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Found 19 results

  1. Just wondering if its possible to use 3mm acrylic as lids for my tank or will it buckle under the heat of the light? Thanks ben
  2. Hi. Anyone have experience with building acrylic aquariums? I have used some calculators online and get different results. Forums are full of stories about bowing of sides. My plan is to build a tank that measures 2400mm (8ft) long x 600mm (2ft) wide x 500mm (20in) high. I was going to run a 100mm wide brace along the length at the top of front and back, both sides and two more evenly spaced through the middle. All done with 10mm thick cell cast acrylic. Question i have, will 10mm be thick enough with the bracing to stop bowing? Or should i either reduce height or go for a thicker acrylic? Thanks in advance for any information/experience shared sent from sony xperia via tapatalk
  3. I have an aquarium similar to this one. Cracked>exploded>made a mess>bought a new one. Now I'm left with a choice of either throwing it out or making something good out of it. This is my idea I made it in Photoshop If anyone has some engineering experience it would be greatly appreciated. My thoughts are that if I silicone one divider where the crack is and leave that empty or put a plant in it or something. Then put a second divider in so that the water pressure is displaced between two bays instead of one. I would still like to filter both bays with one pump so I was thinking an overflow into one then maybe a siphon back to the other. I really don't want to have another flooded mess in my house so please let me know your thoughts if this would work or if I am wasting my time and $$ I think it will cost about $80 for the acrylic then some silicone. Here is the actual tank Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. It's 2am and I hear what I thought sounded like was my front door being kicked in. Out I go and 200L of water is starting to flood my kitchen. Luckily enough I had the esky nearby and managed to get fish and some of the water into the esky. Quick work and no damage to anything else but now I'm in need of a new tank. Is this a thing with acrylic tanks?? I'm worried because I have another one similar in my lounge room. Also what's the best way to kickstart a new brackish tank as I don't really have time to wait. If I use the sand and the filter and the 50L+ of cycled water I've got it should help seed the new tank once I find one is that right? I've got 3 bumblebee gobies in this tank open to suggestions also if anyone Gold Coast to Brisbane or even south to Tweed has a cheap tank for sale let me know. Pics below. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hi guys,Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction of sourcing some thin (approx 1mm) acrylic roll. I want use it to divide substrate as seen in this thread:FS: Clear plastic Substrate dividers and substrate supports custom made bunnings used to carry it but no longer do. I have called the bunnings/masters in my area with no luck thus far. I have also called a few acrylic/plastics companies in brisbane but they only seem to carry 3mm and upwards.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,Beau.
  6. Do you guys think 10mm acrylic is thick enough for 2 x 1 window in a a 1200L Pond?
  7. Acrylic tank mounts designed for the Ecotech Marine Radion LED's now available online & In store. Suitable for 15mm Glass. For more specs please visit our website. Priced at $99.00 per mount. Link - Age of Aquariums - Acrylic Tank Mount suitable for Ecotech Radion's. Ben
  8. Anyone ever had a go at making a acrylic tank. I've got a few small off cuts and watched some YouTube videos yesterday I might have a play with it if I can get some glue. Bruce Sent from my GT-I9305T using Tapatalk 2
  9. Hi all, I have posted this on another forum but figure the more ideas I can get the better We are looking at starting up a marine tank, not immediately but soon enough to start researching. We prefer acrylic for the fact that we move a lot and lighter weight plus less chance of breakage is appealing. Also that it is easier to work with in terms of drilling to set up a sump. Am just wondering if anyone can recommend a supplier or manufacturer? I have emailed a few places but so far haven't received a response. Thanks in advance!
  10. So i decided to make some acrylic betta barracks but in order to do this i will need some acrylic solvent people on youtube use something called WELD-ON #4 however i can not find it here in australia ir at oeast bunnings didnt seem to have it does anyone have any ideas where coukd. Get this solvent? Or any other similar acrylic solvents? I cant seem to find any thanks
  11. hey guys!!! I Want to surprise my boyfriend for his 21st a 6 ft tank and set up for salt water but tossing. Up whether to get him an acrylic tank or glass?? I no the bare min about acrylic tanks but I've been hooked on "tanked" the tv show and have fallen in love with the idea of an acrylic tank but if anyone has any experience or tips for me thAt would be awesome. Thanks heap's,
  12. hi all, just wondering what is the preference for tanks, has anyone ever made there own tanks. if so would you ever do it again. personally i find acrylic sheets easy to work with and safer.
  13. Hi all, I have had a quick search with no difinative answer. I need to know the best product to use for glueing acrylic/perspex together? I am making a drip tray and want to glue the edging on. I know silicon will not work. Will the plumbers pvc glue work, u know the blue stuff you use on piping but the clear version. I can get the proper glue, has a cemical called tetrahydra something somthing. This is the best product but is it aquarium safe??? Just wanted to know if anyone out there has played with this stuff and some results. Thanks, Dean
  14. Just a quick question what size acrylic would i need for a 2ft deep tank. I have some 8mm here? is that too thin. Thanks for any help
  15. Peep's i need some help, Need to get some acrylic to make a water spreader board for a sump i'm building. I figure, how hard can it be ?. Just u tubed a couple of demo's, simple, cut and "weld"with chemical solvent. Easy right ?. Not in Mackay, I have been to every hardware shop in town and no one seems to know what im talking about (and i haven't been drinking, I swear). Every one points me to the "perspex" and i jus get blank looks when i talk about "welding" it. So...... being the bright young lad that i am, i figure i'm shopping in the wrong place. Can some one please enlighten me as to where i should be looking for this stuff and the correct terminology so as everyone can understumble what i want ? Please Thanks, Brendan
  16. with the 4x2x2 tank i am building, i want to make a coast to coast skimmer box to go with the beanflo overflow system. now i was going to use acrylic perspex to make this box and use selleys aquarium&glass silicone to adhere it to the inside of the tank. i have since learned that silicone wont bond to acrylic (lightly sticks to it like chewing gum...but wont bond) after a bit of research i've found that Bostik Titan Bond plus will bond plastic to glass and its aquarium safe..... so i was just wondering if anyone has had experience with this product or with this situation (bonding glass to plastic)
  17. want to look into building an acrylic or plywood tank and was wondering if anyoneelse has looked into it or built one? if so would you be able to help me out with some plans and rough prices?
  18. Looking to buy a bulk bag of wool-like media for filtration. Wondering if anyone has used acrylic stuffing from cushions etc, which can be found at Spotlight? Is it toxic?
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