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  1. Hi all, I have a pair of Albino BN Pleco's in one of my tanks and I have a few questions about her and them in general. What is the L number for Albino BNP's? When they spawn, how long from when they first lay the eggs until they hatch/get tails etc? With Albino BN pleco eggs, can you ever see the eyes of them in the eggs as they develope or are they pretty much impossible to see due to their red eyes in contrast with the orange egg sacks? I have air about 30 orange eggs that I have put into a small birthing tank (the ones that go in the main tank and attach to the glass with suction cups) as I got too curious (first time they have spawned, well since I've had them...). It's been two days since I found them and moved them into the birthing tank, in front of the filter head to ensure water flow and oxygen over the eggs. If I had left them be though, they would have all been eaten by the other fish in the tank so I'm hoping I have saved them.... They all seem healthy still and are still a nice orange in colour (the eggs), so that should mean they are fertilised and healthy, correct? Breeding fish is new to me so it's exciting for the whole family! Thanks for any help, info and or advice in advance!
  2. I am looking for royal whiptails and red lizard whiptails for a colony tank I am setting up. They will be the only catfish in the tank with some non-agressive fish.
  3. Does anyone know what adult albino polystigma around 15-20cm in size would be worth $ ?
  4. Just noticed some black dots on one of my female albino BN. It looks healthy but I just want to make sure it's not a disease or deformity e.t.c. As she's in my large breeding colony. There is one spot just behind the eyes, one 1 on the left fin ( hard to see on black gravel ), and there are 2 smaller dots on the end of her tail. PS sorry for the awful photos my camera broke so I had to take them on my ipod. Cheers,
  5. Hi all, I have this male - of which breed, which I'm not sure. He came to me in a tank rescued from a friend. At the time, I initially thought 'it' was a BN - too small to sex. When I moved 'it' into a communal tank with upside down catfish, other BN, a clown loach and cichlids its growth was astronomic. A year later, 'he' is now 16cm and quite impressive/imposing. I bought some albino BN, thinking I was providing a family for him and that they would ultimately breed - but he simply isn't interested. Is that because he isn't actually a BN? Help with correct i.d. would be appreciated. Thanks, Deborah
  6. Ok so iv had common bristles before but only females, first albinos iv had, iv now got 2 male albino 8-12cm and 2 female albino 6cm and a female brown x albino 9cm ish the 2 male are bright yellow gold and the 2 female are very light creamy yellow are the females meant to be lighter?
  7. 30cm Albino Red Oscar for Sale $40 please photo to follow
  8. Thought I would start a thread for Goldie now I know it's an albino. More a photo journal than anything else. This is him/her approx. 6cm 22-10-14 day 1 Approx. 11cm 2-12-14 6 weeks Approx. 17cm 20-1-15 14 weeks I hope you enjoy still years more pics to come
  9. If you are breeding normal Pindani and Albino Pindani in the same tank and a Pindani and an Albino breed together, how is the Albino gene pass on. I have come from a bird breeding background and understand Recessive, Sex linked and dominate where you get normal looking birds but are split ( carry the other mutations gene hidden). So if the two fish above breed will I get Normal Pindani split Albino and if so in what capacity. Thanks. Vern
  10. .Okay so rushing into things but getting it started just for some pointers and people's opinion on my pair! But here is my pair , now just set up a 3ft planted tank going to be adding the female in with the male tomorrow arvo (he is in there now) but will be keeping update on how they are going if anybody is interested ! Ps sorry if photos come sideways will fix that problem!! Any pointers on breeding tips , fry growth tips , and what to look for when culling , also best things to feed!
  11. .So still following the aftermath of a week away, the other juvie Albino oscar seems to be getting sick. He has began to lie on his side on top of the internal filter. The first juvie albino oscar I came home to nearly dead has been separated and in a separate tank and is recovering and thriving - http://www.qldaf.com/forums/help-fish-health-diseases-water-quality-12/injured-oscar-help-please-again-116394/ (while I was gonna the third little albino had jumped). Family was looking after them while I was gone. I got these three from the same store and had no problems for a couple of weeks by themselves. Then from the same store but two weeks after I got a normal tiger oscar of the same size. All four were fine all together for a few weeks, with the normal tiger asserting himself as leader but nothing overly aggressive. Then I left for a week and came home to what is described above ^ What happened?! Now the last healthy albino is looking sick, and I need help. What do I do? I put Melafix and aquarium salt in immediately when I saw his sores, which are on both sides.
  12. .So I was away for the week, with family looking after my fish. Four little oscars were in the quarantine tank. Midway through the week I got a message saying one had jumped out, as they mustn't have put the lid back on after feeding. Gutted but nothing I could do. Come home and see that one of the others seems to have gotten smaller (or the others bigger while he remained small), and had a concave belly. I did a water change and cleaned the filter before I left, but tested the water again, and got Ammonia - 0, Nitrite - 0, Nitrate - 20. So I am assuming injury to the little oscar? Thing is, I've seen no signs of aggression between them and I've been looking at them more than I care to admit, before I left and since I've come home. I've moved him into his own two foot quarantine tank now. What do you think happened? What can I do to make sure he recovers? P.S. What food is best used so he can grow and catch up in size to the slightly bigger oscars?
  13. .Hi I'm in the process of selling off al my fish I was wondering about my albino oscar and haw much I should ask for it? It's about 35cm + and only 3 yrs old.
  14. OK I have this Large Albino Male BN that I was given, by the name of Earl. I have kept him with my Normal BN's, for a couple of months now , however I am not into "Sport" fish and only try to keep the natural varieties. Anway someone not of this forum is interetsed in him as a breeder. He is about 10-11cm long . Any idea of what they are worth ? Thanks, Phil
  15. I have a nice colony of normal obs and in the last mouthful there was one lonely albino. So I was wondering if this happens often ?? Who has one that they can share a photo of. Or do they look like the ones on goggle.
  16. Hey so probably opening a can of worms here but.....I'm going to ask anyway! What's everyone's thoughts on white knights and albino electric blues are they one in the same or different species? If different species, what's peoples thoughts on albino electric blues? And what's the availability of these guys? Thanks Karen
  17. I am looking to swap an Adult Male Common Bristlenose for a female, Fish are very healthy, just have 4 males and only 1 female. Wanting adult female either common or albino. Located in Greenslopes Brisbane. Will travel.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. hey guys has anyone seen any albino eye bitters juvies around for sale or know of any members that breed them. I had a colony of them years ago and would like to find some for the new African tank. cheers
  20. I have 4 albino longfin bristlenose. 2 are females and I recently purchased another 2 (1 male and 1 unknown). The apparent male is 9cm but has got no bristles and basically looks exactly like my original 2 females. Should the 'male' have his bristles by now? I also have a bunch of albino shortfins, which are smaller but you can already tell the males from females.
  21. Ok my male albino bn bred with my female l144 they hatched last night and are all yellow at present,anybody do this before. Hoping for l144 with pink eyes ,now that would be cool.
  22. is this a albino zebra or a albino afra ?
  23. Hey guys and girls. My male albino has recently hatched about 20 eggs and has only this morning kicked out about 50 eggs. How do I go about saving them.
  24. Hi everyone Just wanting to know what this type of barra is called. and how much he is worth. It's about 50cm and very healthy. It has red eys so thinking something like an albino thanks everyone
  25. so i was in the fish room today and this guy had slipped out from my cyp. specklebaack female that is still holding. Now i don't know which female it came from but i assume it's from the one that has a gob so full she couldn't hold them all in and it just slipped out. Anyone else seen albino specklebacks? and how can i breed them to throw more albinos?
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