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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, My Apistogramma Agassizii Double Red Female keeps killing her mates! she has gone through 3 so far.. can any one offer any advise? She keep chasing them to the top of the tank and never lets up till they are dead...
  2. Picked up half a dozen of these whilst trapping some swordtails. I have been trapping in the same place for 2 yrs now and never seen one before. I can only guess that they've found their way into this water spot due to the flooding. Any native enthusiast is welcome to view as I believe that they're now pretty rare, and are indeed considered extinct in SA and Victoria (the last one being seen in 1922) and they are also on the endangered list in NSW. kev
  3. I haven't got any of these, however there has been debate as to what they are. They are either gephyra or a lovely blue form of Aggie. From the catchment where gephyra are caught apparantly there are blue aggies found (Rio Negro). Apparantly the best guess to seperate is to look at the lateral band - In the male when aggressive in gephyra it should be solid all the way from gill to base of the tail, in the aggie it fades out about mid body length. In brooding females again in Gephyra the band stays, in aggies you get a dot only. Will eb interested to hear from the guys who got them so far what they do when a mirro is held up to them, and any reports on brooding female colours....
  4. japes stopped over today and took some photos of my little display tank. Way better than I could ever take. Full tank shot Male agassizii Female agassizii...one of two. Pair of agassizii Another photo of male and female Dither fish...marbled hatchetfish
  5. OK as anyone who has seen most of my photography work before, you'll know I suck. So with that in mind here's a couple of photo's of my two male Agassizii colour morphs. They were sold as double reds, but I believe they are more likely a red-gold colour morph. Adult male when I bought him a few months ago at 6cm. Today, at 8cm TL. He's also bulked up alot. My new little male. He just doesn't hold still, or display to his females like the larger, older male does. He's more interested in hunting baby riffle shrimp. I believe he will eventually be a better looking male than the older one. He's starting to colour up, and certainly has better finage and markings than the larger one. You just can't see it in these photo's He loves getting himself all twisted up when hunting the baby riffle shrimp. They're the only thing in the tank faster than him. I sort of worry he'll give himself a hernia. One day I'll buy a semi decent didgital camera and learn how to use it. One day.
  6. Well less than a week out of quarentine one of my female aggies spawned today. Very poor pics, but don't want to crowd the tank.
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