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Found 21 results

  1. Problem I have a Juwel Lido 120 which I have set up as a planted community tank. you know the usual stuff cardinals, yellow tail congos, rummy nose etc. I have a mixed school of Hatchet fish. I started with four Marbled Hatchets that i got from Pet City, 2 large Silvers from Annerly and a trio of small Silvers from Paul at Oxley. Since then I have lost 2 Marbled and 2 silvers and it looks like another is on the way out. It seems to be a swim bladder type of issue or possibly bloat. They all end up swimming upside down disoriented and then check out. The rest of the hatchets are fine, it just seems to pick the odd one off one at a time. All the other fish in thank are healthy and fact they are robustly healthy. All my water parameters are good and the Hatchets even have their own quiet slow water zone to swim in with surface plants. Its got me stumped. Anyone got any clues or experienced this issue. Thanks, Phil
  2. Hi All. This is one that I am completely stumped on, I have spoken to a mate and he has the same problem by the sounds of it but we both don't think it is normal. I have 3 pairs of bn and they have fry every months basically. I separate the father and the log into a fry tank when i find that the male is on eggs in his logs. What i am stumped with is how do i keep the fry alive, Basically Bn are the only things i cant seem to raise, Every batch there is tonnes of baby's and they all only last a few days after coming out of the logs. From every batch i am lucky to get 10% that would survive after the 2 cm mark and the rest seem to drop off before then. They are on a sumped rack so when i put the log into the new tank they are never exposed to no water or water changes, there are other fish in the rack that i raise from fry but it seems the only thing I can't get good success with is BN... They are fed and algae wafers, there water conditions are all great and I cant seem to work it out? I would like to know has anyone else had these problems? what is the best way to curve this? What am I doing wrong? Thanks all and sorry for the stupid questions.
  3. My thread was deleted here but still active on another forum - Look up Mccorkindale on the net. he deals with fish and non-fish stuff. Just be careful on your deals. I hope this post won't be deleted as will serve as warning for other people.
  4. Justwent for a quick look guys are working hard setting up and expanding stock good to see. Sent from my GT-I9100T using Tapatalk 2
  5. I need any advice on keeping my Peacock bass fry alive and growing Any advice is appreciated. I have had my first batch going for 3 weeks now, I have been feeding them newly hatched live baby brine shrimp and pureed blood worms. They were going fine until Tuesday just gone they have been dropping like flies. after they became free swimming I took the parents out and on Wednesday I noticed more dying so with there water I moved them into a smaller tank (2foot) with just a sponge filter. The fry look like they are going weak, struggling to swim and dying. I have been feeding them at least 4 to 5 times a day minimum parents bred in a 5x2x2 now they are in a 8x2.5x2 Thanks Luke
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Hey I'm shutting down my 5ft and moving my fish into an established tank while I setup my new tank tomorrow. The tank won't be full of water till Tuesday so I need to keep the bacteria on my media alive until I can fill the sump back up. Its all bagged up so can I just drop it into the holding tank until Tuesday or is there another way of doing it? Cheers
  8. Frankenstein Fish Mod creates life with his bare hands!!!! Mwhahahaha It's Alive!! Pic was taken before all eggs hatched.. What am I going on about? Haha just did my first Suscesfull hand spawning and had about 99% hatch rate:) happy days!
  9. Hi all I'm having a lot of trouble raising my LG6 fry. I have a breeding colony of 2 males and 4 females all above 10cm. I'm onto my 5th lot of eggs in under 2 months. The first two hatched then a day later were dead. I went off and brought a tumbler off jgarner. 3rd lot I had I put in the tumbler 3-4 days after being laid. They hatched and after about 4 days in the tumbler I moved them into a fry saver with a air stone. The next day all but one were dead, this one went on to die two days later. Fourth batch I kept in the tumbler for 2 days longer. Took them out and put them in a fry saver after around a week in the tumbler, 20 of the 40 died withing the day so I put them back in the tumbler. I have 2 left out of them with another say 30-40 eggs in the tumbler with 2-3 shrimp. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? should I leave them in the tumbler longer? If so how long. If I leave them on the glass they get eaten. Water parameters are almost spot on. No ammo or nitrates or nitrites. Water changes every 5 days at 20%. Test the water every 2-3 days. I'm putting a lot of effort in with no outcome. I feed the parents sera plec wafers and have tried the fry on them but they don't touch them I don't know if its because they aren't old enough. Any help would be muchly appreciated. Cheers kylle
  10. Hi Guys, Just want to let all you shrimp lovers that we keep the following shrimp products in stock. Indian Almond Leaves Sera Shrimp Natural Ocean Nutrition Shrimp Wafers Hikari Shrimp Pellets Hikari Crab Cuisine If there are certain shrimp products that you are chasing, just let us know and we will do your best to get them in for you Regards Josh Aquariums Alive
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  12. Hey Guys, So ive noticed that one of my albino's has a weird red thing up its bum, which seems to have arms that are like moving around.... Not really sure what to make of it? Tried googling but not sure what to look for really... Any help would be great. Cheers Alex
  13. hi all, i just got a cabinet for my display tank, forgot to check the height first and my sump doesnt fit. setup a cannister for now until i get a new stand. is there a way to keep the bacteria in my sump (wet/dry) alive for 2-3 weeks. i probably wont need that long but just to be safe. i was thinking of putting an airstone under the media (30kg of scoria rock and some noodles, couple of hundred bio balls). would that help them at all? thanks mick
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. Hi Everyone, Just a quick message to remind you all that we at Aquariums Alive offer a 10% discount to all forum members (excludes packaged items). For example, if you buy a aqua nova 2000 canister filter that is $259 you will only pay $233.10! Just remember to let our staff know that you are a forum member to receive your discount. Hope to meet some of you soon. Regards Josh
  16. Hey guys Yesterday was the last day I owned Aquariums Alive So atm im unemployed and its all good Jason is now the new owner and he will now take over the AquariumsAlive username Josh is still employed there so the high service will be still be there I wish to thank all the customers over the years from myself Steve and Lynda Life now awaits in Sydney where I will be moving to in the next month or so Maybe Ill catch up with some people from here b4 then Thanx Brad
  17. Aquariums Alive, still Alive. New owners are taking over from 1st of December (Next Tuesday) and will be finishing out the lease in its current location prior to relocation to another site in Nerang. Josh will be staying on with the new owners to continue the excellent level of service that its customers are used to.
  18. Just wondering if anyone can throw me some tips to keeping thin val alive. It's just planted in plan old pea gravel so that's probably my first problem it's about 3" deep, but i've got 2 21w white tubes and 1 21w blue tube, on 4 hrs off 1 on 4 hrs. I add seachem flourish weekly and basically do nothing else. I'm guessing either a planted substrate or root ferts would help things along a lot?
  19. Hey people. Just dropped in to say Hi and let a few of you know I am still alive. Been very busy with work so no time for fish. Getting the interest back though. I think it is time to keep an eye on the forum to rebuild stocks again. Take it easy Phil
  20. Hey guys and girls The time had come and Im advertising my shop for sale Obviously its Aquariums Alive Im going to be moving to Sydney to be with my gf so I cant have both So any information can be found by contacting Myself at the shop Thank you everyone for supporting me in the years I have owned the shop Brad
  21. Hey all, I have just found 3-5 fry from my Julidichromis Ornatus, but I don't know how to keep them alive. lol. I have had some fry before, 2 from the julies and 2 from some maingano, but every single one of them have been eaten or have died. I have removed the fry, as well as their parents from my main tank, and have put them in a small 40cm*20cm tank. Was this the right move? and, I have two filters, but I'm not sure which to use, I have a 500L/H internal or one of those sponge filters. Except everytime I hook the sponge filter up to the air pump, it doesn't look like it is sucking anything in. Is this normal? Any help would be really appreciated, as I would like to be able to start keeping some fry alive. Thanks alot, Spits
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