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Found 7 results

  1. Can't really believe I'm doing this, but I have for sale my quite large male Geophagus altifrons "Tocantins" variant 1. Absolutely stunning specimen, very attached to this fish because it's so perfect. Will only sell to an established colony so it can reproduce, and is the reason for sale as I don't have the space at this stage to keep an adult colony of my own. Sale type: EOI - I reserve the right to not sell, or choose who they go to. Type: Geophagus altifrons "Tocantins" Australian Variant 1 (Link) Quantity: 1 Size: 17CM Total Length not including trailers, possibly larger. Approximation. Age: Approximately 18 months. Pricing: $PM Me Reason for Sale: Would like to see him go to a larger tank with an established colony, 6x18+, he'll be a bit cramped in my 4x2 footprint. Growing out smaller S. leucosticta and he can be quite aggressive - with my A. heckelii going on Saturday this may cause issues. Necessary photo spam. All photos other than the last were mid-late January 2009. March 8. My Location: Up whoop-whoop in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, just off the highway. Contact: Reply, PM, or Phone/SMS 0421 187 453 Delivery?: Coming down on Saturday. $5 Northern Suburbs, $10 Southern Suburbs. Shipping?: Probably not. Cheers, Ryan.
  2. Hey guys Thought id Upload some pics of the tanks i have up and running. Sorry in advance for any dirty glass.(Forgot to clean altifrons glass). 1.) 4 x 2 x 2 Tank Bolivian Ram Geophagus Araguia Geophagus Braziliensis Geophagus Rio Branco FireMouths Blue Acara Female Bristlenose 2.) 4 x 2 x 2 Geophagus Altifrons Tocantins 3.) 3 x 2 x 2 Geophagus Tapajos Juvies Bolivian Ram (Bullied) 4.) 2 x 1.5 x1.5 (Temporary) Rivulatis/ Gold Saum/ Green Terror young adult. Enjoy!!! My 4 x 2 x 2 Geo Community Tank Geophagus Araguaia 12cm Female Same Same
  3. What is the growth rate of Geo Altifrons? Also I have read they grow to 12" does this sound right? when they say 12" are they talking about to the tip of the fin extensions?
  4. Do geos breed and raise fry in colonies or pairs only? I have a 6ft tank with 9 geo altifrons, a pair has dug a pit in 1 corner of the tank and both fish are chasing the others away if they come too close. Just wondering if this sounds like they have bred or getting ready to breed although I can not see any eggs anywhere. If they do breed in colonies what numbers and ratio m/f is best. Fish are all 10-13cms 6x2x2 tank.
  5. Ok Ryan,you may now pick it to pieces but i like it.
  6. tried to get some pics tonight
  7. Hi all, have anyone breed this guys before?? what size will they start breeding? Thanks. Thomas
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