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Found 14 results

  1. Has anyone ever grown it before in a tank or pond. Does it grow quickly or need any special ferts. Thought about buying it on eBay. Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
  2. {{{ EOI - AMAZON FISH COLLECTING & FISHING IN NOVEMBER }}} Anyone made redundant recently with a nice pay out or have some put aside for your jungle river dream adventure ?? Or just finished uni and keen for an adventure or have a round-the-world ticket on route for your new job and might want to start with a cool stop in Latin Americas We are joining a small group in South America later this November to go fishing and collecting. To help reduce costs for all, looking for more participants. Shortish notice but if you are keen and have most vaccinations already, then you are ahead. Drop me a PM for details. Gracias Ian Can only dream for this moment ...
  3. Here's my 5 foot lounge display and breeding tank of Japanese blue swords*
  4. Don't get caught selling it kids! Big fine. Noxious weed declarations | NSW Department of Primary Industries
  5. I have some amazons swords of some sort in pots.. I was wondering if they could be attached to driftwood with fishing line? thanks
  6. Inwatter Amazon LED's now available. - Inwatter Amazon is designed specifically for planted aquariums. It's high powered LEDs and optics provide great light penetration to the tank bottom for even light hungry plants such as glossostigma. 1 to 100% Dimming gives you full control on different lighting needs. Features: • 3watt CREE LED emitters • 60 degree convex optics • 1 to 100% dimming • Configurable Sunrise/Sunset timer setting • Passive cooling (no fans) • Adjustable legs and hanging mount (included with fixture) Priced from $599.00 for the 2ft unit. Demo unit now on display in store. Link, Age of Aquariums - Inwatter Amazon 40w - Freshwater Planted Ben
  7. I would like to setup a proper Biotype tank for my Fiance's Oscars, Im led to belive they are found in the Amazon Basin? anyone have some info on how I coudl setup the tank to properly match this for them? they are currently 10" and 8" (2 of them) and are in a 5x2x2 Im looking in the near future to setup a 8x3x2.5 sumped setup for them and am after as much info on how It should be setup for them to give them the most natrual habbitat and keep them as happy as possible as I feel the 5x2x2 is much to small for them even at there current size, I would go larger than 8x3x2.5 but I cna feel that is going to stretch my budget to the extreems not to mention space and weight of sutch a monster tank. The Ideas I had so far were not so much on the aquascape but more the tank design (will be getting Gary Maher to build more likely than not as all my other tanks are his (5x2x2 2x 18" cubes and 4x15x18) and I love his tanks. so Basicly id be going for a weir (is that what is called?) in each back corner of the tank. probably rather large ones as I want to filter this tank at least 3 times and hour due to the filthyness of the fish (current dual fx5 setup on there 5x2x2 lasts about 3 weeks before the foams need cleaning and they dont get fed that much!) probably going a 6x2x2 sump (cabinet will be 3.5 tall for better viewwing) and to accomodate the large sump, ive never really run a sump before, I tryed on my olf 5ft but it failed as i have no idea what im doing with them so i went back to canisters. so if people can give me advice and ideas would be great! (also plan to go with a 3d background but not sure on what to make it look like as im not sure about there natrual habbitat) Thanks in advance. (tank mates currently 2 silver dolars and a silver shark (dunon were silver sharks are from?)
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  9. i have recently planted some new amazon plants in my discus aquarium, and they have these long (35cm long) stems coming out of where they are growing from they have no leaves or anything coming off the stem. I have no idea what they are and they are growing really fast. are they bad? thanks guys =]
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  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Im thinking of doing up my 4ft into a amazon tank...only problem is that when ever i put plants in there they normally die after a few weeks. This could have been many factors but i want it to stop obviously. I had an internal filter which pumped out water pretty quickly so i believe the strongish current could have been the problem + fish + acidic levels ect. If anyone has a planted tank advise on the following would be handy -Current Ph is around 6.7 -Internal filter but will change to overhang to have no current -good lighting for 10hrs a day -3mm gravel + rocks + driftwood -Should i use aqaurium soil or something for the plants once i get them? -Feed plants what and how often? potassium??? ect -Nitrite/ammonia is basically 0 Advice please as im setting up tetra/discus in a month or so. Cheers, Brad
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