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Found 5 results

  1. All the little guys including the one i was worried about with painfully slow growth are powering in growth now! Most are fully fledged hermaphrodites and by the looks of it, just three still have just one sex organ, which is male of course. The little guy is responding really well with the food additives i put in and has shed twice since I was getting worried about it a while back. I put one of the first adults of this lot in with their mum/dad and mum/dad is chokers with fertile eggs after ages of them coming on and it drops them off. Prob is I have no where to raise them as yet, the little guys are not ready to get rid of. I will miss them, sort of! I finished achieving the findings i was aiming for but I like to make sure they completely trust the cleaning of a human hand, to me that signals they can make it in any tank if there is no chance of predation. Just a couple of months back I would put in my hand and they were totally scared of it, couldn’t get them near it, now they clean me in shifts of 3 to 4 of the 9 that I raised, the little guy still wont go near my hand, but in time it will get there. I tested the levels of phos in the tubs with all this feeding over these many months and I do not do water changes!!!! and its all most unreadably high! I keep chaeto in there but it is near useless for fast paced phos. She/he is ready go. The little guy next to some chaeto, no ovarian activity yet! Training time.
  2. So last year I saw a few guys growing there b/s to full adults ,and with the wether warming up I thort I'd get a head start this year and try it my self . From what utube has shown me all you need is ... Drum salt Water And air to keep water moving I used a 200l blue drum (clean) and started to fill it with used fish tank water After it was almost full I needed to add salt and enough to get the salinity right ,trying to match what I hatch my b/s in , after putting all that salt in I tested it lol. Not even close hahaha Ok more salt I used x4 the green jug and got it close Got it !!! Now just add the new hatched shrimp tomorrow ........( if your wondering why there are chicken eggs next to my b/s hatchery that because a chook has taken a liking to laying her eggs on my work bench ) as this is my first time doing this any tips or input would be great Steve
  3. I have 2 Adults in a 4x2x2 with 10 rummynose, 2 BN pleco, 1 GBR and 1 clown loach. I really want to add some more discus but I cant afford adults, would it be ok for me to add 5 juvies?
  4. Hi guys/gals Got my first mouthful from my Eyellow colony. I'm planning to let the first few spot naturally, has anyone played with providing refuge for the fry? I'm thinking a stack of 10mm PVC so the fry can fit but not the adults, but as always thought if check here first
  5. Hi has anyone put baby fronnies about 4-5cm in with about 15cm to 18cm adults is this ok
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