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Found 20 results

  1. Anyone ever used Bakuhanseki stone aka barley-rice stone or Calcareous polite, they sell it at Daiso for aquariums and gold fish bowls as a water clarifier and purifier. Thought I might try some as a filter media. The Chinese call it Malfan rock. Anyone used at all ever ? I have some friends who are a bit alternative and they use it as part of their water filtration in their water cooler.
  2. Just curious if anyone is keeping these and has some pointers? Thinking of getting some from aquagreen They look to be that perfect combo of pretty AND tough.
  3. I dropped into Jeff's place yesterday and picked up a pair of taibees. Great bloke, very helpfull and nice setup! Thanks for the freebies too. I look forward to dealing with you in the future. [MENTION=2388]Daydream[/MENTION]
  4. Thanks heaps for the tanks Gav and I hope the setup goes well at your place. I'll chuck up some pics once I have the plumbing done [MENTION=7908]corymad[/MENTION]
  5. Took my kids for a visit yesterday and while it was really exciting to see the freshwater section and get a reminder of how big some of these fish can get. I have to say though I was a little concerned as to the state of some of the fish. I'm not going to be critical on them without all the facts but it really looked like poor water quality and overcrowding was becoming a bit of an issue especially in the barra and pacu tanks. When I was there the water was fairly cloudy and I could see a lot of their eyes were clouded over as well as seeing other physical signs of not being in the best of health. The pacu tank in particular looked like someone said we need more colour so lets cram in as many red devils as we can. Now to be fair I am guessing that lots of these fish could be rescued fish and as a result they did not get to them in good condition in the first place and that perhaps there was a feeding time just prior which would explain a bit of the cloudiness, and that some of these big guys must be fairly old and might be showing signs of age, but I was wondering if anyone else noticed the same thing with these 2 tanks. Kicking myself for not taking some pics to post but I am sure if anyone has been recently you would notice the same thing. Don't get me wrong most of the other displays were in great condition but these 2 tanks really surprised me. I guess in some ways I am comparing it to the freshwater exhibit in Bali Safari and Marine Park which I thought had an awesome display. Again not being critical without all the facts as I am sure they do a fantastic job at most things. *Sorry just realised I posted this in the wrong section - mods feel free to move it*
  6. Just wondering if anyone is still keeping or breeding Xmas Fulu's?? I had a couple of display males from Mr [MENTION=3844]procull[/MENTION] himself and I know that he lost pretty much everything due to power failures. So if anyone is keeping any or breeding any or have any for sale I would love to hear from you as my display could you some Fulu Colour splashed around my tank.................! This is my old boy............................ :'(
  7. Hey Kids, Here is a quick video of my Spotted Blue Eyes Pseudomugil gertrudae ............. They are so awesome when they are out (which is not normally when people are around) and showing off!!! Enjoy..........!
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Hey guys i live on the Gold Coast looking for a Female Festae about 8-12cm for my male. willing to travel to Brisbane if need be.
  10. Cheers Trev, Very good to deal with. Straight up, great systems, and most of all a pleasure to work with. Got my Rack home safe Thanks again Trevy, Legend.. Steveo
  11. Hi guys Just wondering if we have a breeder of this species on the forum. If so can you let me know as i am wanting to get some in the near future. Cheers
  12. thanks buddy for a great arvo catching fish and a great sale all fish are happy hehe had to get a bigger log for the pleco to hide in wow may i say tidal wave when he got excited in the tank but all fun aside i just put on here to show my joy in meeting a new fish person matt
  13. Had to move some rocks and without his fave cave I actually got a picture or 2 of the male lol. Next mission, get a shot of him in spawning dress! Thats when the yellow just glows. Think the cuckoos are putting the females off at the moment But I have about 20 or so fry growing out from them, so hopefully can get some more girls out of that..... because finding them for sale aint easy!
  14. hi was looking to purchase some festae. i'm on the goldcoast but will travel say 100km to collect. would like to breed them so i guess if i got pair that would be great otherwise i don't mind buying 10-15 little ones and grow them up. would also like some blue rams. if you know anyone or you have some let me know. text me on 0405666548
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. Picked up half a dozen of these whilst trapping some swordtails. I have been trapping in the same place for 2 yrs now and never seen one before. I can only guess that they've found their way into this water spot due to the flooding. Any native enthusiast is welcome to view as I believe that they're now pretty rare, and are indeed considered extinct in SA and Victoria (the last one being seen in 1922) and they are also on the endangered list in NSW. kev
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. Anyone knows the phone number for Peter?
  20. Hi guys, Have recently developed Blue-Green Algae in both of my tanks with leaves, it's super slimy and easy to clean, but grows incredibly quickly over almost anything and isn't very appealing. It's caused by an excess of Phosphates as far as much research can gather. I'm keen on keeping leaves in the tanks, but am interested to hear about anyone elses experiences with it, particularly the other SA Dwarf keepers who run leaves in acidic tanks. Tanks are currently on a 20/80 Tap/Rainwater mix with weekly changes of about 25%. Rainwater is not causing any issues with this algae in my 6x2x2 display, however it's going in at 30/70 Tap/Rain each change. Tapwater is pH 7, 4dgH/dkH. Thinking the best I can do is up the water change schedule to say 2-3 changes a week, which is doable, and perhaps something that reduces phosphates, I know there's some pads out there but how and how well they actually lower levels I have no idea.
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