marine fish and invert collecting. These days I don’t catch much at all,unless one of the clubbies ask for something, but then again we all do that for each other. It has been cold at times and for the next month or so there won’t be many trips, the cold air is the issue, the actual ocean temp these days has risen by a degree each five years on average starting from just over the last 15 years back it became obvious. From 16c down to 14c in winter, to what we have now. On a dive two weekends back, in the past in this area now would be 17c at this time of year, it was 22c,we have certainly got problems with the ocean. One good thing I suppose, the whales will settle around Moreton bay for their holidays,lol, here more now and the white pointers that were in the hundreds here in the eighties and their numbers all over are exploding, are not getting up here as much. Of late from last years breeding season the most abundant types of fish have been the pyroferus mimic tangs,and many other acanthutrus species,not the hepatus,this years season with them failed,then there’s the femininus wrasse,quite a few of those around, both very popular fish for marine aquariums. Each year there are varied types of reef tank species that are featured in abnormal abundance from the diverse planktonic dispersal, which is the way most ocean life move from being born near cairns as an example to Victoria and populate a reef, wreck or anything that is stationary in the ocean. Of course that far south they always die as the temps drop below 16c,that’s the death temp zone for tropical species. From Byron bay south, not much survives the winter that came from up here and a billion times billions times billions of tropical life go south from Q in the currents and near all die!! These tiny transparent cod,crayfish,wrasse,chaetodons,corals,most marine life are amongst the plankton at their first part of life and they are plankton at this stage waiting to sense the sounds of reefs, like the clicking of crabs and the sounds of the waves powerful energy and head for the bottom or accidentally find it,99 percent don’t get a life and that’s natures culling number before any human interference. We used to talk of a things like this in the eighties once we knew what was happening as the year of wrasse or pomacanthus angelfish, it really depends on what types of life that are going past under the cloak of transparentness at planktonic size feeding on the plankton around them as they grow. If a strong wind comes into play at the time there is abundant dwarf angelfish in the east Auzy currents plankton out off us, then from February the next year as they start to become big enough to show them selves, that is a year of abundant dwarf angels. On average wrasse are first coming past, then chaetodons, then pomacanthus and centropyge and many others amongst these have their time of anubundance going past us out to sea in the east auzy currents, we used to call them etties. That’s how the ocean places life at sites originally void of life or had suffered a severe environmental disaster, all over the world, this is how reefs get life and the closer to the equator; this goes on all year round! But now we have ocean temps getting a bit high for phytoplankton to exist in these zones and import our CO2 and convert by the sun to its silica based shell, that’s what the diatom algae need in our aquariums to make their silicon, this is from discarded shells as the plankton grow or die in your aquarium or there was heaps of silica in your new substrate from the beginning, weird algae the diatoms,lol. These incredibly important life forms, phytoplankton and their past relatives gave us life and have been keeping us all alive, as with the life forms before us and the oceans alive for hundreds of millions of years!! So acidity from the most valuable life form whittled down by a third in numbers now from our infestation will wipe out the more delicate corals and that includes anemones,morphs,etc, at reefs close to the equator over some time and that’s a shame for future generations. One good part of this global certainty is the south east of Q will get the barrier reef life down here over time,lol. We are seeing this already!! That’s enough about what I can’t do anything about and society are not seeing quick enough for most to realise its coming and what I wont see that much of in my time,so here are some collected species. One of the guys got this lovely lineatus, he had been trying them for months till this one made a mistake and home it went. Because of the warmer ocean temps the peps are breeding all year round now, this is a juvenile and an adult female with ovaries in the ready for egg production and passing to its tail,that’s the green you can see in its carapace. These are the dwarf lemon peel flavissimus angel fish and its mimic, the mimic is a little faded, they have been in together for a few weeks and the mimic has faded while living that close to the actual angelfish it would mimic in the wild, for it’s own safety. The mimic is to young to have its substantial fighting tool as it would at adult hood at either side of its peduncle and the dwarf/centropyge has a nice sharp fighting spike on each gill from birth. One of the guys has a nice latezonatus pair now,in these two the male is bigger then the female, his last partner must have been eaten and this one is his new chicky babe that would have arrived at the anemone ready to take on what sex was needed as a near transparent very tiny fish.
  4. More from the south east of Queenslands ocean areas and the sport hobby combo the aandtsociety participates in. Firstly just a couple off useless facts. Over fishing of edible species, which on average are predators to near all aquarium fish, results in more than a reef can handle of popular aquarium fish species inhabiting the reefs and subsequently eating the corals/anemones at a greater rate, most angelfish and all chaetodons/butterfly fish eat corals/anemones, others do as well but they are the main culprits, hence the need for balance with reef regulations. Over collection of aquarium species actually enhances the reefs invertebrate content a great deal, predators will find foods other than the food chain popular aquarium fish species! Here are a few examples of what is around the south east that we get to see, take home and a few oceanic facts. Some of the club members went for a collecting trip out wide, a few weeks back, sadly I couldn’t make that trip,but one of the guys likes this thing in particular he collected from the day,yuk,only a mother could love that face,lol,some like the frog and angler fish types, not all of us though. This is an actual anglerfish out of three main types we find around the southeast. When you take them out of the water at all, you have to literally burp them by rubbing their lower organ cavity area upwards while submersed in their new home or they get an air bubble blockage inside that will kill them via not being able to eat, its easy to fix this issue! Its like something the commercial guys and us at rare times have to do, with more so the two local types of pomacanthus angel fish, they are the worst, the latezonatus clown fish are prone as well in particular that are brought up to quick or the water temps are below 20c,this slows down their swim bladder functions and they get bent we call it, the swim bladder can not expel the oxygen they take from the water quick enough as you come to the surface with them. The swim bladder expands far quicker then they can expel the trapped oxygen with in it,ours are never this bad but its sought of the same as the more xtreme example of a fish type with a swim bladder brought up from great depths on a fishing line,the bladder may show pertruding from their backside,they puff up and their eyes may bulge,not a pretty sight with line caught fish from waters over a hundred feet deep. The first for me was around 26 years back when I was free diving and caught an adult pomacanthus imperator angel fish,in just over 40 feet of water, it was in winter and winter water temps back then were regularly 14c to 16c, so its swim bladder couldn’t expel as quick as I assended,so it got bent,luckily the commercial guy I was diving with (,I had finished my time on hookah and went off for some free diving to not get sick in the boat at anchor,) had a hyperthermic and iodine on board, it was dipped and has to be inserted the right way and extract the air and they are fine, it went to a Melbourne business and started life with the owners other already 35 year old imperator! These are the recent adult imperator and semicirculatus pomacanthus that are quite easy to get bent,seen on our trips.
  5. This winter season we need to give thanks for global warming sought of,the oceans temp that used to make up normal winter temps of 16c in the water at this time of year is a nice 19c to 20c,not bad at all. All collecting trip photos are at this link. http://southeastqueenslanda.aforumfree.com/f18-marine-fish-and-invert-collecting One of what has been collected.
  6. There have been roughly three trips since the last time we were on here and it’s been very cold on the trips. This link is where all trip photos are kept. http://southeastqueenslanda.aforumfree.com/f18-marine-fish-and-invert-collecting An olivaceus out of the two, this one was for me, than I changed my mind and gave it another club member. Thats all for now.
  7. As usual this thread is to keep a little club promotion happening as to the slightly special side of the club beyond just marine aquarium keeping. The following photos are of a reef that we are part of the few that know of it’s existence and some general free dive collecting from other areas in the south east of Queensland carried out over the last month by clubbies,some mates and club trips. Most of the collected species this month are for a swap with the club member Kitiaras and my new aquariums. She was wanting certain species and also develop a school of the pink and orange anthias for her aquarium, the ones for me are for conditioning to aquarium life as my new tanks are around three weeks off yet as I have only just finished making the tanks and started on building the denitrateing sections, dry sections and algae scrubber. Also,we are waiting on an order from a wholesaler in China for some cree LED based light fittings suitable for growing corals. It’s been cold in the water as winter comes on and not great vis as well, but as usual it’s all good fun and always productive. These are some collected species from recent rips. A few adult coris seen,to big for our tanks,but plenty of juveniles around as well. One of a few for Kit so far. Chris wanted a couple of these,the chiller died last summer and so did the other latz. There are 5 spots we know of where there are always some lysmata in 15 to 45 feet,seven were seen at one shallow spot in the behind long spine sea urchins,two were all i wanted for my new tank,now i have to wait for the spins to come out,ouch! This is where all collecting trip threads are,any one can ad anything collecting. Marine fish and invert collecting. Separate scuba trip threads are in here,any one can ad water sport or sea life stuff. Scuba diving,free diving,any water sports and sea life.
  8. The aandtsociety has found some LEDs where we can get the latest high out put LEDS,light fitting for $160 plus shipping, or the lower output, still good for most corals, for $130 plus shipping. Get in touch, because the more there is, the bigger the discount for those prices as we can haggle it down. The low intensity is a 60 watt fitting with 60 one watt LEDs on board. The next is a 90 watt with 90 LEDs of course, than a 120 watt fitting. The fittings are based on the bright white and blue LEds of one watt. The fittings are standard, no timers as such. Normal wave length LEDs,blue is 460-470 nm,red is 620-630 nm. ------------------------------------------------------------------- This is another site in china, more or less the same lights though they base things on 3 watt LEDS more so in them and slightly dearer. They will deliver to us in Brisbane at per four lights $159USD,so that’s to be spread across each four lights. It sought of adds up to $40 each light for shipping. This is the 60 watt $154 USD,with out shipping as yet. This is the 90 watt $167 USD, with out shipping as yet. This is the 120 watt, not sure of price or shipping as yet. So far I am getting 2-60 watt and 1-90 watt, the other guys in the club are getting 2-60s and 3-90s at this stage. Any one here in Brisbane and can make contact with us that is interested in getting some at the same time, leave your reply in this thread. Leave your interest comment in this thread.
  9. Just a pic from our clubs threads copied over to you guys to promote the club. Just a comment for Sarah123,the collecting we do is via free diving(snorkelling). This link is where you can find all laws and information on anything collecting and our trip photos are kept in this section. http://southeastqueenslanda.aforumfree.com/t317-information-on-fish-and-invert-collectingfrom-regulations-to-how-to-collectinfo-updated-each-3-months One of the cute fish caught on our last trip, a young cleaner wrasse for one of our female members that had to work that day and couldn't come,she prefers to go on scuba while we collect normally anyway. As always, another great trip for the clubbies.
  10. Well another month has been and some other trips for our aquarium species have been enjoyed and general ocean free diving fun. Oh some of the guys do free diving for spear fishing as well and some just look around on scuba. There has been about five trips featured in our club collecting of our forum since i puit onthe last small section of pics and i have grabbed just a few of the heaps of pics to share and promote our club to you all again. I won't go into explainations on anything i will just use a some of our pics from each trip thread i copy out and you can just enjoy seeing what we get and do here around Brisbane on our club free diving and collecting trips. There are quite a few of videos of marine life but they are a bit harder to transfer over so this will show what the club does apart from keeping aquariums of all types very well amoungst our members.
  11. Check out this little cutie,it was collected in some of the most discusting conditions as an accident while getting feeder shrimp at day light this morning,lots of fun at the low tide mud flats,but it was discustingly cold and dark and muddy. It went into a tank,sat still for a while than had a go at one of the boxer feeder shrimp in the tank for the lion fish. At the moment the peppermint shrimps are doing very well now that the algea bacteria combo food for the boxer shrimp has dropped away so they are taking over,they were every where. The boxer shrimp and them don't get on,so once the boxers numbers drop,the peps are in big numbers,it's the same year after year.well since the late 70s any way. A little red ocy was caught as well,same as last time,they may fight i don't know they are in the same tank now,lots of hiding spots, the new one escaped through the holes in its container before a pic could be taken. The pic is before the squid was put into a tank and the video is around 3 hours after it went in.
  12. Another great club day out appreciating the beautiful ocean areas we have here in the south east and catching a few aquarium species for our tanks. Now that some of the new memebers are geting more experience with collecting the club sponsored three day rental house on the water in November should be very interesting as to who gets what for their aquarium. There were several other groups doing the same thing yesterday where we were and a couple of us joined in to help another guy for some tang herding for some indemic tangs for his aquarium. The day was warm, the water for this spot was clear, the swell was small, basicly perfect conditions were watched carefully in planning to give us the best spot on the best day. These are a few of us getting our snorkelling gear ready for the day’s activities,in the shade of course. A couple of the keen clubies that got in first. Just a few of the standard clean up crew a few of the clubbies were after. One of the male lawn mower blennies collected on the day. One of the guys likes a few cowries in the tank. A very common algae from the area,looks nice in the tank in the right spot,until it gets eatern. These are the types of corals in the area.lots of ausy acans there. One of the guys in the water first,his spear broke nearly straight away,oh well just collecting for him. A very nice spot as the club has been coming here since the 1930s,of course it is different now. The day was so good we didn't get home until after dark.
  13. Trip one. The weather was spot on,the vis was great,the current was as dangerous as you could possibly get!! The ever (rare,lol ) wobby,damn things are like flies around here,flies that put holes in you. This one was near the blue tangs and ate one before getting down to them again. You can interact with a 16 foot tiger,fight off an 8 foot hammer head that wants your speared fish and lots of other shark encounters,but these carpet paterned nut cases,one out of ten are serious phychopaths,the things are everywhere and when they start on you they do not like to give in or scare off like you can with an actual man eater. This is one creature that taking it to the brink of extinction would be such a loss? Rather than get surgeons out of tanks,two more were collected for the show.Most are gone from commercial collection now from the massive amounts that were there,next year may bring in heaps,as usual! A nice linkia for the show,there was one there cream in colour over a metre across,to big for the show,heaps of linkias out there! Shane has got the yellow one at the moment.It will go well with this one at the show. These apogon cyanosoma cardinals were for mark,but we will use them in the show and than he can have them. Always a space for a bicuit star for the tanks.
  14. This was a catch from a little while back from Kens boat and also Daves boat,this was mainly for some display fish for the clubs beenleigh show display and than all the latz went to the guys breeding programs,that leaves us with none,so we are getting some akyndinos clowns now instead,the latz are to hard to get that often,they are a lot of work,most are in 35 to 55 feet that we can just reach. There were two more pairs and a single found last time,but they were left,we never need to go above the legal limit for collection and some really have to be left for the times when some one really wants one in the club even if we were aloud to get some more. The groups we chased last time are not known by the commercial guys and that is the way it will stay as the latz are very valuable to them for the overseas Aus indemic market. There has been quite a few anemone crabs around of late,more than usual and in shallow water as well,a bit strange! The video that is in this thread is of one of the pairs left behind of the latz in a bubble anemone and a single in a bright red bubble anemone near by,the camera only works to 40 to 45 feet and they were in nearly 60 feet,so it was a case of snorkel down quite a few times until the max depth of the camera was known,than the buttons would not work,any more and the camera shuts off and thats fair enough,it is supposed to be only safe to 3 metres. There were 10 or 15 videos taken to diffferent depths to see what the camera could do,until the camera would shut off so after that we got one of the guys on scuba to go down slowly and this is as close as it would go before switching it self off. These were for the show????
  15. Two trips in one day at the start of June! One of our clubbies went with a mate down the coast to practise some deeper snorkelling collecting and a couple others went out by boat to find a plane wreck from 1947. The coast was awsome that was the wording on the coast, sounds great for some experience; clear water to by the sounds of it,better than we had out wide. The trip out in the boat was very fruitful as well, the main part of the plane was hopefully found, but in a dive at around 80 feet,we had a bronz whaler and a white pointer make it a little to interesting to dive on tank that day so a nice easy snorkel at the rufus king wreck on the way back found no crays this time but a couple of nice fish to chase and a anemone crab from a lone bubble anemone with a lat in it as well. Hopefully it will have something else nice in it next time we go there. The gps marks for the part of the planes main body we found were kept so that we can park straight over it next time and hopefully get a video of it,the camera used is not safe to that depth so,it might work? The fish life there was rediculas,a lot of banner fish on the well known wheel and wing,more than i have seen before,even what you would see on diving specials on tv. The video is only safe to 3 metres but it works at 40 feet so we will put a line to a float and start filming at 40 feet and just go down, hopefully it will work. These are what was got all up for the aquariums from the wreck. A cute little anemone crab (Neopetrollisthes ohshimai) A bannana wrasse (halichoeres chrysus) Another cute little clown trigger(Balistoides conspicillum)this one stays in my tank!There seems to be one next to every rock this season. This lat was on it's own in the large bubble anemone at the wreck(amphiprion latezonatus)the anemone crab was under this anemone. A nice little heraldi caught,top fish to have.
  16. This is from our club pres,i just put it out there,he Just got the pics organised for the club meeting at Kens place. The bad news is most of the photos didn't turn out,there were only a few that made it. The area we were in,the fish room,was quite cramped as it is not set up for a large group of people in there. Thats my excuse for the shortage of photos of the trip. He mainly focuses on cat fish varieties. There are three trips to actual large freshwater wholesalers in the next two months. These are the few photos of the meeting spot of Kens breeding fish rooms.
  17. This place we first found in the late eighties and once in there you realise the marine environment is almost totaly represented here. An area in the middle of this reef has the biggest oysters you will find any where and back in the day when you could take them,there were heaps of oyster newberg dinners very much enjoyed from this reef. One of the guys would eat them there,ten or twelve would fill you! There are all kinds of corals,clams,zoanthids,turtle weed,coralines,anemones,the list is enormous in the first pool. In the past there has been many hours spent in this reef and its three rock pools just watching and learning the Intricacies of most of the life found on the barrier reef. We normally take when we swim from the boat to this reef,a sealed container with us with our lunch,cameras,towls,all the gear to have a fantastic day out in an olympic swimming pool sized barrier reef,in the first pool any way. There has been only once that we have attempted a very dangerous entry to the pool,the swell that day was around three metres and one of us had a close call that day,but the draw of the pool put the clubby back into the water and actualy made it into the pool. Sounds foolish,of course it is,but when you look at the pics and video which shows very little of this beautiful place,you will see the strong draw the pool can have over you. The water around this reef is quite deep,110 feet at the deepest and that can be quite close to the edge of this reef at times and can be up to 40 metres of visiblilty. A lot of myths can be allayed here as to how some corals function and the interactions of many kinds of creatures can be watched over time in complete safety(once in there) from the very deep current affected open ocean that smashes up against this spot and can make it a do or die entry to this chain of rock pools. The trip out here is a solid 37 kilometres and you have to cross one of the worst bars in Queensland to get there, but it is so worth it,the closer you look at the reef dwellers there,the more you realise there is far more in there then just heaps of the beautiful popular aquarium life forms. The first link is to Dannys under water rock pool pics and some of the area above the water,this spot we try to get out to a couple of times a year. The scuba diving around this site is extremely good as well and varies from 50 to 100 feet of good diving,as for the snorkelling(mainly on the southern side)apart from the pools,this can be breath taking on the right day. The area here is normally very current affected and dangerous,which gives it its concentration of life as enormous amounts of planktonic life moves past here. Link to all photos of the rock pool. http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj19 ... rent=pool- Video of the way we get into the rock pool. The life in the pool A short video of the rock pool There is a long video of the rock pool but it is to long to put on the net as yet,it may be a gig long!
  18. Another great trip and an equally beautiful day. There are more trips to come out soon and we are having a trip to in about 2 hours. This time a few clowns were the order of the day. Firstly the (perideraion) pink clowns, we call them skunk clowns, were not originally noticed as there colours blend in so well with in the large bubble anemones that they prefer to inhabit, so they were the last ones noticed,they were in around 35 feet. The brown clowns were from a group of around 12 all up, as they don’t seem to mind living in large communities, so just a few akindynos were taken,they were in around 18 feet deep. Down a little deeper in 38 feet of water was a young couple of latezonatus clowns, luckily not to bright for latz,as they can be classed as a hard clown fish to catch in that they will run from there anemone to allude capture and you only have so long on a breath to catch them once you have lined them up. Luckily they normally use the same ways to avoid you, which can make it easy for capture with some practise. The large bubble anemones were 24 to 30 inches across and had a few pairs of porcelain crabs living at their bases, but they were not wanted so they were left, still nice to see them though. One unusual bubble was,what seemed like a combo of the maroon clown bubble,orange/red,in colour,we see a few of these and the very pretty green bubble variety as well. This one had orange bubbles and very bright green tips with red lines running up and down each bubble,you could see it as far away as the water was clear enough to see,that one will be remembered,hopefully it will be still there next time to see and find who has made it there new home for us to either look at or catch. Trying to pin down most of the clubbies to get some pics of collected species is very hard,this is all i could get from them. The latz went to Kits tank,shes quarantining them for a while before they go into the big tank. They have such a lovely nature the latz,there is rarely a single problem with them in a comunity tank. One of the akindynus and the little olivaceous from another trip went to another clubbies tank. The pinks went to Shanes tank and on and on.
  19. This was the second main trip of the season and one of the last as this was in mid to late May. The water is dropping in temp now so we won’t be having many snorkelling adventures until the temps start coming back up,but there will always be a few of us that keep hitting the water no matter how cold it gets. This trip we had on May 17 acheived for most of the clubbies that are into collecting,a large smile on faces that will last for ages,for what we had was a perfect day. The water was clear, calm and a nice temp, there was so much life around we were regularly asking each other does any one want this fish or whatever and whoever would swim over to the clubby that would say show me, sometimes it was a yes but mostly we moved on due the vast numbers of each species, we only got what was wanted on the day for our tanks and some for other clubbies that could not be there. The new member Nick was very keen to have a go at collecting his own species and he had a ball, we got him a few lovely fish including a blue angelfish and some others. The big surprise of the day was how fast Colin has gone from finding it hard to get anything to catching the ever elusive cleaner wrasse for us, he has already worked out one of the hardest fish to get, that’s youth of 26 for you, and he will be doing better than us in no time at all,but than again he did propose to his other half the other day so the ball and chain may be put on,maybe not with these two,she loves the water as much as him. Colin was lucky,I had no one to watch or learn off in my early days, I have no doubt with his young lungs and being keen to watch and learn, he will be catching a fish or two for us far better than we can soon. One of the high lights of the day would have to have been our new member Nick being a bit apprehensive of seeing a shark, which is fair enough to as there was an incident by a small shark, black in colour and I haven’t seen this colour type before. I won’t say what happened; it may scare some one unnecessarily. In that area the more experienced stayed ahead of the others, just in case, only four of us went that far anyway, we didn’t stay there long, it can be a bit sharky, we only went there for the prime spot to get a tube worm or two anyway, a young person lost there life to a shark just out from there a while back, though the conditions we were in were as safe as possible for that spot,though it is full of beautiful things, you never trust the marine environment,the fish live there we don't. Later on we found a few dog sharks, these are whaler sharks and except for inflicting a nasty bruise or a suck by there crusher plates, they are more or less harmless and very tasty. I got Danny to pull on a particular smallish ones tail out of the many that were there and as i went down and I waited at the front of the rock formation and grabbed its head as it came out and caught it. They are very strong so nick was called quickly to come and look at his friend, his saw this and you can imagine the reaction. It was all good fun and though the shark would have made some lovely fillets, it was let go. There were a couple of turtles around on the day and one had a little fishing line between it's shell and its neck, which wasn’t noticeable until it just sat on the bottom while it was videoed, the line was cut off as it was being videoed and off it went. I think it apprecialed the help as it came back three times after that and came in once very, very close just casualy swimming around us and watching and seemed to not be scared of us at all,infact the complete opposite, they normally take off when you touch a flpper,but not this one,it was quite intent on being a part of what we were doing,shame we didn't have a jelly fish or something like that for it. Firstly the very bad conditions that followed our very,very nice day out on the ocean snorkelling and sight seeing. This is a brief video of a swimming reserve spot that is normally as smooth as a bath tub as it it is out of the line for most swells,at this time under attack by the intense pressure swells damaging our coastline,the life saving tower in the video is normally in the edge of a sand dune and the beach has been covered by the fallen trees that were up in the many parks along this area,some further up the beach were in the surf,for one of the best family beaches around,it is ruined. We were so lucky to have had our trip when we did as the ocean around here will take weeks to recover its clarity,but it will take many years to fully recoupe its life forms and in some places it may never fully recover! This was a popular park in flood,over the last 17 years of living here it has not flooded this badly and as we all know,all rivers,drains and creeks lead to the ocean and sadly huge coral areas are only several hundred yards away from here. The pics and videos that follow are of the day, beginning with the trip out sunrise, finishing with the trip back sunset. The sun wasn't quite up at this stage. This spot has the most interesting snorkelling and in the crack formations there are heaps of crays and a cave for the very experienced to swim in to. As you can see,even just after sunrise the water was around 10 to 15 metres vis. All around this spot is very nice snorklling and spearing,though the rocks can be a bit unsafe. To the right here there is a very nice secluded beach that never has a current in there. The first fish is a Pomacanthus semicirculatus,heaps around this year!Quite a few tube worms as well. The next is a cute little cole tang(a striatus). Shane wanted this pineapple fish,you have to snorkel a little deeper for them. There have been a few coral beauties this year,as with all the angels. This is one of the heaps of box and puffer fish seen and one or two cowfish. we were all very tired on the way back after some of us had been in the water for 7 hours chasing our new tank creatures and just cruising around having one of the best trips this season. Underwater trip videos Dannys dive photos . 1.The first one is a very common form of nudi for the area. 2.one of the purple sea urchins found in this area. 3.The little whaler dog shark we used to get Nick excited. 4.One of the many fang blennies in the area. 5.This type of urchin accounts for alot injured divers around here. 6.And of course,you wouldn't be in south east queensland and not see many lizardfish. There is so much more to our trip it's rediculous,but there are only so many pics you can put on and there were heaps taken,but the picture that would have told the whole story of the day,would have been if we had a photo of the smiles on all of our faces,as we talked about our adventures on the trip back home! If any one would like to check the regs for what we do these are the links in our water sports section! Marine parks,they are all the same- http://southeastqueenslanda.aforumfree. ... as-t48.htm Any where out side of a marine park- http://southeastqueenslanda.aforumfree. ... nd-t88.htm
  20. There are two more trips coming out of the members section very soon for all unregistered to see. This trip was mainly just a day out for a snorkel and video a particular favourite fish of some one,it was a small lip stick tang and this was seen the day before, we see large ones but this one was only around an inch long and couldn’t find it,it must have been collected or killed,oh well thats the way the cookie crumbles! Also we had to get some cunjivoe for fish food. The fish seen this time were not really any thing any one wanted, the few caught was all any one wanted. There were heaps of very dumb semicirculatus around and would have been so easy to catch, a few Moorish idles, another saddle back chaetodon and a very large anemone, which was no good as there were no clowns in it, give it a couple of months! There were heaps of fish that no one in the club wanted, so the ones that were wanted were caught and it was time to video some life forms and just have a peaceful swim around. The pics are of the few things wanted. A nice masked banner and a common banner fish. One of three moorish idles seen,they seemed to have not been chased as yet,shame no one wanted any. One of the prettyist of the common fish the sargent majors,shame they are so nasty,this lot were doing there bit fertilizing and guarding there purple eggs. There are heaps of lions around this year,this will be a huge problem for next seasons offerings. This hermit had a problem getting onto the rock next to it,heavy house! An adult mimic tang,we have some already in the club,so this one was just filmed. A very nice bristle tooth tang and a common banner fish. These are mangrove jacks schooling,they are always here and i have told a few fisherman,but still very few people know to fish this spot. A couple of semicirculatus,not very bright,the little one swam right over my net,all in the club that wanted one has one,so it was just videoed. Another saddle back chaetodon and that adult mimic again. These large bream(tarwhine)seemed very keen on hanging with me,one bumped into the side of my mask and no one fisherman there either,you tell them where they are,but they all still fish in the trendy spots and theres nothing in those spots,its not just the fish that aren't to bright.
  21. These are a few pics of the wrasse trip recently. There are a couple of the leopard wrasse (Macropharyngodon meleagris), both the juvenile and the adult that went into one of the clubbies tank. Than there is a very nice comb wrasse (coris picta), it and a couple of others went into another clubbies tank. The china wrasse (anampses neoguinaicus ) and the forcipiger and anthias went to Paul and the others.i forget,but the clubbies always love them. These were a lot of work as wrasses are not an easy fish to catch; you would be better off using a cast net for them. There was a nice feather star,kehole angel,anthias and a fifty-fifty chromis caught as well. These chromis can do quite well in a schooling situation in the aquarium and once there is more than one the colours can be very nice that they display. The chromis,feahter star and the forcipiger are the best reef safe ones this time,the others were more suited to a non delicate invert system. oh and the regular non camera shy turtle. Over all we had a great day once again.
  22. These are the fish that were caught out at the wreck on a very nice day. The vis was only around 7 metres and the swell was nearly a metre, but it didn’t prevent a top day out. This wreck is nearly half way from Stradbroke Island to Moreton Island just out behind the surf on the bar. The recent rough seas have exposed a lot of it and it is a reasonable wreck now to have a top snorkel at. The following pics are what was gotten there and a couple of ordinary videos of a swim around the wreck. The only cray seen on the day would have been 3 kilos, missed it by that much!!! There are two more trips in our members section of our forum,the trip two days ago is a mind blower. This is where we were,just next to the wreck,which is just under the water down to 30 plus feet. These are the fish we got. Videos of the wreck.
  23. Another wonderful day out in the ocean chasing some inhabitants for our tanks. The water was from 20 to 25 metres vis and 25 degrees temp,basicly perfect. The first pic is how nice the day was and the second is of how busy it was there,lots of divers enjoying the clear water. One of the new guys came along to check what goes on and tried his hand at collecting. He loved it as i always do and we got a few nice fish and inverts,two for his tank,one for marks,three for Pauls and a few left over for who ever,mainly banded shrimp,one of the guys always wants one or two of those. There were heaps of lion fish around,so many i got two tangled in the net at one time,we saw some semicirculatus,none were needed so i didnt try to catch them,we left them for the commercial guys that work the area. Finaly the water was very,very clear as it has been months since it has been this good for us to have a clear water trip. The pics that folow are of some of the things we got and some videos of,anything really,this was the best day for quite a while. Videos- http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj19 ... ahorse.flv http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj19 ... aching.flv http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj19 ... nt=cod.flv http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj19 ... lebest.flv http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj19 ... urchin.flv http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj19 ... ocrays.flv
  24. Check out this picture of an angler fish we got today on the club collecting trip, only a mother could love that face, Yuk!!! I know lots of hobbyists that love these things, but I can’t stand them, I was almost sick hanging on to it for the photo.eeerrr. We see heaps of these in certain spots, mainly the other coloured ones, yellow that sought of thing, but we wont touch them normally, we leave them for the commercial guys to get, but one of the guys has been pushing for one for ages, he will probably be very excited to get it, I’m wouldn't!!!i hope its long time before I hang onto another one of these things for any one. The horrible things have arms and they use them to work around on your hand, that’s like some kind of horror movie. The trips videos and pics are in our club section on the forum if you want to look or just Waite, it will be in the snorkelling ,boating---section in a few days so you don’t have to register to see that one, its all good.
  25. If any one is interested this link will take you to our water sports forum and click on the late april blue tang collecting trip and some photos and video. http://seqaquariumkeepers.aforumfree.co ... a-life-f5/
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