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Found 24 results

  1. Hi. Yesterday i added macropore ( in the bags) to the canister filters on both my tanks. Got home from work tonight to find both my tanks cloudy/milky. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? Will or should it clear up in a few days? Should i remove the macropore? sent from sony xperia via tapatalk
  2. Hi all. Not a great start to the day. Last night I decided I would add some blanched pumpkin to the tank to feed my bristlenose catfish. I usually stick with Zucchini but wanted to change it up a bit. Anyway I blanched it in a small bowl of just boiled water and then microwaved it in the water for 20 seconds (didn't really do much I know). I put it in the tank and when I woke this morning and checked on them all the rainbows were nose down tail up. They all had deep colours and what not and no damage to their bodies, no ripped fins, no redness or inflammation that I could see from looking over them once they were out. The only thing that's changed was the pumpkin. Their tankmates are 4 albino bristlenose and a big SAE. They were Coen River Trifas. Now I know nothing I can do will bring them back but I just wanted to know why it happened. Does anybody have any insight so I can learn and help others in the future? I know I wont be trying pumpkin again that's for sure. Thanks for your help in advance, Eric.
  3. Ok guys. Does anyone know if Superchlor will remove trace minerals from aged water? What is the "life span" of Superchlor is a water barrel?
  4. .I have a question for you guys. I have a three tier rack with three 6ft tanks on there connected to a sump. The sump has been in use for well over a year so everything is well and truly cycled and all parameters are perfect. However, I now want to add a new tank to the existing sump. This new 8ft tank will have completely new water in there (of course the usual chemicals will be added to remove the nasties) but my question is, will the addition of 800 or so litres of new water crash my system? or will it be fine? I have been seeding some sponge filters for a while now which I will put in the new tank to help it along the way, I also added a lot more media to the sump about two months ago. There will be no new fish going in so the bio load will be exactly the same, also it will have new substrate and new décor. If the tank needs to be cycled separately I will use some stuff from the other tanks, however, if it can be connected straight to the sump I see no need to move things around. What I intend to do eventually is to take some of the fish out of the 6ft'ers and put them into the 8ft. So I am not sure whether to not connect to the sump just yet and cycle the new tank separately and then connect it in a month or so, or just go ahead and connect it all up now. Any thoughts.....
  5. I've just set up my first tank 3ftx2ftx2ft and was wondering once all the water is balanced what the highest recommended amount of fish is to put in at one time without the tank becoming unbalanced? Thanks!
  6. Can I put a bunch of cherry shrimp in with my Oscar as feeders and could they possibly thrive?
  7. here is some pics of first day of adding stock:dance: purchased a pair of snowflakes and a pair of black occys from Peter who breeds clown fish. one most amazing display reef tanks ive seen in a home. corals ive added so far pretty georgian, cocoworm with morphs attached to it, xenia,toadstool, some zoas and acans. letting this settle for atleast a month and want to add some hammers and frogspawns next. then a purple tang and flame angel
  8. These little extensions are what corals don’t just use to feed with, these can sting the hell out of the poor coral next door. I tried to get a pic when they were over 5 inches in length but as the camera got closer it pulled them back in.
  9. hey guys i just bought a whole heap of ceramic rings from AOA for my DIY canister, since i've never bought them new before is there anything your meant to do before adding them to your tank? i've tried to look online but have had no luck. i did rinse them off with the hose but thought i'd check on here before i add them to be sure i dont kill all my fish!
  10. Hi, I have a 260L tank, I have two silver Bala sharks 15cm approx, 3 small Corys and a bully black shark. Dont worry i do plan to upgrade tank size for the sharks. The bully black sharks maybe going back to the shop because he upsets the sharks and has already killed two other black and rainbow. I was just wondering what fish would get along with the silver sharks, so far my research is pointing me towards Blue gourami, silver dollar, kuhli loach and spanner barb, but i get conflicting reports about the gourami and the barb, some say they are both peaceful and others say barbs are fin nippers and the blues can be a bit iffy aswell. Has anyone any suggestions on some fish that would be suitable for the silver sharks, i dont want them to be upset or be nipped. Thanks
  11. My grandfather lives on the beach in northern NSW and has hooked me up with driftwood he finds everynow and then - except unfortunately he has first soaked it in detergents. since then it has been left in the rain and washed etc. for some months. I have recently soaked it in de-chlorynated water for a week. will it be safe to add to my community tank of cichlids and catty's? Or is there a risk due to it being soaked in detergent some time ago?
  12. But for those crazily enough to want to try: http://www.environment.gov.au/biodiversity/wildlife-trade/lists/import/pubs/non-biocontrol-application.pdf
  13. Hey guys, I will be moving my GT's between tanks soon and after testing the water in both tanks I found the PH in their current tank is around 6.6 which I realize is very low for cichlids. The new tank is at approx. 8.0 which is good. The other parameters are sitting nice in both tanks, although the Nitrate in the old tank is a bit higher than I would like (water changes incoming). So my question is, do fish suffer from a sudden change in PH levels when going between tanks? Should I raise the PH level before the swap? What could be causing the PH in the old tank to be so low? They have been in the tank for nearly 3 years no trouble. There is a large amount of driftwood in the tank, maybe that is dropping the PH? In saying that there is a few chunks of sandstone in the new tank which would be raising its levels. Thanks! Jon
  14. Is there a way of adding photos/images to your thread without uploading them. Or having to click a link to goto them? Coz my pics are way too big to upload Thanks
  15. Just wondering if adding African mineral salts and raising the ph with ph up at the same time would affect my fronnys health? Ph is at 7.6 was 8-8.1 till I added the external filter and done a tank change. How regular should I add mineral salt. I've got gh and kh test kit as well. how many drops of each is ideal general & carb hardness.
  16. My dad has a pond with these oxygenating plants. Just wondering if i can put them into my tropical tank? He says they grow like crazy. Im not sure of the exact type, but apparently there's only a coulpe of types? It would be going into a tank full of gourami...
  17. Hi i was thinking of arranging small wood sticks in a planted tank but i'm not sure how. i want sticks similar to this: but a much smaller scale.. maybe 15cms high and thinner. where do i get them from? or does everyone forage for it themselves? haha I'm not really interested in a long curing process but if thats whats needed i'm all ears. any advice on achieving this "stick" look would be appreciated. thanks, annie
  18. hey all, just wondering whats the best way to add phosphate to a tank, if there are any additives or doses as such? i am starting to get green spot algae in my tank which i have anubus and crypt and echin 'rose' i think it is, and some hygro.. but i have only just rececntly added the hygro, i have spots on most of the plants leaves and some spots starting to appear on the front glass.. any help would be very much appreciated? cheers willy
  19. Just wondering if i could add some julies to my 8ft tang commuinty tank. will they be too aggressive. I have atm 2 small juvenile Gold head comps, 11 multis, 15 juvenile cyps.
  20. Just wondering as I am about to add some driftwood which will possibly lower my pH but will deffinately make the water softer and I was thinking should I add some crushed coral aswell to keep things steady? I don't want my pH to really change and water gH is around 8, the driftwood is proper probably 100's of years old from the creek (dad got in canoeing one day). I just don't want to harm my fish with a pH drop and thought adding a lil buffer would counter to driftwood.
  21. have had a really cheap offer on an adult dub but can i add him with the juvy dubs or am i asking for trouble??? thanks ben
  22. Can epsom salts be used as part of a regular water change? i normally add some aquarium salt (a pinch), & tropical conditioning salts (in my tropical tank) Since it has properties that is beneficial for fish health, Im wondering if it can be used regularly - in diluted doses i assume...
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  24. When adding salt to my tanks, as so many have recommended, what doseage shou8ld it be? How much do I add I've been told 1 cup per foot of tank? Regards Marc
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