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Found 5 results

  1. Hiya, been a while. Thought i'd share some of my current tanks African cichlid tank Discus/Angel tank Gold sev tank Goldie tank (cloudy due to substrate change) Tetra tank Betta tank (currently only 1 male in residence, cloudy from new sand) Oscar tank
  2. Okay Ive decided to utilise a 3ft Ive had sitting downstairs for my first attempt at a heavily/moderately planted tank. To keep costs down I've started to design a foam based rock divider/terrace similar to a DIY Rock 3D Wall to give me the following benefits: #1 I can use ADA style soils in the rear of the tank where the critical heavy planting will take place but I wont require as much as if I were to use it in the entire tank. #2 I will be able to have 2 different substrates in the tank. #3 I can use the terrace Im making to give an extra dimension of depth and hopefully realism. To keep costs down on the design of the divider Im going to use the idea here in this post http://www.qldaf.com/forums/product-diy-technical-discussion-11/diy-rock-wall-38789/ as it seemed to work quite well. Im not sure on the long term durability of the finish. I assume excluding algae eaters that are harsh in the removal process eg. BN, Plecs etc and using shrimp or something alike that it will help extend the life of the wall. It uses silicone to seal the foam and adhese the sand to the foam to give the rock effect. Shaping the foam was done using a lighter and a knife initially, the later switching to a soldering iron for speed and ease. I just layered old styro lids holding them temporarily in place with toothpicks while I carried out the shaping. I intend on fine tuning the shape some more, in the meantime, stay tuned!
  3. Was this Now this 2 clown loaches (3 more to be added) 2 angels (breeding pair) 1 redtail shark
  4. Newest scape (11th Nov) Some crypts still to be added. Also a few BN caves to be hidden/added 5 neons (5 more to be added) 5 pep BN 1 cory (3 more to be added) 2 apple snails breeding pair + babies (10 rummynose tetras to be added)
  5. Tank stats: Substrate: Black gravel mixed with laterite, Dino dung in heavily planted areas, topped with plain black gravel Lighting: 1 double 4ft T8 Dalbarb reflector (1x 40W & 1x 36W tube) + 2x 2ft T5 (25W tubes i think) Ferts: Dino Spit (will get the others in this range when i can) Filtration: Fluval 405 Plants: Java Fern, Crypts, Chain Swords, Anubias & Large swords Driftwood: Lots of various pieces, most found, a few bought Occupents: 7 Angels, 5 Clown loaches, 3 Cherry barbs, 2 Common BN, 5 Peppermint BN, 2 Otos, 1 Redtail black shark
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