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Found 4 results

  1. All the original adults are back together in the 4x2x2. I've missed all the agro.
  2. I have an angel that I got when I was quite small and have it in an community tank with other angels aswell as gouramies silver sharks etc, I feed my fish fairly heavily and do regular water changes, and this particular angel has grown to about 4 times bigger than the other angels. Over the last month or so has become quite aggressive toward the other fish in the tank. 3 of the angels have died and I'm assuming it was the angel that killed them, their fins were very tattered etc, my water parameters are all good and I keep my tank at 27 degrees. My question is there anything you can do to stop this behaviour or is it just a lost cause? Will I have to put it in a separate tank by itself? Cheers Ryan.
  3. These little extensions are what corals don’t just use to feed with, these can sting the hell out of the poor coral next door. I tried to get a pic when they were over 5 inches in length but as the camera got closer it pulled them back in.
  4. I came home today to find the female of my breeding pair of red devils had been severly beaten. The male has given her a touch once or twice before but this time he ripped all the scales off half her body and ripped all of her fins. I wish these two could learn to live peacefully!!!! anyone know how to get him to settle down??? Joff
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