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Found 79 results

  1. Hey guys, are there any African cichlids I could keep in a two foot tank. Thanks
  2. Really happy with how these guys are going! Thanks to everyone I've bought fish from to help stock the tank. Might get a couple more different species and then it's done Water is a bit cloudy now from some Rift Lake Salt after water change. @brownie 65 - Frontosa Kigoma (breeder) @Rowdy - Red Dragon Blood Peacocks (breeder) @butch50 - Blue Dolphins, Electric Yellows, Yellow Tail Acei, Blue Peacocks, Mainganos (breeder) @keepsmiling - Venustas, Lombardoi, Lithobate, Electric Blue Iceberg (cull) @Dazarmy - Hongi (cull) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Everyone knows recommended water temp ranges for Africans but what is the maximum they can handle then start to die? My tank is on 31 degrees for the last 9 days. Comments?
  4. Just wondering how my red claw would go with African cichlids? I'm interested in obtaining some red forest jewels and am wondering if it's possible to keep both in the same tank?
  5. My pond is covered in duckweed and thinking that might use a few africans over summer to keep it under control. Just wondering what would be the hardiest duckweed eating africans to get. Already have some platies and firetail gudgeons in the pond.
  6. Just after what is a good level of salt in African cichlid tank
  7. Hi guys and girls well I finally joined I keep Africans just started question how long before I remove fry from the mum, and I mean from the time the mum lays ths eegs.
  8. White crane red for colouring cichlids! Heard it works really well for colouring them up within 2 weeks? What does everyone think about it
  9. Hey guys ive been having trouble with tapeworms and internal parasites in my african tank. currently most of the fish dont have it anymore, only about 2. However one of my tropheus and electric blue definently still have internal parasites/tapeworms. I dosed the tank with praziquantel on wednesday about 4 days ago, did my water change etc. My question is can i does early to eradicate the last of these little buggers?
  10. After many years fo keeping American Cichlids I'm planning on doing an African Dispaly Tank. What are the pitfalls I should be looking out for and what types of Africans are most suitable together. I'm looking for colour and ease of care.
  11. Interested in peoples views about the biggest risk to African cichlids in the future.
  12. Hey guys, I'm looking at starting a colony of Africans to help fund my obsessive hobby, Now don't get me wrong, I'm not doing it in anyway for the money, lol as I know that unless I'm doing it in a major way, I won't even break even, I would just like to have a colony of fish, that everyone would like the fry of I'm thinking electric yellows? Or are there other species that I should be looking at? Again, please don't think this is a "get rich quick scheme" lol Regards, Nathan
  13. Just upgraded to a 3ft tank after having a little 2ft tank for almost 2 years with some smaller angels and sharks. Thought I would turn it into an African tank and have a go with some more exotic and colourful fish, most likely putting in Mbunas. Picked up the stand and tank for $50 bargain. It came with a few bits and pieces but nothing too exciting since the seller hadn't used the tank in years. Will post more photos as the tank comes alone
  14. would love to give this a go but how much maintenance would there be ie do u have to clean the gravel often would love to do it in my 4ft as i have never done a planted tank ever. you were sugesting some crypts and swords i think [MENTION=6158]beencees[/MENTION]
  15. So wondering would there be any issues with having a tank 4x15x15 with 9-10 elec blue breeders sitting at 30 degrees same with our yellow tank same size and approx same amount of fish. We run 3x sponge filters in each tank and they seem fine swimming happily but just wondering if it will do them any harm as we are having issues with our heater and need to re calibrate and can't figure out how with the stupid instructions so until we can get to AOA then it is sitting at 30. Thanks for the help Karen
  16. I have some Saulosi fry in fish traps in a display tank and want to know when should I move them on to another tank. The larger ones are about 5mm. What would be the ideal size tank and filtration setup to move them onto. I have a 3 foot 180 litre tank that I will use to grow them out to adult in but it seems to big to put them into at the moment.
  17. Hi just thought I'd share another video of the koi pond in the hilton village Waikiki. I noticed they have thrown in some Africans which have just about taken over the pond. Also saw a different section with red Devils as well but on my short visit they didn't seem overly happy to be there.
  18. Hi all, Just moved my cichlids from the little tank in the garage to the 500L in the house, I have matched the water as best as possible and slowly acclimated the fish to the new tank. One cup out, one cup in over the coarse of an hour. They were fine in the old tank and in the bucket but since transferring into the bigger tank half of the fish (mostly the larger ones) are swimming against one side of the glass just going up and down up and down. Have done a 20% water change again since adding them in, also used a bit of QuickStart just in case all the moving has stressed them a bit. Was just wondering if I am going to wake up to a tank full of dead fish, or are they just getting used to the new setup? There is HEAPS of hiding spots for them all so can't be that. Water: ph 7.6, ammonia 0 nitrate 0 nitrite 0. I don't know how to test for any of the hardness etc, just kind of hope.
  19. hey all what type of africans are relatively rare and do you want to see more of? cheers roy
  20. Has anyone mixed Africans and turtles in the same tank? I know the turtles obviously would need more lighting but besides that would it work? And assuming the Africans were 20cm+ (venustus, blue dolphins etc) Has anyone ever try it? If so how did it go? Or just what is people's opinion on it?
  21. Hi everyone I'm almost ready to start buying fish for my tank. I'm new to chiclads I'm after people's opinions on Americans v Africans What are the pros and cons of both? Which would you choose and which fish would u recommend? Thanks
  22. Hi Since I have started breeding africans I have been told bloodworms are a big no no, but the more people/breeders I speak to, the more I see are using bloodworms as a once a week treat. Any feedback/info appreciated. Thanks
  23. Zebra tilapia Black diamond cichlid If so where could i get these?
  24. im getting rid of my jack an going back to some nice small colourful fish haha. was thinking of doing calb carb substrate an mounds of lava rock for hiding holes. i wanna keep number of fish on the lower side as i want tank as hassal free as possible. this is what i was thinking of stocking it with - 4-6 blue dolphins - 2-4 gold comps - 2-4 black calvus - 1 pair of humpheads - clown loaches for snail kill an general bottom cleaning. - 2 bristle nose an maybe a few princess not sure yet. any advice good or bad on this would be great cheers preston
  25. Hi am currently setting up an aquarium and was wondering what the best ph for Africans are? I just did a ph test on my tap water at home and it is around 8.4. Is this too high and if it is what should I do? Will it drop a little with driftwood ,fish, other product in tank. Thank you
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