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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all, So i got myself a pair of Convicts a couple of weeks ago. Housed in a 160ltr half round tank, they are still reasonably small but the only occupants of the tank. In the first week or so they worked together moving sand around the tank and just really making it their own particularly around the pipe area which he seems to have claimed. i know when they are breeding they get aggressive to other fish but the male has been going nuts at the female. And it has gone past the chasing around, she is getting damaged fins and i am sure she is missing a scale or two. This has been going on for 2 days, he may give her a break for a minute (at most) but then chases her down in whatever part of the tank she is trying to hide and starts belting her up again. Its like at times she tries to play dead in a top corner of the tank to try and get him to leave her alone, laying on her side not trying to move to much, but that may be exhaustion. Enough was enough and last night i put an egg crate divider in the tank so he couldn't get to her. I don't think there are eggs or fry in the tank (certainly not that i can see) but there is a spot in one of the caves that i can't see in. There are plenty of caves (another added from the pic i post below), and a tall plant in the left corner for cover to give her more places to hide but this hasn't stopped him. Its not when she gets in line of sight from him (he generally situates himself in the big pipe looking cave) he will hunt around the tank continuously till he finds her to beat her up. She is a little smaller then he is but not by a great deal although he has noticeably grown in the last 2 weeks since getting them, she has not. This morning both hiding in caves on each side of the tank, at least she is getting a break. Tank lights are on from 9am to 8pm... I feed most days morning and night but due to work commitments they may miss some morning feeds, food at the moment is nutrafin flakes and/or nutrafin cichlid pellets, yet i am going to buy New Life Spectrum today from one of our sponsors to give them some better quality, i got the food when i brought them so was just going to finish it first before buying any more but figure if it is anything to do with food quality i might as well just get the NLS sooner rather than later. Obviously i don't want to leave the egg crate in there long term.... And of course if i google it everyone has a different opinion on why or what to do.. So this is why i go to QLDAF to get some experienced answers, suggestions and advice. 1- Will males kill female convicts and why ? 2- I notice on the male there are maybe 3 or so colored scales (just single scales) on each side of its abdomen.. Could it be 2 females ? and this is why one is being so dominant.? 3- if 2 females , will one kill the other to be dominant ? 4- Is this just part of the breeding process... should i just let them be and sort it out (although i think she will be killed before they sort it out) 5- Should i rearrange the tank so they have to find new areas.... or seeing there are only 2 fish in the tank may seem pointless, as once he has claimed a new area i would imagine this will all start over again. 6-How long to let her rest before removing the egg crate divider ? And anything else you may be able to offer... Sorry the post is so long winded but i am really unsure of what to do next as i would like to have them breed in this tank and watch them raise their fry but don't want to see one getting killed in the process. Thanks in advance for any help. These pics are from before i added the extra cave and tall plant in the left corner, i can update with new pics later tonight if people would like to see if what i have done will help...just let me know.
  2. Ok so a couple of weeks ago a pair of my larger angels spawned, a koi colored male(assuming he's male) and a white blushing angel (female). Sadly my big male BN decided the eggs looked tasty and all over. I rescaled my tank last night and subsequently did about a 50% water change, changed the filter outflow pipe and changed/added more gravel. Now it seems the koi male and my black angel(assuming female) are pairing up and the black one is beating the jebus out of my white angel. She seems to be hunting her down across the tank and ramming and nipping at her. Is this just her asserting herself or should I be concerned? The black one doesn't seem to annoy anyone else just the white female. She backs herself into a corner and just cops it sweet. Doesn't fight back or anything. Any suggestions?! I could take her out but the other tanks are stocked with other fish from bumblebee gobys, guppies and shrimp, to goldfish varieties. Water parameters are all good, temps are good. Any help would be appreciated!!
  3. I just set up my 5x2x800 last week and I'm still quite unsure what I'm going to put in it, want some ideas I want a larger more aggressive fish
  4. What would be Australia's most aggressive native fish be size for size? Iv got a 40cm mangrove jack and would have to rank high, he will kill/eat any thing and is constantly patrolling his tank like a shark.
  5. .Hi all, I have 5 red zebras and 5 cobalt blues in my tank. 1 of the red zebras continuously picks on all the other reds and has chewed off half of one of the Reds tails. I now believe it has previously killed another red zebra. Does anyone have any advice for what I can do? thanks, Tim
  6. Hi All, I have a colony of WC Aulonocara stuargranti mbenji. 1M 6F in a 3 x 1.5 x 1.5. They are usually a little rough at breeding time, but I have about 6 batches of fry on the go and nothing more serious than nipped fins. I came home today to find the male has killed a female and the the other 5 females look like they gone through a turbine. They have plenty of hides (which they don't seem to be using). And I considered the ratio adequate. Any out of the box ideas to stop the aggression before I need to dig some more 5" graves? thanks, Dan
  7. Aquarium fishes are more aggressive in reduced environments, a new study finds — Advanced Aquarist | Aquarist Magazine and Blog
  8. Hey just wondering what would be the best way to stop this guy being such a bully, he smashes my turtle which is massive in comparison to him, fights with female green terror and the native perch I've got, also he tries to go the heater and the magnetic glass cleaner, is he just in breeding mode? He's just a c-arch to be polite, if he keeps it up I'll be getting rid of him ASAP. P.s is the sex that moves gravel around male? Lol otherwise I have one hell of a grumpy female in there Thanks mike
  9. I have a 4ft 1.5ft 2ft tank it has been running for 3mths now and havent had a problem yet till now. I do 25% water changers once a week. Ph is about 7, ammonia 0 nitrate 0 I have got one of my spray bars pumping oxygen into the tank and it's sitting at around 26 degrees. I have about 4500lph total of canister filtering it which was cleaned about 4weeks ago. Lighting is 4x4ft t5 for 8hrs. Stock 6 ellioti 3 firmouth 6 blue eye cichlids 4 red tailed goodieds 1 bristlenose 3 Hokaki carfish. I have noticed as these fish are getting bigger they are getting more and more aggressive. At the moment I think I have a pair of blue eyes and firemouths trying to breed and are bossing everything around. The ellioti are now chasing each other quite offen and I have one which has been breathing heavily for the last 2 days. To date I've lost on goodied and a catfish and don't want to loss more any suggestions??
  10. Hey guys, In my African tank which is 3x2x2 I've got 1 peacock, 4 Iceberg blues, 3 red zebs, 3 yellows 1 black calvus and a bunch of catties. The peacock is the biggest fish in the tank and he has turned into a real jerk, chasing all the other fish around biting and nipping them. I had a juvie frontosa die yesterday because of the peacock and I'm a little bit over it. Soo, how do I calm him down? Cheers guys, Sam
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. 4ftx15"wx18"h for a breeding pair of gold sevs(15-20cm ea) a small sev(5-10cm) and a green terror(15cm) would that work? 6x2x2 divided in half so a Red Oscar 20cm+ gets one half and either a saratoga(15cm) OR a mangrove jack(10cm) would get the other half then when one gets bigger i sell EITHER the jack\toga or the oscar opinions yay nay? would the 4x15Wx18H work for the 4 fish? and what should go in the 6x2x2(must be aggressive or semi aggressive so i can feed it fun things ) corbii you were my inspiration for getting the sevs there own tank and the terror is a whimp so he can go live with them
  13. as i statedd coldwater aggressive fish for a 4ft?
  14. sunday i am hopefully getting an oscar (bout 20cm+) next weekend hopefully i should get 2\3 large severums(15cm+) and im also buying some large green sevs these are all going into a 6x2x2 display just wondering what else i should put in? could anyone reccomend colourful fish which wouldnt get eaten by an oscar and could live with an oscar and severums Thanks guys
  15. he currently sits behind the heater not doing much at all eats and swims a bit but he wont smash any live food when u drop it in! i want him to be more aggressive any ideas?
  16. Just after any and all advice on potential stocking for my newly cycled tank. I have a wishlist of fish i want or would like but would love to hear everyones suggestions. Fish i would like 1 x Green Terror 1 x Jack Dempsey/1 x EBJD 1 X Salvini 2 x Firemouth 1 x Texas/1 x Red Terror 1 x Jaguar 1 x Nicuraguan Do aggression levels stay lower without breeding pairs as i only want these guys for display not breeding. I will have a clean up crew of bns and corys and dithers either rainbows or silver dollars Thanks in advance Dave
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