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Found 12 results

  1. Just wondering if there are any around the Gold Coast? I am sure ive come past one, just cant remember where?
  2. Does anyone know where I can find Almond Leaves for my Discus Tank? Cheers, Wil.
  3. Been to 2 LFS in the last two days hunting IALs. Neither of them stock them anymore. One place which is seriously into shrimp said "That they don't get much call for them". How can that be with heaps of shrimp customers ? What's going on ? Anyway I know AOA sells the tea bags, but I like the look of the leaves in my tank. Anyone know who sells them at the moment ? Also looking for good leaf litter to add to my Rhad tanks to give it that authentic riparian look. Anyone know what local leaves are safe for fish? I know that Eucalypt leaves are bad news for fish, but a wonder if Lemon myrtle leaves or Mellaluca leaves might be ok? Anyone had any experience with native leaves in an aquarium ?
  4. Went thru Cairns recently and grabbed a heap of Indian almond leaves and a couple of seed pods. Anyone in brissie grown one successfully of do they need that coastal salt / sand mix .
  5. Hey all Just wondering if anyone has experience in drying Indian almond leaves so they are flat, the ones that fall off my tree shrivel up and I don't really want to put them in the tank like that
  6. hey dudes just wondering if this is a IAT https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-VO0IpRRBPS0/UA3ThdSq9fI/AAAAAAAAAm0/vynqe7Ruqko/s753/20120724_082238.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-VZjkNEAR5tU/UA3TlI5MhlI/AAAAAAAAAm8/dse44yHGaQ0/s753/20120724_082250.jpg https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-fLYD2Ukbi5w/UA3TskdmOiI/AAAAAAAAAnI/ZWP_EqTL9j0/s753/20120724_082305.jpg let me know if the links do not work.
  7. i got some great almond leaves from trevor ... i had never used them before so was a bit cautious, but when i put them in my 2 cory tanks .. boom , water change , leave in .. eggs everywhere for the next 2 or 3 days so i tried on ein my young pair of discus , same effect, eggs 2 days later . glad i tried them and thx to trev for great leaves Thomo
  8. I am considering getting some leaves for my tank as I have read how great they are for the fish - so am planning to toddle off to our sponsors this weekend for a supply. The only thing that is worrying me is will it provide food for cone snails? I have had these guys appear on and off - and the clown loaches are doing a good job keeping them down - but I worry if I put leaves in the bottom of the tank I could be introducing a steady diet for the snails? Anyone had any problems with the leaves and snails?
  9. Hi all, Does anybody know the scientific name of this tree ?????
  10. Hey guys and gals, Is there anywhere in Aus that sells Indian Almond Leaves that you can buy online? Also, has anyone bought them off ebay in the tea bags? If so, how long do you leave them in the tank for? Thanks, Josh
  11. Hi everyone, Only got into fish at beginning of the year but gees has the bug hit hard ... tanks everywhere 2200 L system in garage full of africans breeding, and couldn't resist getting the tapajos for the inside tank so my question is this : 1st of all any help regarding keeping these healthy would be appreciated. What in your opinion is the best/easiest way to keep the water right indian almond leaves or driftwood that leaches tannin ? or both ? I currently have them with sandie bottom a few rocks 4 pieces of driftwood 2 of them have large anubias on them, water seems fairly clear they don't seem to be eating a lot I have only owned them for 2 weeks they are F1s , I have 13 of them at roughly 8 to 10 cm in a 5 ft tank. I got given thera A large fish formula with them as that is what previous owner was feeding them what else is recommended. Any news on the eartheater site coming back to qldaf ? Thank you Fabs
  12. Apparently these leaves are good for fish (especially fighters). A shame I only have one lonely fighter as my backyard currently looks like this ........ If anyone wants some leaves, I am happy to give away as many as you can carry! Hahahaha .... only problem is I am in Cairns! And yeah, I'm serious, you are welcome to come & rake my yard! :woohoo: Kristy :puppy:
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