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Found 15 results

  1. Tech Den Deal of the DAY!! Have you been thinking about setting up a display tank? Would you like super clear, low iron glass and a beautiful wooden cabinet? Well then we have the deal for you!! ADA Cube 45cm Tank and Wood Cabinet 45- WAS $1459.30 - NOW ONLY- $485.00!!! That's a saving of 67%!!! And, of course, all forum members will receive a further 10% discount!!!! This tank looks incredible and will be a stunning show piece in anyone's home. Due to the size it is Pick-Up only. Click on the link below to check out this amazing bargain!!! LIMITED stock available. http://www.thetechden.com.au/dealoftheday.asp
  2. ADA have just updated the Lisbon Project - here is a link and vid - if you are finding it hard to get black Lava Rock - there might be a reason...lol The World?s Largest Nature Aquarium Project Takashi Amano x Ocean√°rio de Lisboa - ADA
  3. ADA is apparently going to be setting up the biggest nature aquarium ever... ADA starting work on the largest Nature Aquarium in the world
  4. We received our ADA order in today including some snazzy little tanks, Soils and Powder in 9 litre and 3 litres. We have a pretty good range of ADA and you can check it all out ----> ADA Aqua Design Amano
  5. hey guys, just wondering when you are expecting more stock of the Amazonia soil 9L
  6. ...ADA Soils we have dropped the price from $44.95 to $37.95 - Amazonia, Malaya and also Africana. This is a awesome price for one of the best substrates you can get. ADA Aqua Design Amano Jumbo Sponge filter XY-2838 dropped the price from $19.80 to $15.95 Extra Large Sponge Filter XY-2838 for tanks up to 850 liters You can see how the Jumbo dwarfs the Large XY-380
  7. ...We have had a few new products come through and just want to run through a few of them. ADA would be best described as a form of not just Aquatic Excellence but also Art. Here is a link to our ADA items as you may want to refer to it as we go through the different items as we cover some of them. ADA Aqua Design Amano If you are looking at starting up a new Planted Tank this will cover a few items from the ground up. Before you even look at adding Amazonia, Malaya or Africana soils there are a few items that they do . First of all there is the powders that they do and we will cover some of the ones that we do - there are more too. If you get a chance have a look at the Green Machine which can be handy. The powders are sprinkled over the base of the tank to be planted. Bacter 100 - A powder that has over 100 various kinds of substrate bacteria in a dormant state to give an ideal substrate environment. ADA Bacter 100 (100g) PENAC W is a substrate additive. It prevents the substrate from becoming anaerobic and improves the substrate environment and stabilised the tank. It also can be added directly in case of shortage oxygen in the tank. ADA Penac-W 200g prevents substrate from becoming anaerobic It is a substrate additive for improving the soil. It helps plants to spread the roots and grow healthy. It is effective for Cryptocoryne and Echinodorus that are important of swelling. ADA Penac-P 200g (Plants) After looking at the options for the powder layering you also then have the options of the Power Sand and Power Sand Special. Power Sand is base substrate material designed for providing nutrients to the roots of aquatic plants and promoting growth of substrate bacteria. The advantages of Power Sand that avoids the hardening of substrate and is formulated with increased nutrition. ADA Power Sand - S 2 Liters Power Sand Special is similar to Power Sand only that it Bacter 100 and Clear Super that promote the development of substrate bacteria quickly with increased nutrition, several times that of Power Sand. ADA Power Sand Special - S 2 Liters Then you have your Substrates.. The most popular of the range Amazonia. Available in the Soil and also the smaller granule Powder. ADA Amazonia Soil 9l For a bit of a colour contrast there is also the Malaya again available in both Soil and Powder. ADA Malaya Soil 9l The third one in the range is the ADA Africana in Soil and Powder. ADA Africana Soil 9l Decorative Sands La Plata is also a good decorative sand to emphasise the gullies in a aquascape. It is not really designed for nutrient - it is more decorative. ADA La Plata Sand 2kg Less than 3mm From this point there is also options of fertilisers in both dry form and liquid form. Fertilisers in Dry Form include:- ADA Iron Bottom which come in a stick from that goes into the substrate and slowly release iron and is designed for plants to draw iron nutrient through their roots. It comes in two sizes - short (25mm) long (50mm) with both being 30 pieces. The long are designed for deeper substrates and the short for shorter substrates and general suggested use is one per 15cm X 15cm area. ADA Iron Bottom 30 Pieces (Short) ADA Multi Bottom utilises trace elements as well as a iron coating to slowly release into the substrate for plants to take in from a root level. ADA Multi Bottom 30 Pieces (Short) Fertiliser in a liquid form:- ADA have a three step program and it is really easy to use. The dose is one squirt per 20 liters. With my tank at home it gets direct sunlight and found that it was getting a bit of algae growth on the glass and only after a couple of days of use I found the Algae had browned off and was a lot less. Step1 is designed for newly planted tanks 0-3 months. Contains trace elements in a good balance and promotes the new leaf growth at initial stage. A 250ml bottle used daily will last approx 50 days for a 100l tank. ADA Green Brighty Step 1 - 250ml Step2 is designed for tanks 3-12 months old and contains more iron ingredient, vital for the plant growth period. ADA Green Brighty Step 2 - 250ml Step3 is for more mature tanks 12 months and older and contains trace elements with iron and potassium, which helps the root growth. ADA Green Brighty Step 3 - 250ml There is also there speciality ferts ADA Green Brighty Special lights is a liquid fertilizer for fast growing sun plants, such as Riccia or stemmed plants. It contains a balanced nutrient formula, necessary for the sun plants, and it is very effective for leaves with nutrient deficiency. ADA Green Brighty Special Lights - 250ml ADA Green Brighty Special Shade is a liquid fertilizer designed for shade plants such as Cryptocoryne. A rich potassium promotes the root growth. It is also used for a potassium supply of the layout preferring low KH level. ADA Green Brighty Special Shade - 250ml ADA Green Brighty Special K is a liquid fertilizer supplying potassium, which tends to be in short supply in the planted aquarium. ADA Green Brighty K - 250ml Lastly there is ECA in a 50ml bottle contains rich iron and organic acid promoting the nutrient absorption process of plants. It is highly recommended for treating colour-loss of plants. ADA ECA 50ml If you want to get some inspiration on scapes the International 2013 competition is a fantastic book showcasing all 2,164 entry works submitted by hobbyists around the world. ADA - The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest Book 2013 Here is a couple of teasers for you to have a look at a couple of movies...enjoy THE BOOK OF AQUA DESIGN AMANO - The latest General product catalog ||| ADA - Aqua Design Amano Co., Ltd
  8. Hey all, Wondering if anyone has used ADA under soil products and do they really give you better growth in a planted tank? Just starting out my first planted tank and I want everything to be right, so wondering if it will be of a benefit to have such supplements (or something similar) Thanks, Jake
  9. Have received in both the Amazonia Soil and Amazonia Powder. Did not receive the 3l bags we initially thought - just the 9 liter size which does work out better value too. ADA Amazonia Soil 9l ADA Amazonia Soil 9l (Powder) [MENTION=6158]beencees[/MENTION]
  10. ADA had arrived at AOA. Our shipment of ADA finally arrived this morning. We have the following Soil in stock Amazonia - Normal 9L $45.00 per bag Amazonia - Powder 9L $69.00 per bag Malaya - Normal 9L $45.00 per bag Africana - Normal 9L $45.00 per bag Great time to try the most famous Plant Substrate on the market as we only charge $7.50 per order regardless of weight or quantity of items Australia wide. Usual 10% Forum Discount Applies. Link - Age of Aquariums - ADA Aquasoil Ben
  11. After a bit of toing and froing we have decided to go ahead and stock ADA. There have been a few posts on here and requests for it and time to get it all sorted. I would like to hear what everyone wants. I can order in what I think you want but its all a bit of a waste if I get it wrong and not get what you want. So if you like your ADA and there are certain ones you like, would love to hear from you and what you would like to see on our shelves. Stock is about 4 weeks away but just need to arrange the logistics and pallets and the range. Thanks...
  12. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone knows of any local stores in Brisbane Which carry ADA New Amazonia.. The place i normally get it online is out of stock as is other online stores and I am wanting to get it by the weekend... If any members have any new/unused open bags of ADA New Amazonia I am willing to pay for it. Thanks in Advance
  13. Hi there, Can anyone tell me any pros and cons for ADA Amazonia and Eco Complete? I've read that Amazonia can 'break down' (what exactly does this mean?), and as far as I can find, it is cheaper than Eco Complete. Also, what is the difference between Amazonia and Amazonia II? Thanks for reading, as well as for any replies! Steph
  14. Will be making my own with help of neighbour in the next few weeks so will put up my own progress pics as I go. Here is the link. Might help the guys who are considering a ADA style tank stand. Thought I might post to help other forum members if they are looking to create the same style stand. http://www.projectaquarium.com/plantedA ... Stand.aspx
  15. Finally going to nip it in the bud with discounted prices on ADA so decided on ADA. Problem is a supplier here on the Gold Coast does not have Power Sand from ADA. Is it possible to use the UpAqua Power sand in replacement for the bottom of the tank or is it just best to not bother with Power Sand? Amazonia II should do the trick was thinking 2 bags for a 3 footer by 18 (or 20)...One bag of the power sand and one bag of powder? Or 3 bags of Amazonia II? Benefits of Powder ontop of the ADA amazonia if growing hairgrass and other types? Is it worth getting? Thanks guys. PS the look i am going to go for is the likes of these; http://www.aquajournal.net/suikei_da...keiphoto1.html http://www.aquajournal.net/suikei_da...keiphoto2.html http://www.aquajournal.net/suikei_da...gallery_04.jpg http://www.aquajournal.net/suikei_da...gallery_01.jpg http://www.aquajournal.net/suikei_da...gallery_04.jpg especially the last one. PS where can I find those style of rocks IN BRISBANE OR GOLD COAST (FISHCHICKS)??? How much would I be looking at for them for a 3 footer?
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