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Found 10 results

  1. Hi I currently own large mono's and temensis a while ago I bought 2 azuls and 7 kelberi PB, I have owned PB for the last 7 years or so. Always looking to add to my PB collection. Has anyone else noticed that kelberi PB are really aggressive with each other? I notice my Kels are much more aggressive than my monos and tems were at the same size. I'm almost getting to the point of separating them they are constantly picking on each other. I had them since they were about 3-4 cms now they are close to 20cm or so. I keep my water conditions good and have put in plants to try to keep them out of the line of sight from each other it has helped but they are still annoying me. Has anyone else noticed that there Kels are highly aggressive? Thanks in advance
  2. I currently have 3 Oscars in a community tank with other assorted American cichlids. For some reason my two largest Oscars around the 30cm who were best buddies have now broken out and in random fights with scales being taken off and some superficial dmg around the mouths of each fish. There is body twitching towards each other towards each other, so I ask rough courting or a struggle for dominance?
  3. .Whats the most aggressive freshwater fish? Is is a dovii? Jaguar? Whats peoples thoughts?
  4. Hi All, I have a colony of WC Aulonocara stuargranti mbenji. 1M 6F in a 3 x 1.5 x 1.5. They are usually a little rough at breeding time, but I have about 6 batches of fry on the go and nothing more serious than nipped fins. I came home today to find the male has killed a female and the the other 5 females look like they gone through a turbine. They have plenty of hides (which they don't seem to be using). And I considered the ratio adequate. Any out of the box ideas to stop the aggression before I need to dig some more 5" graves? thanks, Dan
  5. Hi guys, I have a peacock (I think,photo attached) that is attacking everything he rules the mid section of the tank and attacks the crap out of the other guy that looks like him. I have a well stocked tank and do bi weekly water changes while running an FX5 in a 4x2x2. I have red zebs, there is a few males will have to sell them off ( I was warned about zebs aggression but took a chance). Its strange I have adult venustus and small little demasoni and they get along like great mates. Is it best to remove the peacock? I have tried rearranging etc I have lots of lava rock and hiding spaces keeps trying to rule the tank. Any input would be great, cheers.
  6. So I have 3 discus, 2 pigeon bloods and a orange melon. The melon is the largest of the three and within the last few days he's really becoming an a ss hole.. He chases the other two into hiding and if they try and swim out he just chases them back in there, also at feeding time they will all eat for a min or so and then the melon just snaps and goes into all this food is mine mode and chases the others away from food and becomes quiet aggressive. Even hand feeding them black worms he still chases them away from my hand after 30/40 secs. Thumping them with his tail, constant chasing. Sick of seeing my 2 pigeon bloods all boarded up in the corner all day. So I did a bit of reading and one thing I keep coming across is 3 discus is not enough.. anyone else had this problem and fixed it by getting more discus? If I had the funds atm id buy 2 more around same size and see what happens but unfortunately that's not an option atm. It's getting to the point where I'm thinking of making a divider and separating him from the other 2. Do I have a crazy aggressive discus or is it just because I don't have more in the tank?... Any previous encounters with problems like this please share! Nick:D
  7. For the last week every morning i wake up, i have a dead fish =( i have a community tank with diff types of african cichilds. I havent added any new fish in at least... 3 months or so? Every fish that has died so far was either vertically lined type peacock or my lombardi's (again vertical lines), ive watched the tank for hours and only see the usual aggression that comes with these fish. I have modified the tank set up multiple times, am doing weekly water changes and my ph is running between 8 and 8.5. Is there anything else anyone can suggest? I have noticed my mangano generally had it in for my lombardi's but they had been together in the tank for more then 6 months before the deaths started to occur. All the fish that are dying are large to medium fish, the smallest id say was approximatly 7cm the largest so far has been near the 10cm mark. I have alot of smaller fish in the tank and none of them are being picked on. Any positive recommendations would be appreciated. Ill attach a pic of my tank to show you the setup im currently running. Thanks Hellen
  8. Hi All, Thought I would post a topic on the above to see what other people do to reduce this. Recently I have started to loose one fish every 4-5 weeks. My routine is to do water changes roughly once a week and feed the fish once every 2 days. There is about 18 fish in a 5 foot tank and plenty of coverage. I have currently pulled out a yellow and hongi into a seperate tank as they are showing signs of stress...."sunken stomach's and hiding in near the eheim pipes" My fish are 4 x yellows, 2x blues, 3x mainganos, 4 x zeb, 2 x hongi and 3 xcobalt blues. From my reading it appears, aggression is common in africans. Would like to hear from others what they have done to reduce this issue. Q. Would it be easier to stock one breed, rather then a mix? It is funny how the learning never stops with this hobby. Thanks in advance. Stoppy
  9. I have 2 flying foxes now almost 12cm in a 5ft tank with 4 clown loaches, some cories, brochis, and small tetras. Lately something in the tank has taken a liking to fish eyes. I have had to put down a sterbai cory (lost both eyes and copped a battering), another full grown male sterbai has lost 1 eye and 2 half grown brochis splendens have now lost one eye each. I am assuming the culprits are the flying foxes even though I haven't seen any of the attacks. Has anyone known these fish to be aggressive? Could it occur as they reach maturity?
  10. I was wondering what to do with my Green Terror (Aequidens rivulatus) as he is very aggressive and is doing his best to kill anything that he can see (even in the tanks next to him). We were told that a texan would be a good match for him but that didn't work (Just hope the shop will take him back today). Carl thinks it's a waste of space have a big tank with one fish. But I love my Terror, I think he's a really nice fish. Any suggestions on what i can do to either tone him down or does anyone have a fish that can match him. He's only about 12cm at the moment in a 4x2x2 tank. Maybe someone might have a tank that he would fit into. Carl want me to take him to the fish shop but i don't want to. Any help would be great Thanks Jenny
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