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Found 29 results

  1. Hello all I am going to be moving back to fresh from a reef tank shortly and would like some advice on what fresh water fish to go into a planted 6x2x2. My last fresh setup was mainly africans cichlids. and I have a small planted nano that I will decommission shortly that has just one otocinclus and I love the work it does to maintain your tank. So basically I havent really had anything to do with fresh inn over 10 years so I am a little out of wack and would love some input on a fish list please TIA Florix
  2. Hello. last week I purchased a 7 cm jack and I have noticed a fair amount of flashing/scratching on gravel/ jaw flicking type behaviour in the past few days. He also tends to spend alot of time in one of the bubbles just sitting in them. Apart from this he is eating fine. Very active no stress colours or noticed discolouration. This was a second hand tank that I removed the other fish from after buying it and re did the whole substrate and ornaments but I did keep the filter cycled so that I didn't have to start from scratch. This has been happening now for last few days. I would consider my self a very well read beginner but a beginner nontheless...I am keen to get on top of this as I would hate to risk such an awesome (and expensive ) fish. Parameters as follows Ph: 7.5-7.6 api Ammonia:0 api Nitrite:- 0 (API drops Nitrate:- 10-20 ppm (API drops)/> Gh:- unknown Size of tank:- 6x2x2 Temperature °C:- currently at 28 max Been running for: 1 month Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- aqua one 2400 aquis Heavily aerated Feeding:- What food and How often: peeled prawns pieces twice daily No live food at this stage Recent Medication Treatments: none Last water change:- 3 days. Added around 5ppm salt dose in two stages both times he went crazy active swimming around like a mad fish... i am getting to the stage where I think treatment is necessary...the fish is not flashing constantly but it would be at least a few times an hour. Any advice or expertise would be greatly welcomed...
  3. So i just did a clean of my tank and installed my new external filter. My tank is 122x36x48cm roughly and 182lt the filter i got filters 2200ltrs per hour so is more then enough for my tank. I currently have 10 neon, 3 black widow tetras, 5 silver tips and 2 angel fish. Everyone gets along great but I wanted to add maybe 2 more species but I can't decide what! Please help!
  4. Need so filter advise, I am setting up 2 x 220ltr 3ft. The tanks will be sitting in a custom display cabinet one on top of the other. Both will be tropical. Am I better of running 2x cannister filters one for each tank or can I run 1 larger filter, sucking from lower tank and filling top tank with overflow running back to lower tank. Thanks in advance
  5. .Hi Folks, I would need some advice, help. I want to build a sump tank for a marine tank. I attached a picture about the imagined sump. Please give me positive and negative comments. The details... The fish tank is 91cm x 35cm x 45 cm (L-W-H). The sump tank will be 60cm x 30cm x 30cm (L-W-H). The heart of the filter will be an Aqua One Moray 2300 pump (2200L/Hr). There will be an Aqua One Protein Skimmer G220, a Tunze 6015 (1800L/HR) wave maker and a heater too. I would use sponge, bio balls and crushed coral as filter media. What do you think about it? Other question. I want to drill one (or two if necessary) hole for the outlet water, but I'm not sure about the diameter of the outflow. What size bulkhead should I use? Which option would be better (drill a hole on the bottom side or the back side of the fish tank)? I don't know exactly which type of outflow is better or reliable? How can I sure that there won't be flood? Thanks, Jani
  6. Hi, as the place I put the tank is not level. Just found out that my back of the tank is lower then the front around 1cm. In other words, I can see the water is not level with the back higher the front 1cm.... Hope this make sense ;( Is it OK? As moving this big tank is pita.
  7. Hi I have drilled a 40mm inlet and 40mm outlet that won't drain quick enough to my 4ft sump it's on a 6 ft tank with a Laguna 9000 lph pump. I think the easy answer is to drill a 32 inch hole and use that as my inlet and the two 40mm holes as outlets to increase outlet flow. I just want reassurance there isn't another way as the tank is against a concrete wall and each new hole drilled in the tank will also require a new hole in the wall. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks for any input Jay
  8. Hi all, I need advise or some pictures to setup a heavy planted 6ft tank, no heater but have CO2 and a 200lt drum as a sump if required. I have seen rainbowsrunner p's outdoor tank and an awesome thread of outdoor planted tank. So may I have your help about which type of plants and gravel should I use, and of course native fish: rainbows or goldfish ( if posible) as I cant get you-know-it big K in here lol... The tank is 180 x 50 x 70cm in my fish shed. I put next to a windows for direct morning sunlight to warm it up a little bit in winter. I plant to get CO2 auto on in the morning to match sun light, and turn light on at night if required. My thinking are belw, but if you know how to do it cheaply, pls help as I run out of budget after getting this tank. gravel: eco complete mixed with something cheap to fill the tank (need help, please) Fertilizer: Dino dung, Weekly dose dino pee, dino pit, and Seachem combination. Move to peter salt and other KO2 based salt when can save some coins to order. Plant: advise please as the name of the plant sound alien to me.... will continue to collect cheap plant and try, but will try the best to start decent. Fish: any suggestion beside rainbows and goldfish? My focus is on plants, as my africans are on the next 4ft. Filter: start with one sponges, and a 200lt sump with filter sock at return from tank for mechanical, to a box full K1 sitting in the drum (not sure if required???). CO2 will be one from my favorite aoa or if someone sell one? Auto power: will get a cheap one to basically turn on off the CO2 Light: morning sun light (algea will be challenging but I am a newbie, so any note to beware???) Extra light at night when back from work and staring with a beer, any one have a cheap 6ft for sale? If not, will save and build a diy growing led. Did I miss anything? Or assume wrongly? I am open to any critics and comment as I have not run a fully planted tank yet until this chance. Thanks in advance, Unheatedtank
  9. Hi all, I want to move my 4x2x2.5 to outdoor next to my glass door, so the tank will be outside with display view through the glass door. My room so small to put the tank in now. It already has a solid metal stand, so I need to look for an ourdoor hood to put the light inside for night view or planting. It is good to have space to cover other items such as power extension for heater and filter. I can't find any in the market, anyone has done this before? Or can give me the name of the outdoor timber, which I can buy from bunnings to do this? Also thinking of getting a big glass panel for the roof but dont know where to buy, and how to attach it on top. Pls help, thank you.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. ive never kept these before and i have 10 in a 6x2x2 it looks as if there is 2 or 3 males the rest females ive noticed over the last couple of days there are 4 that are very plump and this morning i noticed thier egg tubes down ,if a pair spawns should i seperate them with divider or remove the others to another tank ,any advise on breeding and raising fry would be appreciated. thanks Pete.
  12. Hi all I recently purchased a second hand filter as a spare, the filter was taken off a tank and the filter emptied but the media was not washed. I opened the filter the next day and MAN does it stink and i mean STINK!!, i soaked all the filter media including the filter pads in boiling water over night and emptied the water about an hour ago and the media still smells. I am going to re-soak in boiling water but do you have any other suggestions?
  13. hello all hope everyone is well just wanted some advise i have got a new tank to add to my very quickly growing collection of tanks lol. it is 1420Lx600Wx760h i have always wanted to go marine but was wandering if the hieght of the tank is gowing to cost me to much for lighting. i wanted to have full reef with corals and fish etc. if marine is out maybe a owesome african display or it would bea good sized tank for guppies lol any help will be appreciated thanks for havin a read cheers olly
  14. :confused:Hi, After a lot of searching I have now aquired 2m and 4fm breeding size peppermints, I am know asking the forum members what setups they have used for their breeding colonys. I have sourced and secured a lot of drift wood that I can use in the tank as well as a number of manufactured caves. I also have about 60kg of double washed mary river sand as well as copious amounts of Coffs Harbour gravel. As far as filters go I plan on using sponge filters with the tanks plumbed into a sump. (Breeding tank is 4ftx2ftx2ft and a 5x2x2 as a grow out tank) I want to setup my tank right the first time and appreciate any help and advice the community can give me. Thanks:confused:
  15. Hi I am about to try my hand at a planted tank for the 1st time. Its a 36x15x18 tank and i currently have a single tube light ontop. will this be ok or will i need to get a twin tube light and what is the best bulb to get? Any advise will be greatly appreciated Bob.
  16. I'm new to live aquarium plants and are extremely hooked on them. I'm wanting to add co2 but not sure of the setups. I've been looking at the jebo co2 system as it looks very simple to use. Does anybody have any experience with this type of system? Or can anybody recommend a certain system that is easy to use?
  17. My Heater stopped working yesterday i noticed electronic thermomter said 25,some lecos(green horseface) have cloudy cotton wooley eyes... what do you suggest to do ... Have new heater temps back up to 28 now... Otherwise the fish are all good and eating in the tank....
  18. Hi all, I have been thinking for a while I might use HOB filters instead of sponge filters on my fry tanks. Is there any advantage to these at all? I cant see many at the moment, apart from being able to use whatever media I choose in them. Or that I can possibly use a very large or larger HOB to 'over filter' the tanks. Any advice from breeders would be appriciated. I have allways used sponge filter without a problem but I have been thinking about this lying in bed for a few weeks now, yes I know I have MTS bad! Thanks guys.
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  20. Hi I bought a new 4 foot tank last night and it came with all the fish. So I've got a heap of breeding bristlenose, plecos and yabbies now. I'm not planning on keeping them long term but I may as well give it a go while I've got them. There are a fair few in there and most are at least 10cm. There's also an albino and at least one big pleco. I don't have much experience with these fish, but I've done a bit of reading.. So just a few questions... Can someone please tell me how much a 25cm pleco is worth? Also, when the bubs are free swimming should I move them to another tank to grow? Or should I just leave them in with all the other fish? Any extra advise would be great too thanks
  21. I just set up a 6x1.5x2 tank with a sump and have never used a sump before, on advise from my lfs I got a pre filter sock and got all the water levels right in the tank and sump with it all flowing nicely(it ran for a number of hours without a hiccup) next step I took a bio sponge out of another tank and squeezed it into newly setup tank (as I have done before to help with seeding the filtration) but within an hour or so the sock clogged and the sump overflowed.. So i guess what I'm asking is does everybody else run these socks or is it over kill? Will it constantly clog? The first chamber of the sump is fine and course filter matting the other chambers filled with ceramic noodles, coral pieces and clay balls . Any advise would be welcomed. Cheers Mat
  22. Hey Guys, I'm about to setup a 6x2x2 native display and am wondering if anyone has experience with adding a toga and barra at the same time? I would like to add them both at about 20 - 30cm. A Jardini would be my preference in the toga but leichardti are nice too. Any experiences or tips you have had would be appreciated. Also, has anyone had experience with a seratoga and a peacock bass living together or a toga and a Mangrove Jack? Cheers.
  23. Hey guys im about to move house and need to move a 7foot tank a 4 foot and a 3 foot the 4 and 3 shouldnt be any issue what im more worried about is the sump for the 7 foot im only moving 15 min from where i am now if i keep my media wet will it be fine or will it need to have air as well for the short trip ? also if anyone in the logan area has some large plastic containers with lids i can move fish in it would be greatly apreciated if i could borrow tham thanks
  24. i want to get 3 angels(done some research and it say angels are quite agressive some with some gouramis), 3 cosby gouramis, 3 pearl gouramis,some common bn, and maybe some tetras, is there anything else i could put in there. would they live together happily??? idea on which tetras i could get??? tank is 3X2X2 and i also want to know is there any good looking fish that does not need a heater that is better then gold fish??? Cheers David
  25. Hello All I want some advises for my tank. I have 5x2x2 tank with the following cichlids in it 1 male and female saulosi 6 Electric Yellow 1 male Kingsizie 1 Male Alfa Cobwe 6-7cm 1 Male Elongatus Chewere 7-8cm 2 Male Pindani (Albino) 6-7cm 1 Male Tangerine peacock 8cm 1 Male Dragon Blood peacock 5cm 1 Red peacock 5.5cn 1 Yellow Peacock 7cm 1 Male Electric Blue 6cm 1 Five bars Tret (sex?) 5.5cm 1 Male Exasperatus 5cm Now, I thinking to get Pseudotropheus demasoni but knowing that they are very aggresive and don't know should I or should't I get them. If, I keep them which one should I get rid off? Your help and advises will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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