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  1. I have become fascinated by BNs. Can different sorts of BNs be kept in the same tank harmoniously? If so, do they interbred?
  2. Hi everybody, i would love as much advice on Bettas as possible; I've recently returned to collecting what i consider beautiful specimens( of coarse beauty is in the eye of the beholder) and attempting to do some "experimental breeding" As a young child in Buenos Aires i use to have breeding specimens that would constantly breed with little to no effort on my part. After many years, a shift to a new continent and growing older(arrrrrg) i have found the fighters in Australia to be almost impossible to breed, my girls are totally into it and can hardly swim they're so full of eggs and the males seem to be more interested in just plain out attacking the girls to the point of death and then vein total jerks about it!!!!!!!!!!! Any suggestions, tips useful stories would be great!!!! also i am currently looking for half moon albino males, mustard gas males and females( I'm not sure if thats what u call them in this country) let me know your thoughts. Gracias por ayuda! Alejandro(Ash)
  3. Hi everybody (first post), been lurking on the forums trying to gauge it before posting. Gauging complete. Been keeping fish for 15 years, mainly African cichlids but also catfish (inc L no.), Australian native, yabbies and for a short period marine. *Mods- i should have put this in "DIY/up coming projects" can't see how to move it, sorry. Anyway, I recently bought an aquarium rack which was in pretty ordinary shape but I got it cheap. 15 tanks in total. The racks will probably be burned in the bonfire next week after various bits and pieces have been removed. Will be using existing shelving in shed after some modification. I’ll throw some photos up of how I visualise is working. You’ll see a large 600Ltr esky that I’ll be using as a sump for 12x 100Ltr tanks. Pump is an onga 550 pool pump (supposed to pump 15,600L/H with 15m head). Assuming there is no issues with the pump, it should cycle the system 10x/H. (Note: sump won’t be completely full). Plumbing is 40mm outlet from pump and 90mm overflow. Water changes will be via rain tank. I realise this could create issues with disease contamination and water parameters. That’s rural living I guess. Still mulling over how to combat these issues. Possibly UV light and coral sand/limestone as a buffer. Thoughts on the UV and also sourcing an ideal substrate for tanganyikans? Obviously something calcium carbonate but cost effective. Mechanical filter will be sponge/floss in a drain attached to the in overflow plumbing which will then flow into the biological filter - K1 in a drum in the sump. (yet to purchase K1) Thinking about getting a Resun 70LPM air pump. It’s a 14 outlet so 1 per tank for extra water movement/oxygenation and 2 for K1 in drum. Will grab 2-3x 300w Ehiem Jager heaters (never had a drama with current 300w ehiem) and tanks will be insulated with 35mm Styrofoam (assuming I can still get it for free). Tanks are in shed and it gets below 0 degrees here so insulation will be needed. Want to get some 6500k LED strips. Suggestions? Was thinking about talking to electrical whole salers (cetnaj etc) rather than cheap international EBay products. Constructive advice welcome
  4. Afternoon People, Have been sifting through stuff all day and still can't decide what to do. Situation is this....Currently running pressurized co2 in my 240l planted tank. Everything seems to be going bananas and was previously using a ceramic diffuser up the intake of a small filter....which is now broken . So the single cermaic disc isn't obviously the best method to absorb the co2 into the water column so I'm after opinions on the following options. Option 1: DIY reactor - http://www.qsl.net/w2wdx/aquaria/reactor.html - using a cheap power head $20, the end pipe of a gravel vac, a filter for the intake of the power head and something at the bottom of the gravel vac pipe(course filter probably) with the ceramic diffuser 3/4 of the way down the gravel vac. Advantage: cheap-ish maybe $40 total. Disadvantage would be that it's home made, if I have the power up too high could spit substrate and dirt everywhere and ruin my tank.....and it would look a bit bulky but will probably hide behind plants. Option 2: Tunze diffuser, basically same principle as above only it uses a weak power head and I've read mixed reviews. Adv: all in one con: more expensive $60 Option 3: Combo system using a power head and an inline reactor - Pro: Should work really well, Con: larger foot print maybe. I don't have a canister filter btw still using the built in filter on the tank I bought. Cheers
  5. Hi thinking of putting wave maker in 4x2x2 planted tank with discus, wondered what lph unit would be suitable as do not want to blow them away. Any suggestions welcome.
  6. Hello! Cory lovers! I've just bought three peppered corydoras on the weekend and need some advice, as they are my first catfish! From all the care sheets that I can find online, most of them suggest keeping corydoras in tank with sandy substrate to avoid damage to their barbels. I have Pisces river gravel gold pearl in mine, along with some smooth pea gravels, rocks and drift woods. After observing them for the last few days, their enthusiastic foraging in the substrate left me thinking perhaps I should replace it with sand. I was thinking maybe only replace a feeding patch with sand, but then they are never in one spot for long, always on the move in search for food. So my question is, will the river gravel still damage their barbels and should I replace the entire substrate with sand? If so, what sand would you recommend? Thanks!
  7. Hi I've been away from fishkeeping for a number of years and have now decided to get a six foot tropical freshwater tank now that I'm living in west Brisbane. When I last had a tank, I used an undergravel filter, but from my reading, it would seem that the best option for one of these tanks is either a canister filter or a sump system. I was wondering whether anybody has opinions and whether there are any reputable places around Indooroopilly. Regards Lex
  8. In cleaning my gravel and canister filter i have about 5 baby loaches. About 1 cm long but thin. Anyone have advice on feed etc. I have put them in a floating fry trap as my clown loaches like snacks. Greg Sent from my SM-N910G using Tapatalk
  9. I'm looking to changing the substrate for my African tank. Is it ok to just take the old and put the new one straight in (after thorough cleaning of course) or better to take half out and wait a week for BB to build up etc... Cheers
  10. Hi all, been away for some time but got the fish bug again, ive bought a complete ar620t for $100. In looking at upgrading the lighting, i can fit the larger pl24w light either side with small mods. Or for a slightly more outlay i can get a 60cm aquaone led light, the problem is which one to choose as there are a few different models/colour leds. I would like some basic plants towards the rear of tank and will be stocking with cichlids. I could possibly buy 2 different 2 different models and fit them both.any help us appreciated
  11. Hi all, I'm diving head first into aquariums after buying a 20ltr tank for my toddler. I'm wanting to try my luck with a low tech planted aquarium using dirt substrate and have the opportunity to buy either a 980 or 980t for 250. Am I better off with the slightly less tall 980 for light penetration or is it of no real consequence as the difference is 10cm. Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Sent from my D6653 using Tapatalk
  12. I have a 75L tank with a nice 6500K LED which as of today is fairly well planted with swords, anubia, pennywort, moss (plus some others I can;t remember!). These have been planted in new ADA aquasoil. Just wondering from here on what fertiliser I should use, and how often. Any suggestions?
  13. I have a 65L Aquaone tank (with hood) currently cycled, planted and stocked with 1 Betta and about 6-10 cherry shrimp. I was until recently running an aquael turbo 500 internal filter which was brilliant, but it had a fault where water was getting into the sealed motor chamber, and that 5/4 times turning the pump on/off at the outlet it would fail to do anything other than make horrible whirring noises. So obviously with the unit being less than 4 months old I had to return it. Since they have gone up massively in price, are out of stock in the LFS and hardly anyone in QLD even sells them anymore I swapped it at the LFS for an otto PF200N. I was told that they can be great little units, but the otto has waaaay to much current output for the tank and Mr Fish is getting blown around the tank and is not happy at all. It's also the loudest internal filter I've ever used and living in a small one bed apartment this is a major NO NO. I am currently running a small hang on filter until I find the right internal but it is limited in the amount of media I can use in the chamber. I'm not keen on a canister filter since I have a dog and all it would take is for her to chew an inlet/outlet tube and my whole apartment is flooded. What would anyone recommend for internal filters with large media chambers that are QUIET. Thrown in a pic of the tank so you can get an idea of what size filter I am looking at. Shown is the old Aquael. Anyway, thanks in advance for anyone who can offer their experiences on internal filters. Kritta.
  14. Hi, I am looking at setting up a new Oscar tank in the next couple of months, I currently have a 4x2x2 tank, an Eheim Professional 1200 XLT Cannister Filter, a few large pieces of driftwood. I am still yet to purchase ~18kg of tahitian moon sand, a 3D Latex Background, 2 x 5cm Tiger Oscars (after completing a fishless cycle), and am currently making up my mind on either an internal power filter, or I will look at purchasing a second hand Ecotech MP40WES or MP60WES wave maker, (any thoughts on pros & cons appreciated) obviously the Ecotech wavemaker is going to be quite a deal more expensive, but i am ok with up to $250 for this. Can anyone recommend any tank mates, if I have a fresh water crab from the start how long until he gets turned into a snack? possibly a plecco? Obviously want to keep the two Tigers as the central focus of the tank. Any advice would be warmly welcomed as I've been out of the hobby for a couple of years now, previous tank 6ft Marine, and a few years prior to that was a small 4ft African Cichlid tank. Cheers, Noz
  15. Just after advice from anyone who have bred frontosa regarding water , temps , chem levels , phs , tank setup , male to female ratio any advice at all is welcome . I have a fair idea on it all but just after other personal experience tricks and advice . Cheers
  16. So I've noticed one of my discus (in a tank with 3 other discus, 4 cories and 2 SAE's), had a reddish worm protruding out of its anal area and I've come to the conclusion that it's come down with camallanus worms, it isn't showing any symptoms yet but I'd like to treat the whole tank before it gets too out of hand. Im looking to treat with Levamisole hydrochloride and I'm trying to decide between Sykes Big L Wormer (Active Constituents: Levamisole Hydrochloride 16g/Kg) or Avitrol Plus Bird Wormer Tablets (Levamisole hydrochloride 20mg, Praziquantel 4mg), I'd prefer to go with the Avitrol, unless someone suggests otherwise as it is a lot cheaper, at least for me. In regards to the treatment procedure, am I correct in saying that I should treat all the fish in the main tank and vacuum the gravel frequently. Then repeat again in 2 weeks time and 2 weeks again after that, just to be sure. Could I move them to a hospital tank every time to do the treatment in order to make vacuuming the worms easier? Or should I leave the fish in the main tank Thank you so much for all your help in advance.
  17. hey guys i am wondering about a new tank set up. ive had my 60g tank running with 100 feeders for over a month now to cycle the tank properly. last week i added 4 juv altum angles and 2 siamese algae eaters and removed the feeders. next i plan on adding 2 more angels and a betta. now.... some of you may be upset with this but i really want a male. although if i can not find a very peaceful one i will settle with a female ok so do u guys thing this will be acceptable? the tank has lots and lots of hiding placed including driftwood rocks and lots of plants. Please leave some comments and if you have a peaceful male betta for sale on the gold coast please send me a dm. Regards Harrison :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help:
  18. Hi everyone, Am buying a light next week and need some advice on what lens angle I should choose for it. It is to illuminate cichlids in a 6ft x 2ft x 28 inch high tank, waterline is 26 inches, NON PLANTED tank. But I also have a growing (16cm) pleco in the tank and am ok with growing a modest amount of algae for him. I am getting a single LED tube from a non sponsor site, Aus manufactured and will suit my 24V power supply system I am slowly working through. It uses 36 x 3w Cree LED's, and I have the option of 120, 90, 60, 45, 30 or 15 degree lenses on the LED's. Tthe light will sit about 5 inches above the waterline. And I am not growing plants with it. So to maximise fish colouring while illuminating most of the tank, what would my ideal lens angle be? 60? 90? one of the others? Any help much appreciated, I am at a loss with how water refraction and etc would bounce this light around the place....
  19. I have just bought a 3ft X 18 X 18 tank that I intend to use as a well-planted community tank. I have decided to make my own light structure using LED floodlights from eBay like these http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/2X-50W-LED-SMD-AU-Plug-220V-240V-Flood-Light-Outdoor-Floodlight-Cool-White-IP65-/221939847231?nav=SEARCH and just make a basic stand from wood to go on top of the tank to hang them from. I can't afford a CO2 canister setup, but apart from that I'm willing to do a fair bit to get the tank well planted and looking nice. I've calculated that I need about 100-130w of light for decent plant growth in my tank My question is, for a tank of my size is it better for plant growth for me to buy 4 X 30w led floodlights, 2 X 50w led floodlights, or a different combination? The prices are all pretty similar.
  20. Hi there, i have two Angel fish that have got fry, started off looking good, my angels were looking after their fry, but after a few days the fry started dying, a few at first then progressively more. When I only had about 10 left I moved them into another tank with a sponge filter, but they continued to die off until now I only have one left. Now my angels have got another batch of fry, they are at egg stage with wiggly tails. Any tips to help me try and save some of this batch? my tank has only got my angel pair in it no other fish. I use rain water for water changes. Any advice would be appreciated
  21. Hi guys jusy recently got a 6x2x2 tank just wndering what would be the best filtration for it internal filters? Havernt used canisters before am open to susgestions tho. TIA will have a colony of chumbu frontosa going in it aswell around 10 or so fish from 10-12cms.
  22. Okay so recently i have set up a pool/pond under my house that holds around 900-1000 gallons. It will be unheated and i plan on stocking it with: 1 longfin eel 1 coal grunter 1 golden perch 1 aussie bass 1 sleepy cod 1 tandanus catfish 1 pleco (maybe) 1 black shark (maybe) and a school of silver dollars over the warmer months. How do you think this mix will go? any other suggestions?
  23. I have noticed that my balloon Molly has a bloodshot eye and lip. She's swimming around normally and seems to be healthy. Just wanting to know has this occurred because she was bashed around or is there another underlying issue with her?
  24. Hi Guys, I need some help, please. I'm looking for double wire hose clamps for Marine-flex hose. Could you recommend me a place where I can buy about five of them in 40mm diameter? I have already tried the Bunnings (they have only smaller), Super Cheap Auto, Repco, Mitre 10, BCF without any success around the Logan area. I'm using the standard clamps now but for this kind of hose would be better the double wired I think. (http://www.bunnings.com.au/aquapro-12mm-hose-clamp-4-pack_p2810212) Or if you know an alternative solution I'm open for it. Thanks in advance! Regards, Jani
  25. Hi guys, I'm needing some advice from the experts! I have a 160l corner tank with 4x Cardinal tetras, 6 harlequin rasbosa, 1x blue ram, 1x yellow ram, 3x corydoras, 5x phantom tetras and did have 5 juvenile discus (just lost one 10 minutes ago). I realise that I will need to upgrade my tank fairly soon. All fish get along well except I have one very bossy juvenile discus (the smallest of the lot) who has been terrorising two of my slightly bigger juveniles, one of which has just passed away I'm devastated because he was my fave. Gorgeous millennium gold. Ammonia - 0 nitrate - 10ppm nitrite - 0 ph - currently 6.5 (has been fluctuating on the mor acidic side?) water direct from tap is 6.5 temp - 28 degrees substrate - swapped gravel to pool filter sand about three weeks ago. 2x 40-50% water changes per week fed discus bio-gold pellets in the morning & frozen blood worms at night. i just can't seem to keep these beauties alive and I'm not sure why and what I'm doing wrong. i'm almost ready to give up on them. The millennium gold that has just passed has been battling for about a month. He started hiding at the back of the tank (near the heater & air stone) was flashing, darting & breathing heavily. I treated the tank with Kusuri Wormer Plus believing that he/she could have flukes & Kusuri is apparently not so hard on bio filter and catfish. Darting, flashing etc stopped but still wasn't eating and still hiding. Three of the smaller discus are happy as Larry, begging, fighting etc. one is showing worrying signs 😣 and is starting to lurk around the back of the tank. as I mentioned earlier, my littlest pigeon blood has been chasing him/her. I haven't seen any further flashing, darting or scratching on plants lately and I haven't lost any of my smaller fish in about 2 months. Some of my neons had what appeared to be cotton mouth disease which was treated with no fatalities. The gold that passed away today appears to have swollen, pink gills? Any help, suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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