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  1. Hey everybody Chris here once again, just after some advice on worming my Frontosa's, Electric Yellows and Bristlenose (the bristlenose have fry in the tank and makes sitting on more eggs can I still worm this tank?) What products do you's recommend and where's the best place to get it from.. I'm just down the road from AOA so if it's something they have in stock that'd be great (usually go down their atleast once a week even if I don't need anything lol). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.. cheers once again Chris,
  2. Intro; My dream since I was a child was to own a large tank. The 2ft, 3ft & 4ft I had in my room as a young teenager was never enough. How mum put up with me and all the tanks is amazing. I actually recall her getting almost as enthusiastic as me during the first couple of months when my fish all started to breed. Moving my Acara female to an isolated tank with all her young fry, that unfortunately didn't survive. Many years have passed since then. I went for some periods without owning a single tank (think 5 years when I first moved north to the Gold Coast was the longest), and in the last 6 or so years I have been on and off with numerous tanks. Even dived into the Marine scene for a bit with a Fluval Edge (nano) reef. But through all this time, and all the tanks that have gone through my possession, I always wanted bigger. Over a year ago I thought I was ready and approached Mick (Aquarium Petland Southport) with a brief sketch of my dream tank. I was so enthusiastic that I purchased a 12ft roll of aquarium background from Natureworks (Australian distributor for Universal Rocks) in Highvale Queensland. But, life changes, circumstances changed and I had to put the tank on hold. So I plotted by with a couple of differing 4ft set ups that just didn't take my fancy nor satisfy my aquarium keeping soul. So about two weeks ago, three weeks after becoming a father, and four weeks after moving into a house that is large enough for a family & fish, I decided enough is enough. I contacted Mick yet again and within a week I was in his shop (the day after my birthday) handing over a good sum of cash that I was fortunate enough to have lying around. The deal is now done. Mick is in preparations to make my tank as I type this very post. To say I am excited would be a slight understatement. The day it arrives I will have to calm myself so as not to rush things through. This is going to be a slow and memorable assembly for me. I hope you all enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoy having the opportunity to finally get that huge tank, the huge tank that I used to beg mum to buy me twice a week back when I didn't have any idea on the concept of a job or the need to earn a living. Will do my best to keep this up to date as I go about the assembly and stocking (which is to be mainly Malawi cichlids). Thanks for reading this far, keep going to get details on the proposed setup. Of course input in regards to aesthetics is welcomed. Display: 8' x 2' x 2' - 2440mm x 610mm x 610mm (10mm glass) - Volume when filled to 20mm from the top is 828L. Plumbed with two 40mm bulkheads (drains) on the upper left hand corner of the rear panel. Two 25mm bulkheads (1 return other is secondary failsafe drain) on the upper right hand corner of the rear panel. Stand: Open timber stand to be stained in 3 or 4 coats of Cabots - new charcoal (dark) Hood: Timber, stained to match stand. Lighting: Inwatter LED 2ft (120w) and undecided LED strip lighting. Sump: 5' x 18" x 18" - 1534mm x 457mm x 457mm (8mm base, 6mm sides and internals) - Volume at operating level is 144L, with 55 of those litres occupying the return section. With a redundancy capacity (in case of power out) of 150L (enough to handle 3", total of 145L from the main tank). Assuming I have done my calcs correct, & if the drain holes are indeed as picture above, as well as the operating height in the tank is optimal. I will have a total of 72mm of drain from running state to power out, totalling 103L. Thus giving me a total 103+55 = 158L to do a water change from the sump. This is over 15% of the entire volume (will be more as I have not allowed for any rocks, gravel, pumps, heaters, fish etc etc). I aim to do this water change at least once a week. Sketch of the sump with a third media chamber for the addition of a third media or more matrix. Filtration: The sump pump I have chosen is a 10000L Eco pump (90w) from Kenstar. I must say it is big, but will fit easily in my return compartment, and if you need to, you can remove the sump pump from its protective housing. For display circulation I am keen on a single MP40WES, but am yet to make that final decision. Media: Am still undecided on the exact media but wanting to keep it simple, definitely going to be utilising Matrix (as I already have a fair amount, 10L). Also keen on the Japmat with some medium and course sponges above it. Have also decided to run crushed coral in the third chamber (12kg) Heating: 2x Jager 300w placed in final (4th) stage of sump. The Complete system, how I envisage! Lets see how close to the mark I am;
  3. Was wondering whether anyone could help me in purchasing some different sorts of African cichlids. Due to my location, Im not too sure whether the delivery would be an issue.I am in Biloela Central Queensland. Is this possible?
  4. I am setting up a 3 X 15 X 18 African display tank in my lounge soon and am considering filtration options. Tank will mainly hold peacocks and such, just the standard Malawi colour display on a smaller scale than I would like Obviously I would like to maintain my water as clear and healthy as possible, without making too much noise. At the same time I also want minimal impact on the viewing area by equipment as it is only a small tank to begin with. What are people's thoughts regarding a sump vs a canister? I had also wondered if imposed a sump about a refugium with some plants/shrimp but as it turns out I only have very little space (2ft) for a sump that space would probably be better utilised for media. Any suggestions greatly appreciated Cheers Gary
  5. Hi guys, I lost a few of my display males due to the recent Sydney storms last weekend. We had a 2.5 day power outage, and I lost a few before I could get a generator etc, so am not too happy. In either case, I am looking to for a few replacement display males (blue dolphin, eureka red jacobfreibergi, etc). Any breeders in Sydney that you can point me to will be appreciated....cheers
  6. Hi there everyone. I have a sumped 6 foot tank that I am looking to start again with African cichlid fry and was wondering if I can put clown loaches in also. I have found an abundance of small cone shaped snails through out the crushed coral substrate that I hope the loaches can help with since my 2 hours sifting the substrate last week has not made a dent in ridding of these snails.
  7. so this is the project ive been working on for a little while now, thought id share with everyone.... this is the stand - youtube copy wrapped in MDF, sealed both sides of it and made it pretty the sump- 2ftr with acrylic baffles (used dow corning 999a) DIY return piping, PVC elbow jammed through a hole i drilled in the bracing sump full (well almost) of media DIY internal overflow boxs made from left over acrylic from sump lined the tank stand over hang with an LED strip for sh!z and gigs, works fantastic temporary dodgy looking electrical work naked(ish) system shot full tank+stand shot - rocks wont be used in finished project, just had them sitting around and wanted to remember how nice they were once upon a time. have to wait until friday, possibly saturday to get to AoA for white cichlid sand, ill grab some more noodles while im there and stock the sump up.... i have some more PVC to fit to the return line so it flows to the bottom of the tank, hits a T joiner and splits each way... first fill was today and i had no leaks so figured id fill it up with media and put it all together to cycle/ show off here... feel free to ask anything you like/ offer advice etc... running well, overflows work spectacularly well, little bit of a gargle on 1 side (1 sides overflow box is slightly lower than the other intentionally) main side is almost complete siphon, ill get that sorted swiftly;) future plans for the tank are a custom high sloping style canopy with 2 channels routed into the front and back to have a full side ways sliding glass lids on each side of tank, lighting is petworx LED which has great white light and appears to be very bright but i have a twin t5 sitting here doing nothing and i did like the cool yellow on the last setup so undecided on that, but either way it will be fixed to the canopy not the tank. i still need to get a "lid" for the sump, probably go with a thin sheet of pliable plastic- just as a splash guard/evaporation protections. will be all setup upstairs, cycled and warm and awaiting for stock by saturday evening next week so hopefully i can find a breeder and organise a saturday night pickup? we'll see haah!
  8. Whilst there is already a multitude of "longfin" fish available from a range of families including Loricariidae, Osphronemidae, Cyprinidae and Cichlidae, I cannot say that I had seen or heard of the longfin gene being exposed in any African cichlids until this morning when I stumbled across a photograph of a long finned Protomelas sp. 'steveni taiwan.' Longfin cichlids are not a new thing; longfin rams, oscars and angels have been around for years, and even some of those nasty hybrids have received the longifn treatment, but all of those fish hail from the Americas - longfin African cichlids didn't seem to be a thing. After this morning's discovery I started to wonder if I had been living under a rock and completely missed the headlines, so I did a little further research and discovered another image, this time of a longfin Tropheus. Beyond these two photographs I have not been able to find anything else in regards to long fin Africans - has anyone else seen or heard of any longfin African cichlids? I could only imagine the possibilities if the longfin gene popped up in some Aulonocara, or even some mbuna could look pretty stunning with excessively long fins.
  9. Hey guy's, just wondering which algae eaters you guys think would work best in my tank/ which are the most efficient at keeping algae under control. My tank is 4x3x18 and the back glass is a bit hard to reach in places. So I thought I might invest in a couple more cat fish types. There's currently a gold spot around 5 inches long a common bristle nose around 4 inches and an l333 around 2 inches. There's plenty of rock work for them to take shelter from the rest of the tank inhabitants and they seem pretty happy. Types that max out around six inches would be ideal as I'm not to keen on a tank full of dinosaurs in a couple of years. Any suggestions? Cheers Haydn
  10. Hey guys just wondering what the best African cichlid for a beginners set up would be. I mean I haven't kept them before. Plan to start a 4 foot tank already running, so have to learn how to change the ph Thanks
  11. Wondering if anyone is taking advantage on what may be some of the last imports of Tangs and Malawi species via either Grant Parkes, Men or Lloyd Ashton Frontosa?? All due in the next few weeks. Sent from my HTC_0P6B using Tapatalk
  12. I have a Texas that is about 250mm, Male 6 bar about 250mm, Female 6 bar about 150mm, electric yellow 150mm and a Pleco about 350mm. All the fish are roughly 3 1/2 - 4 years old. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  13. Crap photo I know - But I thought a few of you might get a laugh out of this. P.S African won... (Moral of the story - don't get in the way of a breeding male when his girls are around!)
  14. Hello All, Just wondering what you think are the most common and most highly demanded African cichlids
  15. Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows were to find African tetras. Im looking at setting up a Malebo pool/N'sele river biotope and want something other then congo tetras. Thanks Michael.
  16. Just need to share my love for one of the great misunderstood cichlid families from the great Lake Tanganyika.... Yep its the Lepidiolamprologus family... Have to say I really am appreciating this group of super aggressive(ok you do "if your lucky" get the odd peaceful individual)underwater hunters and I don't know if its the fish or the challenge the fish themselves pose when it comes to their care and maintenance that has me hooked..either way as adults they are striking fish and will demand your viewing time when looking at a tank..I prefer the bigger open water members of the family personally but they are a very unique and interesting group of fish...from the big Profundicola to the little shell dwelling Hecqui.. Here is a quick excerpt from Practical Fish Keeping: "There are currently seven(?) valid species in Lepidiolamprologus: attenuatus, cunningtoni, elongatus, kendali, mimicus, nkambae and profundicola. All share the same elongate shape and predatory mouth, and range from 15-30cm/6-12” in length, so large as Lamprologine cichlids go. They become impressive as they grow and mature, with highly visible teeth, and a 30cm L.elongatus must be a terrifying sight for any small fish unlucky enough to share the same habitat." Well now here's a look at some of the family members.. Lepidiolamprologus Profundicola (believed to be here in Oz and if so very very rare) Lepidiolamprologus Elongatus (very rare) Lepidiolamprologus Kendali (uncommon/rare) Lepidiolamprologus Nkambae (rare/very rare) Very hard to spot differences between Kendalli and Nkambae but DNA tests prove they are separate varieties. Lepidiolamprologus Attenuatus (very rare) Lepidiolamprologus Cunningtoni (very rare) Lepidiolamprologus Mimicus (not available!?) Lepidiolamprologus Kamambae (newly discovered and not available!) And here's some of the smaller guys....yep still with some serious attitude Lepidiolamprologus Lemairii (uncommon) Lepidiolamprologus Pleuromaculatus (very rare/not available!?) Lepidiolamprologus Boulengeri (uncommon) Lepidiolamprologus Hecqui (uncommon)
  17. If you need help setting up a African tank setup read this Thread, First of all pick a good tank size to suit your fish (most Africans are good in a 4x2x2 but don't overstock) Filling your tank with water is the next thing (it is best to put 1/2 a teaspoon of Epsom salts, 1/2 a teaspoon of Sea salt and 1/2 a teaspoon of bi-carb soda per 20 liters in your aquarium, This will help to get the conditions of the water to the closest water conditions in Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika) If there is any more help you need feel free to ask a question.
  18. Hi Guys, I have been doing a lot of research on how to look after my Tropheus in the last 2 weeks... Just thought to start a new thread where we can share any good information relating to websites, books etc. I will start with the following, What to feed your Tropheus and how to treat bloat. Malawi Bloat | dreaded Cichlid disease Keep them coming ... Thanks guys..
  19. After african display males.. Any thing except blue.. will pay top dollar for good fish close to redcliffe as I dont have licence
  20. I have a 4ft x 15 x18 mixed african tank and has been great for a couple of years...no real problems....until today i moved some rocks around during the normal weekly water change added ezylife and gave them all a feed....a couple of hours later found my 6inch protomelas steveni behind a block of wood..lost colour and breathing heavy...everyone else doing fine.......looks like he has clubbed himself on a rock as bruising above right eye....he moves a bit with assistance ...swims likes he dont know where he is ..then sits on floor of tank.... Any thoughts...could he pull through????????
  21. Thought Id start a fun (but informative at the same time ) little thread.. Id love to hear your experiences with different African cichlids and who wins the little gang wars that erupts when a group of one species is added to a tank with another species... I have been very interested in these little gang wars that break out (especially with Tangs recently ) when groups of one fish are "introduced" to other groups...this is like watching a nature doco live Now just to explain further this isn't just chucking any fish together..This is with fish that are aggressive or semi-aggressive but have been known to coexist in the same area... 2 examples for me recently have been: Firefin Comps: VS N.Brichardi: Result: Mexican Standoff...(in other words they coexist but not much love going on and either party wins on the day!) Also noticed this was more the standard size dominance wins which says to me the fish are probably slightly similar In how they rule their turf. & N.Brichardi: VS N.Similis: Result: N.Similis sets up shop!...The Brichardi offered instant aggression but it seems the clan like behaviour of the Similis gradually takes territory and never gives it back...I have watched them now set up their own neighbourhood and still venture out within a tank which was Brichardi "turf"...very interesting to watch and even the fry/babies scrap!! So yes these 2 coexist but the Similis need their own little "hoods" to control and then a few caves/hidey holes left around for your Brichardi and everyone respects/holds their place!...and just to add some heat to this block...theres a big Kendalli fresh out of the joint(think Deebo from Friday )who cruises this tank ha ha So interested to hear others experiences plus it also helps if looking for advice with stocking etc..some fish just don't work...some fish "accept" each other(just!)...some fish work it out...some fish dig each other.. I guess it would be good to hear about fish that can coexist and still breed...this is a good replication of nature and even more fun to watch I reckon...
  22. This tank started out as an all male Malawi Hap tank but after getting over 20 different species of haps in there everything was just too blue so I had to start adding in different coloured mbuna and peacocks to break up the colour. The fish range from 8cm - 32cm so it's still a work in progress but getting there. I think I'm up around 35 odd species and about 5 hybrids. Not a pro on the camera but enjoy my fish photography and slowly getting better lol. Stocking List: Haps: Aristochromis Christyi (Malawi Hawk) Buccochromis Lepturus Buccochromis Nototaenia Buccochromis Rhoadesii Champsocgromis Caeruleus (Malawi Trout) Champsochromis Spilorhynchus Copadichromis Azureus Copadichromis Borleyi (Red Fin Kadango) Cyrtocara Moorii (Blue Dolphin) Dimidiochromis Compressiceps (Malawi Eye Biter) Dimidiochromis Strigatus Fossorochromis Rostratus (Malawi Sand Diver) Nimbochromis Fuscotaeniatus (Fusco) Nimbochromis Polystigma Nimbochromis Venustus Otopharynx Lithobates Placidochromis Gisseli (Gissel) Placidochromis sp. "Phenochilus Tanzania" (Mirrorball Hap)) Protomelas Taeniolatus (Red Empress) Sciaenochromis Fryeri (Electric Blue) Tyrannochromis Nigriventer Mbuna: Labeotropheus Trewavasae Labidochromis Caeruleus (Electric Yellow) Labidochromis sp. Hongi (Red Top Hongi) Metriaclima Estherae (Red Zebra) Metriaclima Lombardoi (Kenyi) Pseudotropheus sp. Acei (Yellow Tail Acei) Peacocks: OB Peacock Aulonocara Baenschi (Benga Peacock) Aulonocara Rubescens (Ruby Red Peacock) Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi (Eureka Red Peacock) Hybrids: Champsochromis Spilorhynchus / Champsochromis Caeruleus (Malawi Trout) Otopharynx Lithobates / Protomelas Steveni Taiwan reef Electric Blue / ??? (White Knight) ....................Still plenty more species to add to this list.............. The Tank: (Pics are a bit average. Will update once I have proper lighting on the tank) The Fish: Placidochromis sp. Phenochilus Tanzania (Mirrorball Hap) 13cm Nimbochromis Venustus 24cm Tyrannochromis Nigriventer 25cm Metriaclima Estherae (Red Zebra) 12cm Otopharynx Lithobates 10cm Labeotropheus Trewavasae 8cm Dragons Blood Peacock 12cm Buccochromis Nototaenia 32cm Protomelas Taeniolatus (Red Empress) 9cm Champsochromis Spilorhynchus / Champsochromis Caeruleus (Malawi Trout) Hybrid 23cm OB Peacock 8cm
  23. I would keep cichlids from Lake Tanganyika but they are all silver and too hard to keep ......
  24. I have 4 different breeds of tropheus in the sizes of 7cm to 9cm they dance and jig around but have not bred yet. Could it be the water temperature? (27 to 29) does anyone have any tips or suggestions? and is it the same for fontosa's. Any help would be greatly appreciated .Cheers
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