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Found 5 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. Hi all so I acquireds a marine setup andhave been playing around with it for a bit just thought I share a few progress pics .....
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. More from the south east of Queenslands ocean areas and the sport hobby combo the aandtsociety participates in. Firstly just a couple off useless facts. Over fishing of edible species, which on average are predators to near all aquarium fish, results in more than a reef can handle of popular aquarium fish species inhabiting the reefs and subsequently eating the corals/anemones at a greater rate, most angelfish and all chaetodons/butterfly fish eat corals/anemones, others do as well but they are the main culprits, hence the need for balance with reef regulations. Over collection of aquarium species actually enhances the reefs invertebrate content a great deal, predators will find foods other than the food chain popular aquarium fish species! Here are a few examples of what is around the south east that we get to see, take home and a few oceanic facts. Some of the club members went for a collecting trip out wide, a few weeks back, sadly I couldn’t make that trip,but one of the guys likes this thing in particular he collected from the day,yuk,only a mother could love that face,lol,some like the frog and angler fish types, not all of us though. This is an actual anglerfish out of three main types we find around the southeast. When you take them out of the water at all, you have to literally burp them by rubbing their lower organ cavity area upwards while submersed in their new home or they get an air bubble blockage inside that will kill them via not being able to eat, its easy to fix this issue! Its like something the commercial guys and us at rare times have to do, with more so the two local types of pomacanthus angel fish, they are the worst, the latezonatus clown fish are prone as well in particular that are brought up to quick or the water temps are below 20c,this slows down their swim bladder functions and they get bent we call it, the swim bladder can not expel the oxygen they take from the water quick enough as you come to the surface with them. The swim bladder expands far quicker then they can expel the trapped oxygen with in it,ours are never this bad but its sought of the same as the more xtreme example of a fish type with a swim bladder brought up from great depths on a fishing line,the bladder may show pertruding from their backside,they puff up and their eyes may bulge,not a pretty sight with line caught fish from waters over a hundred feet deep. The first for me was around 26 years back when I was free diving and caught an adult pomacanthus imperator angel fish,in just over 40 feet of water, it was in winter and winter water temps back then were regularly 14c to 16c, so its swim bladder couldn’t expel as quick as I assended,so it got bent,luckily the commercial guy I was diving with (,I had finished my time on hookah and went off for some free diving to not get sick in the boat at anchor,) had a hyperthermic and iodine on board, it was dipped and has to be inserted the right way and extract the air and they are fine, it went to a Melbourne business and started life with the owners other already 35 year old imperator! These are the recent adult imperator and semicirculatus pomacanthus that are quite easy to get bent,seen on our trips.
  5. Ive been adventuring today with a friend of mine around our beach here @ frankston Also some shots of one of my plants and also my similis. Albuca SPiralis
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