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  1. The sea stars are no good any more, the peroxide makes them look lazy in algae reduction. These quite rare forms of algae come up like mushrooms, not coral mushroom's, land mushrooms, lol. It seems not only were the sea stars eating my other pretty algae forms, but they had these guys to scared to come out as well. I have only ever seen these guys in 2 sites, never any where else, and their name, I have no idea. They vary from blue/purple to extreme orange/pink and all colours in between. They grow sort of like flowers and spread via a vine like method, then up come like new flowers you might call them. These must have been waiting under my corals to appear. They are not completely safe, the imperator picks at them, but not enough, it appears, to make them retreat again.
  2. Hi just wondering where would be the best place on the sunshine coast to get some Coraline algae to kick-start it in my tank. Thanks
  3. Any help would greatly be appreciated all my water is in good condition as far as my tests show. The only one I haven't checked is phosphates. Anyways as you can see in my pictures I get algae. Now I have been doing this for years. I've even had discus in the tank and never had algae issues. the only difference now is I don't have any shrimp. Last time I probably had about 500 shimp and it was at a different house. That's all. Nothing's changed but that. my issue is I can't add shrimp as I'm using algae fix by API. I want to remove the agae then add the shrimp. what can I do to fix this algae issue. And why would I be getting it. -any suggestions would be great
  4. A while back I let this pain in the butt in into my tanks and for a while I lost interest and hair algae really got going. A couple of weeks back I decided to get rid of it all. The greying, lol, is the start of its demise.
  5. Hi. I would like to know what this algae is that has only just started to appear in my tank. Also, what can i do to remove it without harming my plants (anubias) and fish ( orangehead tapajos and a goldspot pleco). Any information or help is appreciated. Thanks sent from sony xperia via tapatalk
  6. Hot off the delivery truck, REPASHY Super Green Algae Gel Premix!!! Obligate Algae Eating Herbivorous Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates. Contains No Animal Products or Byproducts!! That's right folks, its a vegan food! Simply mix the powder up using the supplied directions, allow it to cool to room temperature until it is firm and then you can cut it into the desired sized pieces. It can be kept in the fridge for two weeks, making feeding your fish even easier!! This item will be available for purchase from our website very shortly!!! Keep an eye out. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Repashy_Super…/643854903105.htm
  7. my malawi cichlid tank is completely covered in algae, i maintain my water parameters at ph8.0. is this normal, and is there any way to get rid of this (i.e. fish, treatment)?
  8. Hi, im trying to find freshwater snails that will eat algae but not damage plants, any ideas? thanks
  9. Hey guy's, just wondering which algae eaters you guys think would work best in my tank/ which are the most efficient at keeping algae under control. My tank is 4x3x18 and the back glass is a bit hard to reach in places. So I thought I might invest in a couple more cat fish types. There's currently a gold spot around 5 inches long a common bristle nose around 4 inches and an l333 around 2 inches. There's plenty of rock work for them to take shelter from the rest of the tank inhabitants and they seem pretty happy. Types that max out around six inches would be ideal as I'm not to keen on a tank full of dinosaurs in a couple of years. Any suggestions? Cheers Haydn
  10. Started a tank around 3-4weeks ago and have this brown algae taking over. I assume it probably came with plants or driftwood i collected. Is this likely to subside as the tank ages and plants grow or will this need some other course of action? It looks ugly and is growing on my mosses, making them look like crap.
  11. hello everyone new to the forum and asking for some help. recently bought a house with a pond in the back yard. unfortunately the previous owner looks like they didn't really know what they were doing. so i have a sick pond that needs some loving care . I'm wondering if anyone out there on the north side has any duckweed or water plants that they would be keen to part with. my pond need some plants and cover to help get it back to being a healthy pond. If anyone can help would greatly appreciate it looking forward to hearing from you
  12. So just thought I would give a suggestion to anyone who has an outbreak of black beard algae, which I too recently had. Just over a week ago I purchased a gold spot plec and to my amazement, after reading up about the algae and how hard it is to get rid of, my plec has gone and demolished just about every bit from my fake plants to the whole 3D background of my tank, so if you don't have a plec but have the algae I would highly think about getting one and giving it a go. I am actually going to have to buy some food for him now not sure if this was helpful info/ old info but I thought I may aswell put it out there Sort of down side there are nearly 10 cm long black plec poos everywhere haha
  13. Just wondering if any one has changed over to the new Algae Max instead of the normal Cichlid Formula or Thera A pellets for there Mbuna African Cichlids and what changes have you noticed
  14. Hi. Does anyone know anything about No more black beard - algae remover - http://www.thetechden.com.au/No_More_Black_Beard_Algae_Remover_125ml_p/nmb125ml.htm Unlike some of its more Excel branded contemporaries, it's contents are listed as poly- glutaraldehyde rather than just glutaraldehyde. My science speak is a little rough so google was of limited use in providing a translation of the differences. Is any body familar with them? Are there any head to head comparision BBA wise? I can't help but think that if someone is doing something diffetent to the rest, there might be a reason why. Any ideas? Cheers.
  15. Have no idea what it or was, but its size got too much and nothing was touching it at all, it didn’t attach but it was shading to many others, so out it went. Hey if its different or I have not tried it, I will, lol.
  16. Hey there guys I had some blackbeard in my tank has started to turn red does anyone know why and is it bad? Thanks
  17. To the best of my knowledge this exact haly form is like the Caloundra abalone and a certain dotty back, near only found on the sunny coast Last year when the heat set in around November, all my Halymenia croaked, well I thought it croaked and then some came back once it cooled. So I thought what I saw was it, I put in a couple of specific urchin species to knock over some annoying algae, they did just that but also exposed an experiment I tried last year at propagating Halymenia, that I thought failed? It worked before, but this time it didn’t? I did it near the same as I do with begonia leaves, but marine orientated of course and I thought it was working, but it all died late last year. I always thought it reactivates, but after six months I had given up on it, now the urchins uncovered those two spots of what is a success! The propagating worked beautifully with just the leaves making them blister with lots of manipulation. This was it in October last year, the following pic is the once lush section on the right in the first pic then it all disappeared, to coming back. Back from the dead up comes the new growth.
  18. Hi! I was recommended to using glutaraldehyde for algae and this has gone very well in one of my aquariums. The treatment consists of using 5 ml of glutaraldehyde per 10 gallons of aquarium water at night for a period of two weeks. The glutaraldehyde that can be used is the medicinal one, or also come products specifically for freshwater aquariums that containing it, as is Seachem Flourish Excel and Api CO2 Booster, this last is the one I'm using. I've been one weeks already using it and the difference was really amazing. The glutaral, in addition to eliminate any type of algae including those you have in your aquarium, also provides CO2 to your plants. Please note, that there is one product of glutaral used as an industrial disinfectant, this can not be used for aquariums because that would kill the fish. This type comes mixed with other chemicals and detergents that affect to much the fish. Please don't use that kind of glutaral. If you want, you can find out more info about the glutaraldehyde on the internet but I really told you everything you need to know. Thanks for your attention guys, have a nice day! I forgot something! If you buy in a pharmacy, it has to be glutaraldehyde of 2%, no more please. There is one that came from 50% for example, that would kill the fish because it is too much amount, so it's better to buy the Seachem flourish excel or Api Co2 booster to secure that it safe to fish and invertebrates for freshwater aquariums. Thanks for read my post. Here I upload two videos of my tank, in this videos I want to show you it before and after the treatment. Regards. Before use the treatment with glutaraldehyde: After one week using the glutaraldehyde on my tank: ___________________ My channel in YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVImmM5y7P98cGsVEVwidJA
  19. These cap flowers I call them, due to not being able to identify them properly, though I know they are a form of capensis, only open/flower and grow in the shade, none do it in the open in my tanks which makes it hard to appreciate them. All up the back of my base rock with all the other weird things there are heaps of them, but getting pics is a real pain!!!!
  20. Corals are great, but rigid algae species, meaning with very high calcium carb content are just as great! In saying that there is no such thing as completely harmless and completely non invasive algae. Something thing with two algae and more or less any coral species virtually no one has used yet! I have never seen this done anywhere else with these two, you see with most species of algae it can be tricky! From my experience and in my opinion there are only two algae species that are extremely special for a multitude of reasons that can exist with coral with near no detrimental effects and create a wonderful display and never harm each other in any way and complement each others colours! First and foremost are the blue hypnea and the more rare ringed high nutrient resistant species of capensis. These two are awesome!!! To me its like a garden, you put in your display plants, in this case corals and then the ground cover, the hypnea and capensis, both will live anywhere with any light or any flow and both resist rubbish algae species and both provide homes for pods or what ever. The first pic is how it looks in the ocean, the next is where put extra bits when I pull out some for my sea stars to feed on that are recovering from harlequin shrimps leg removals, lol, the next is how it fills in all the blank spots till corals, or zoas or what push it out. You see there were a lot more, but it cant fight corals. When I want to clear a spot to put something new in, I put in a biscuit sea star, as they don’t like working right next to corals unless no other food is around and they clear out the hypnea for me. You have it get the sea star out quick once done or it takes out the entire area of algae, lol. This is from the ocean or the trimmed coloration; it looks better once under lights in the aquarium, in sunlight it looks okay, sort of, but under non-resistance lighting- leds, its much prettier. Extra bits I tear off and put in the second tub instead of chucking it on the lawn, its food for my sea stars. In the tank as ground cover, well base rock and glass cover, lol.
  21. any advice or tips, I'm trying formaldehyde and no light for a day or two. Appreciate it shared experience, it's got to be one of the biggest mistakes of the newbie planted aquarium.
  22. Hi can anyone share when you know when you need to use Erythromycin or other product to control algae/ I mean how do you know what algae you have
  23. hi has anyone grown algae deliberately for algae eatets? my idea is to have a tank outside with polypipe or something similar and when algae grows take the pipes out put them in tank to feed bn fry etc. any ideas if this would work.
  24. Hey guys I keep reading so many reefers failing with these guys, I thought it was common knowledge that they are algae dependent? Algae feeders are so easy to keep! Dam hard to get pics of in the tank, pitch black is hard to get pics of! I had to take it out fora pic! This is mine now, it was a mess when I got, all fins chewed and skinny, now with lots of algae and more it’s quite chubby, lol. By the looks of it, the fresh flush from the rain events took it out to where I found it and being out of the usual protection, it was not long for this world. I only got it take fix up for pics, I don’t overly like them, it goes to a mates home in a week or so. The pic is deceiving, the fish is maybe one inch long!
  25. Hi all, I have a couple of problem (what about I know in fact) in my marine tank. First of all, some basic information about the system… It’s a 145L set-up that operates for almost 3 months with a 60L sump. The temperature of the water is continuously between 26 and 27 degree thanks to the chiller. The skimmer is an AquaOne model, the light is provided by two G3 90W CTLite Smart LED. The lights work as full-day climate light cycling. The full light is about 6 hrs. I use a piece of LR and 2 bags of different filter medias (crushed coral and Marine Pure Spheres) in the sump. I do water change almost every 3rd week. I use API test kits for measuring the parameters. Nitrate continuously zero, ammonia is 0.25 and sometimes 0.5 (rare), phosphate is 0.25 from the beginnings, pH changes between 8.0 and 8.3. Salinity is between 35ppt/1.026 and 37ppt/1.028. I have read I should use more serious test kit for more accurate results. So I thought I will try the brand of Salifert. Are these test kits better than API’s or should I try another type? But my main problems are the next… There are unbelievable much algae (brown and green) on the glass, on the interior equipment and top of the gravel. Also there are lots of small gas bubbles in/on the gravel as well. Every 3rd day I need to clean the glass if I want to see fish… In my humble opinion, as I did some resource on the Internet about the possible problems it could be because of the high level of phosphate… maybe, please correct me if it’s false. Hence, I have read about Refugium also, GFO and Carbon Filter Media reactors, which could/can reduce the amount of the phosphate. If I needed to use one of them which would be the best solution for this system? I really like the Refugium but I’m afraid there is no enough space around the sump. Other problem, which appeared only yesterday that there is a quite big white “spot or something like that” one of the live rocks. What do you think what is that? Is it serious? How could I treat it if necessary? I tried to make some pictures about the problems, hopefully they will be visible to ID’s. Please give me feedbacks about the problems also, if you can see any other things or dramas do not hesitate! Thanks, Jani Lots of algae... Picture of white spot will be post in a next because the system didn't let me upload anymore here...
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