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Found 17 results

  1. Hi everyone. I am having an issue with one of my yellow tail acei. She is the tank boss of an mbuna only tank. There are 15 mbuna in total, most are juveniles. Over the last four days I have observed her shaking her head and having some kind of spasm. I am not confusing this with the shaking that happens when fish are trying to instigate mating or to warn others off. From my observation this is happening approximately once every few hours and often when she is swimming alone with no other fish nearby. She will be swimming along then come to a jerking stop, have a spasm which involves shaking her head and then go forward, stop with a jerk again, shake head and then return to normal swimming. If she was human I would say she was having a fit of some kind. I cannot see any visual indicators of disease on her. She is active and eating well. There have been 2 recent changes that I have made but I don’t see how they could be affecting her. 1) 5 days ago I moved all my mbuna from my 4ft to my 5ft to give them more swimming room and more rocks/caves. The tank is being filtered by their old canister with the mature media. I did clean this but only the same as I always do when doing my regular maintenance. 2) I added 3 new juveniles to tank. BUT, I observed this behaviour in acei BEFORE they were added. I am at a loss as to what is happening with her. She is the only one doing this. And this was not happening in old tank. My water parameters are good 0 nitrite, 0 ammonia, 10 nitrate. I only feed them food specifically made for mbuna i.e. veg or spirulina based pellets and flake as well as shelled peas and zucchini. It could be purely a tank boss thing - but my gut is telling me that something is wrong with her. If it was a parasite wouldn’t they all be doing it? What could it be? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.
  2. Hi everyone Can anyone help to identify whether my yellow tail acei is male or female please? It has nice pointing dorsal and anal fins with 2 egg spots. If it is a male/female then I will get it a wife/husband since it seems to be a nice specimen...Thanks in advance Cheers Toan
  3. Picked up a couple of Yellow Tail Acei (10-12cm) yesterday. Put them in my 4ft (with other africans) After a couple of hours one was fine and the other one just kept flopping on his side on the bottom. I put him in a quarintine tank with some salt and plenty of air and left him over night. This morning he's still flopping over and looks like he doesnt have much control over his body. He is definately alive because if i go to touch him he swims a little. Any Ideas what might be wrong? and if there is any treatment. So far i've put some stress guard in the water and a little aquarium salt. Cheers Brenton
  4. hey my acei yellow tail seemed to have gotton picked on ( i think ) and now his tail has gotton a bit smaller and seems to be a bit stiff in the tail , placed him in a Q tank now after a couple of days of being in there he seems to be swimming around, put some 5cm maingano in there and he's became the boss takin over the tank but still has shorter fins , put salt in his tank ph is 7.8 and the tank is about 28 deg , just wondering if he will recover?
  5. hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone could help me with determining the sex of my acei ngara (photo below). i assumed it was a female because it has no egg spots visible but flares its fins and chases the male in the tank. is this normal for females? Is it a female or a male without egg spot?
  6. My P.Acei got into a biff and looks like some of the outer covering to his eye has been torn. From other people’s experience, what’s best for an eye injury – Pimafix or Melafix? Or neither. As the course for these two medicines is 7 days, I don’t want to get thru a week and find out the other is more effective. More importantly I don’t want him to lose his eye! He's currently in a small hospital tank. Thanks.
  7. i have my colony of tanzania acei in a 4 ft tank..... is this correct size tank to house them in? and do they take a little while to settle in? cheers guys and gals
  8. ok guys i ahve 4 acei and i dont no what sex they are.... they are got a dorsal fin thats white 3/4 and blue the on tip!!! http://users.pandora.be/cichlidae/Malaw ... s_acei.htm any help would be awesome
  9. Hi all, still new to this breeding game, but I'm wondering if one of my acei is holding a mouthful or not here's the link : It's only about 10 secs or so and it unfortunately goes out of focus towards the end, but there should be enough there to make a judgement. I think it looks like it is holding, but I would have thought that the acei are too small to breed (ie they are about 6 cm and the wetpetz website says that they reach sexual maturity at 3" or so) If you can watch it a let me know your opinion it would be great. Also, if you are experienced in this and you think it definitely IS holding, any advice on what to do next would be appreciated greatly (ie do I isolate her?, strip her ?) Thanks ! Doug _________________
  10. One of my Acei, a 5" male, managed to damage his eye (in a fight I think) and it became covered in a white opaque bubble. I put him in a hospital tank and have been dosing him with Melafix after a daily 50% water change everyday for the past week and a half. However it looks like the eye is too far gone with no improvement from this treatment. In fact I think the eyeball under the bubble seems to have gone a red/brown colour. Is there anything else I can do? Or should I resign myself to the loss of his eye. He's been housed in a 1.5ft tank for over a week and probably not good for him to stay in there too long. But can't think what else I can do. Thanks.
  11. hi guys, will a breeding trio peppermint bristlenose be ok with acei fry cheers,john :wink:
  12. hey guys my msuli point acei have meen rubbing against rock for about 3 or 4 weeks now no sign of any infection (i.e Whitespot, etc)just lots of scratches the electric blue colony that was in with them was doing fine. i think it could be parasites on the gills or sumthing similar. i graduly added salt to the doseage of 1/2 gram per L and a 6 day treatment of pimafix to stop any infections on the scratches... now im thinking a formaline bath? anyone got other ideas or had this similar problem?
  13. hi, i was feeding my malawi tank when i realised one of my female acei's has a white glaze over one of her eyes, i am worried and do not know what to do. please help cheers,john :wink:
  14. hi everyone sorry but i couldn't figure out how to put a pic on the post. was wondering if my female acei was breeding. she stays in one corner of the tank and has a big lump under her mouth. this is the first time that i have bred this type of fish and wanted to know if i should strip her now or later when the eggs have hatched. is there any good way to catch her without removing all the rocks or causing her to eat the fry by being scared. cheers,john :wink:
  15. Hi, does anyone know how to tell if acei tanzania are breeding and how long it should take a colony of 5 (2male & 3female) to breed after being put in a new tank 1 week ago P.S. the colony has bred before with the previous buyer. cheers,John
  16. hi is it ok to mix juvi convicts and juvi acei tanzania in a breeder net cheers,john
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