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Found 3 results

  1. This is just one example of what our numbers related global warming is doing to our corals. We lost approximately half of the close in reefs sps corals this year and roughly ninety eight percent of all shoreline sps corals were wiped out in 2011. This was alive just a few months back and this is what we see in many areas these days.
  2. Biosecurity and the threat to the Aquarium Industry Petition Please sign the petition FJ
  3. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. Right now, the Government members of the National Ornamental Fish Management Implementation Group / Technical Working Group ( OFMIG/TWG ) are about to declare huge numbers of ornamental fish species as NOXIOUS as they are about to discuss species from the Blue and Yellow list of ornamental fish the Industry/Hobby currently trade in, as to the risk that OFMIG/TWG believe these species will pose to the environment. When this occurs NOBODY will be allowed to keep, breed or sell any such listed species, as we in the Industry/Hobby have done for the past 100 years, whereby NONE of them have been released into the Australian environment, or caused any concerns to the Australian environment whatsoever. I received the Options Control Papers some months ago, and I have already made my comments known about the options included, as have numerous other Industry/Hobby people, so I attach them in this email for you all to look over. A number of the options are being looked into BUT, when all is said and done they still intend to ban huge numbers of ornamental fish as NOXIOUS, even after Industry/Hobby protestations, and there will be nothing we can do to prevent it from occurring, unless you all follow through with the email and letter campaign as shown below. These kinds of dramatic decisions are being made by OFMIG/TWG on unsubstantiated and unscientific data that does not stand up to close scrutiny. None of these species are declared NOXIOUS anywhere in the world, so what is the cause for concern here in Australia. Currently they have not listed any names of species as yet, but they have indicated that when they are listed as NOXIOUS nothing can be done to prevent it from occurring. All ornamental fish species are destined for in-house aquaria and not for release into the environment, unlike ALL native and non-native aquaculture species that are “dumped” directly into the Australian environment by Aquaculture agencies around Australia that have shown their propensity to create heavy damage to areas in which they have been liberated, eg, Trout, Sooty Grunters, Saratoga, and the like.. The Industry/Hobby co-exist in this whole issue when it comes to ornamental fish species. One cannot survive without the other, and if OFMIG/TWG get their way, our Industry/Hobby will be obliterated to be only allowed to sell the common goldfish species and a few other tropical species eg, Tetras, Sharks and Catfish varieties. This cannot be allowed to happen to an Industry worth in excess of $400 million P.A. and which employs around 35,000 people Australia wide. The Industry/Hobby have now reached a fork in the road ahead whereby we are asking each and everyone of you to become heavily involved in this issue by sending out YOUR OWN COMMENTS to the people listed below, in order for you to express your own concerns on how this WILL AFFECT YOUR BUSINESS, HOBBY AND INCOME. It should not take you too long to type out a letter or email, and send it out and it will be very beneficial to your Industry, Hobby, and Income. Make sure you put a paragraph in your email or letter stating how OFMIG/TWG actions are going to affect your Business and Hobby and the income you derive from it. It would also be advisable to send an email and letter to your local member of Parliament about this issue for them to put pressure on from the Parliamentary side. Also, make sure you send your responses to Neil Hughes, whose email address is listed below, because he is the Secretariat to the Marine And Coastal Committee (M.A.C.C.) who have employed OFMIG to carry out these unnecessary intrusions into our Industry/Hobby. I’m presuming that OFMIG will be asking MACC to endorse their Control Options Paper, before proceeding to ban huge numbers of our fishes. We simply have to get MACC to seriously look at these OFMIG proposals and get them to tell OFMIG to re-consider their approach and further listen and heed to Industry/Hobby requests, and not to “rubber stamp” these controls. If possible please email me a copy of your correspondence to the people listed below, so I can follow them through if need be. There are a lot of these people listed, and they all have to be contacted to get your concerns across. Your emails should be followed up with a hand written/typed letter in order that they have to reply to you by mail. An email simply will not suffice on its own, as a standard letter can be answered in bulk by the people you are sending it to. This is your chance to stop the authorities from preventing you from earning an income and/or from breeding and selling your fish Australia wide. Failure to do this, you cannot say why was I not told on how this could have been prevented. Well, this is the only avenue we have left to try and prevent this from occurring, so, it is now up to you all to do the necessary emailing and letter writing.. These people are as follows: Frank.Antram@environment.gov.au Biosecurity Australia, GPO. Box 858, Canberra. ACT 2601. Michelle.Vandervoort@environment.gov.au “ “ “ “ Alyson.Burgess@environment.gov.au “ “ “ “ Melinda.Thompson@environment.gov.au “ “ “ “ Melissa.Walker@industry.nsw.gov.au NSW Industry and Investment, locked bag 1, Nelson Bay NSW 2316 Jane.Fances@industry.nsw.gov.au “ “ “ “ “ Graeme.Bowley@dpi.nsw.gov.au “ “ “ “ “ Joyce.Patterson@dpi.nsw.gov.au “ “ “ “ “ Heidi.Alleway@sa.gov.au Pirsa Aquaculture, Level 14/25 Grenfell Street, Adelaide SA. 5001 Mehdi.Doroudi@sa.gov.au “ “ “ “ “ “ Alex-mcnee@grapevine.com.au Bureau of Rural Sciences, G.P.O.Box 1563, Canberra. ACT. 2601 Roslyn.Bowker@aph.gov.au S.E.W.P.A.C, P.O.Box 6022, Parliament House. Canberra. Act. 2600. Anna.Battese@dpi.vic.gov.au Dept. of Primary Industries, G.P.O.Box 4440, Melbourne. Vic 3001. Benjamin.Bowman@dpi.vic.gov.au “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ John.Robertson@dpi.qld.gov.au Fisheries Queensland, Level 2 Primary Industry Building G.O.P.Box 46. Brisbane.Q’ld 4001. Zafer.Sarac@dpi.qld.gov.au “ “ “ “ “ “ “ Mathew.beitzel@act.gov.au Australian Quarantine Inspection Service, G.P.O.Box 858, Canberra. ACT 2601. Bill.Bardsley@fish.wa.gov.au Dept. of Fisheries Level 3/168 St Georges Terrace. Perth. W.A. 6000. Ainslie.Brown@aqis.com.au Australian Quarantine Inspection Service, G.P.O.Box 858, Canberra. ACT. 2601 Jdiggle@ifc.tas.gov.au Tasmanian Inland Fisheries Service, P.O.Box 575, New Norfork. Tas. 7140 Tim.Farrell@ifs.tas.gov.au “ “ “ “ “ “ “ Rachel.Davies@nt.gov.au Dept of Primary Industries and Mines, G.P.O.Box 3000 Darwin. NT. 0801 And please do not forget to email, fax, and send a letter to the Minister in control of this whole issue, as well as the Secretariat of MACC (Marine and Coastal Committee) that are the group of individuals that OFMIG/TWG report to. They are listed below: Senator.Ludwig@aph.gov.au Minister for S.E.W.P.A.C., P.O. Box 6022. Parliament House Canberra. Act. 2600. Neil.Hughes@environment.com.au Secretariat of MACC, C/- G.P.O.Box 787, Canberra. ACT. 2610. Dear All, These are the current OFMIG members that were not included in my previous email, of which some may come back, so you need to include these. Danielle.Stewart@deedi.qld.gov.au Luke.Cromie@dpi.vic.gov.au Tricia.Beatty@nt.gov.au Mark.Pagano@fish.wa.gov.au Ramesh.Perera@biosecurity.gov.au nrmmc@daff.gov.au Further to my previous email to you on this matter, if you feel that there are too many people to send letters and emails to, may I suggest that you at least send your letters and emails to the following important people, which are necessary. Senator.Ludwig@aph.gov.au Neil.Hughes@environment.com.au Frank.Antram@environment.gov.au Heidi.Alleway@sa.gov.au Mehdi.Doroudi@sa.gov.au and finally Alex-mcnee@grapevine.com.au Thank you for your participation, regards Norm Halliwell and Ramesh Presser.
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