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Found 5 results

  1. Picked up half a dozen of these whilst trapping some swordtails. I have been trapping in the same place for 2 yrs now and never seen one before. I can only guess that they've found their way into this water spot due to the flooding. Any native enthusiast is welcome to view as I believe that they're now pretty rare, and are indeed considered extinct in SA and Victoria (the last one being seen in 1922) and they are also on the endangered list in NSW. kev
  2. Took me ages this morning, but got some great shots of my new Apistos. From Jodi, of course. =)
  3. I Know one of the pictures below is of a Male apistogramma agassizi i got from Fishchicks recently but i don't know the sex of the second fish which i got from Aqurama. It was sold as a tripple red apistogramma agassizi and is about 50mm long your thoughts would be appreciated P.S. i hope the pictures work as this is the first time i have uploaded them. Thanks
  4. Hey guys. A couple of weeks ago I bought an Apisto Agassizi pair for my 2ft tank. I put a flower pot in the tank for the female to live in, and by the end of the first day she had taken up residence there. For the next week and a half, she'd pop out ocassionally and have a look around, and all looked well. Then yesterday, she looked like this: As you can see, her colours are very faded and she looks a bit bloated. But I'm not sure if bloat is the problem, because some of her fins are split and one or two scales on her other side seem to be missing. Could it have been aggression from the male that caused this? I separated the female into a breeding net as soon as I saw her like this, which put her directly in the flow of my internal filter and it was blowing her all over the place - she's swimming really weakly. So I put her flowerpot in the net for her to hide in and escape the current. I'm not sure what else I can do? She looks pretty far gone to me, but if there's anything I can try I'd be really happy to hear it.
  5. Hi I've got apisto aggie eggs, so i may be lucky enough to see fry - if the hydra don't get them first. I've been doing some research on the net, but as a lot of it is contradictory, would like some personal opinions and suggestions Namely - what is the best way to care for fry? Should I remove eggs, remove fry from mum soon after they hatch out, leave them for 10 days after they hatch? The only other inhabitants are 6 sterbai corydora and 3 tiny pepps. Also - what is best to feed fry? i read decapsulated brine shrimp eggs were good, but braddo has advised on my hydra thread, that these bring the hydra out, so to speak. Is there a liquid fry food that would be suitable? Also my adult aggies are proving a bit tricky to feed - tried sera flake, nls thera and azoo micro pellets. Don't seem keen on any of these. i was thinking some hikari cichlid sticks - can anyone suggest anything that works for them? Cheers
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