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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys Need your advice on which airpump I should be buying to run a 120 cm aircurtain on my 4foot 220 l tank Cheers
  2. I am running two tanks off of my ev20 and still not happy with the output.. I have just replaced the diaphragms hoping it would be fix my issue and while it did make it somewhat better, its still not to the standard that i want. I have 7 airlines coming from it currently... 5 go to my k1, 1 goes through my nitraguard and the last goes to an air sponge in a seperate tank. All airlines have been cut to minimum length possible. Just to give you an idea of the pressure... My sponge filter wont work when put on the bottom of an 18 inch deep awuarium... It needs to be just under the surface to get any bubbles. as far as i know there shouldnt be any issues here? Is this a warranty issue? thanks for your help
  3. We have a scheduled "planned electricity interruption - 8hrs" next week. I dont have a generator and my old battery airpumps are flat out on battery. I was thinking of getting some fresh batteries but saw this unit for $40 each. I needed something from the online shop so decided to get them as well. Ive connected the battery and now charging. Its a bit noisy though, but i can live with it. Battery is not connected so i have to look/open it to see where the battery is. I then realized it was accessible from the front cover and didnt have to use my screw driver to open the set. Anyone using these and your experience? The box says it can last 8hrs but i need still to test that.
  4. how many sponge filters should i be able to run off this size air pump?? cheers maert
  5. Hey guys, exactly as the title reads. I need a good pump to run about 5 sponge filters but it needs to be as quiet as possible as all my tanks are in my lounge room and the noise annoys my house mates. Cheers, Sam
  6. For a 25lt tank. As close to silence as possible would be welcome. What do people recommend?
  7. I have a 6 outlet resun airpump and it seems tobe making some noise. tried everything, but still humming. same sound as when i got in new in the box. Can somebody recommend one which is not loud.
  8. Hi all i've got a aqua world aw404/4 outlet & a aqua one 9500/2 outlet air pumps that keep blowing diaphragms, they run 4 double sponge filters & 4 airstones between them, i keep them above the tanks there pumping so there's less stress on them, i've taken casings off so there cooler & still they blow out, anyone got any ideas or is there somewhere i can get heavier duty diaphragms?. Pete.
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