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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, In the last few weeks, I tried to fight nitrate war around 60ppm, now it is nearly 0 with help of lot of hair algea plus newly added nitra guard (two small cubes) and new 140g chemipure. Please advise what I should do to reduce hair algea, currently I need to use an auto toothbrush to brush the libe rocks when doing water change. Any short tips to try will be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  2. Hi there all. I'm interested in purchasing a few Siamese algea eaters but have looked on the net and have found out that there is a true Siamese Algea eater and a false one. Does anyone know where I can purchase the true species as the false one may be a more aggressive fish and does not eat as much algea.
  3. .Hey peeps just wondering what a good algea Eater is for an American agressive tank they are ranging from 150mm to 250mm
  4. What type of algea eaters can go with live bearers like guppies, platys ext. Jesse
  5. i am having algea problems in my brothers african community tank. i have also started to notice it starting to grow in my just setedup tanganyikan setup containing white calvus breeding colony and 4 frontosa. i have tryed putting in snails but they just die and get blown around buy the canister filter. what else can i use to get rid of them? i was thinking of getting some tropheus or should i buy algea clear.
  6. i have brown algea growing in my 4x2x2 planted tank, how can stop it growing or what fish(s) should i put in other than b/n??? the tank is just been set up for 1 month, light on from 6pm to 11pm with 2 diy 1.25L bottles. fishes are just 5 flying fox, 30 neon tetras and 6 angels. cheers manho
  7. I want to grow algae on something so I can feed the b/ns something more natural, is there a good way of farming it, and what is the best surface to grow it on, rocks, wood or media?
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