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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I recently purchased a 3x2x2 second hand. It was a marine set up previously with a refugium and I am wanting to change the set up too an african Cichlid tank. The tank has one hole drilled in the top left hand corner which is the overflow for the sump. Can someone please help me re design the sump for the best filtration with the space I have got? The sump measures 750mm x 310mm(wide) x 460mm. It has 1 baffle hard to the bottom which is only 100mm wide then the refugum which is around 500mm wide then another baffle which is 25mm from the bottom. I will get some pictures sorted ASAP. How can I plum the return with only one hole drilled into the tank? I am open to all ideas and everyone's opinion Regards Chris
  2. I have a Blue Ram in 30 Litres tank of Tap water with a pH of 8.0 GH of 12 degrees KH of 4 degrees Conductivity of around 700 uS/cm I wish to convert the tank to rain water... FYI pH 6.5, GH & KH undetectable. How should I go about it. I would like as much technical advice as possible please..!!!
  3. Hi, In the tank that I've been trying to fishlessly cycle, I noticed that the pH has dropped to around 7.8 (probably due to prolonged Ammonium chloride application - maybe this is why the biofilter mysteriously crashed?). I know that for freshwater, Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is commonly used to adjust pH: can I use this in a marine tank too, or will it stuff around with the composition of the ASW? If so, how do I bump the pH back up? Cheers, h_tully
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