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  1. Hi there, I'm having a hard time maintaining soft water and low ph in my 1200 litre tank, due to time to cost restraints. so i'm thinking i might give up on uarus for now and shift over to something more tolerant of my tap water which is 7.6-7.8 and i believe about 80TDS so i'm fishing for suggestions on species which are readily available, have a good amount of character and grow LARGE (and i'm not really keen on oscars) I've never kept any tank busters before but i'm thinking at the moment i would like a green terror at least, maybe a red devil, trimac or veija sp. please give me your thoughts/opinions on 3-5 large fish that would get along in a 2.15mx0.9 wide x 0.75 tall tank with plenty of decor. i also really like fish that dig Thanks, Joel.
  2. Hi guys anyone know if you can get Monocirrhus polyacanthus (South American Leaf fish) in Australia?
  3. Looking for pics of ppls set ups. Changing from tangs to Americans in a display tank an wanna see some set ups. Going to go with a sandy coloured sand an wood with some rocks . Tanks 6x2x2
  4. Will post some more pics want to have black belts top tank agentas if i can find them in the middle tank and not sure about the bottom tank yet
  5. Couple photos of my tiger Oscars. Phone quality pics They are in a 6x2x2.5 with 11 silver dollars, a 12cm jag, 12cm jack Dempsey, 4 clown loaches, Albno sailfin. I do 40-50% water changes bi weekly. Regardless still full of tannins. Cheers Sent from my D6653 using Tapatalk
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Crap photo I know - But I thought a few of you might get a laugh out of this. P.S African won... (Moral of the story - don't get in the way of a breeding male when his girls are around!)
  8. Hey all, looking for some pics and a list of plants that I can successfully add to my 12ft monster American cichlid tank, need hardy plants that they won't eat. I'm not very knowledgable when it comes to plants so need some help! Cheers!!!
  9. hey guys just wanted to know what you guys see as the most underrated (readily) available american cichlid in australia? just to narrow things down a bit I'll get the ball rolling. for me it has to be the humble firemouth (thorichthys meeki) they are great and i think few people have ever seen a fully grown firemouth to understand how awesome they are. Im growing a little boy out at the moment in the 3 x 2 all to himself
  10. Hey guys, thought I would just post up a pic of my current 8ftx2x2 american community setup. It has been running for a couple of weeks and looks pretty good so far. I think it needs something still but I cant put my finger on what. Anyway, I still have to stick a background on (thinking dark blue) which will probably help a lot. I made a 3d background out of expanding 2 part poly foam but it shrank and **** itself so I got rid of it. The tank is running 2 x aquaone 2700UVC filters with MarinePure, micropore, matrix and the obligatory foam. Water is nice and clear! In hindsight, with the stand the way it is I should have done a sump, but NVM. Tank has 2 x brasiliensis, 1 x convict, 1 x green terror, 2 x blue acara, 3 x firemouths, 2 x ellioti and a large albino sailfin pleco. Next project is I have the 6x2x2 tank I am going to have a Dovii in. Currently ordering gravel and bits and pieces for it. Still deciding whether to flip off the canister filters on it and get an FX5 or something for it. This is a picture of the 6ft before I moved the fish out of it: So at the moment, looking around for a dovii or pair of dovii for the 6ft. If I get a single male I might look at putting a DJ in there too and maybe a jag. If I was to convert to a sump on that one I would need to make a new stand which is a pain in the arse, so might just stick with canisters. Suggestions on the 8ft? Like I said I think it needs something. Just not sure what!
  11. Just thought I'd post a few progress photos here, just 'cause I'm bored and I do love my fish Recently Dennison delivered my new 8x2x2 with a 6x1.5x1.5 sump, and the stand was built by my brother who is a boilermaker. Few photos taken tonight. The filtration at the moment is a 1800lph canister from their old 6ft tank (temporary, just until this tank is established), 3000lph eheim pump in the sump (will probably buy a higher powered pump down the track, just had this one sitting around) plus a 2200lph internal for added water movement. Not sure I have finished fiddling with the driftwood in the tank but will leave it be for a little while at least. and some of my current fish. I am also growing up some green severums, a brasiliensis, silver dollars, and albino sailfin plecos
  12. Don't think I will be there, but promises to be a good one.....
  13. Hey QLDAFers, I'm looking for an expert on american cichlids! I've just got given(yes free) a potential pair of trimac, they are only 6cm or so, They are pretty beaten up at the moment as they were in a tank with 5 trimacs aand when a pair formed, these guys got beaten up, so once the heal well, I'll take some pictures so the expert on americans can identify how pure they are. Thanks in advance guys Nathan
  14. The past weeks/months, I was generously been given/bought/adopted some nice american cichlids for my midlevel swimmers. I have 25cm blackbelt, 20cm synspillun, 20cm red devil 15cm possible flowerhorn/trimac and 20cm albino oscar. The blackbelt seems to be the bully (even chases my poor man's arowana) of all and the flowerhorn and oscar at the bottom of the pecking order. I would like to ask the American Keepers here what would be the next one I can add to the community. It needs to be big, colourful and doesn't eat anubias. Was originally contemplating on a huge frontosa but may not be suitable on the environment i have.
  15. Ok I want to start a thread to help ppl. Hatch there eggs without the parents We all know some fish just will not hatch and look after there fry Severums are one of the worst I have come across So I've taken the eggs ? What's next FJ Ps this is not for me. I know how although I'm sure I will learn something
  16. Hey guys, I recently split my apisto trio of cacatudous into their own 2 foot, and have moved 3/4 bristle noses into my Central tank, so now all I have left in my South American tank is 2 keyholes, 2 neons, a bn and a royal whiptail. I keep looking at the tank and feel as though tank mates are needed! I'm about to start a geo tank, so I won't be looking into them and I wanna keep the apistos in their own environments, I'm just stuck for ideas to add more tank mates to it. The tank is a 4x15x18 and has coralmax planted substrate with plenty of plants and filled with driftwood. I was thinking of some rams, but none of the balloon ones as IMO they are ugly. Just wondering what ideas others may have? Regards, Nathan
  17. After a smaller American cichlid? Something that will grow max 25cm, All types will be considerd thanks guys
  18. Thought I'd put up a pic of my attempt of an American community tank tank is 2440l x 600w x 700h all fish are only 4-5cm I'm putting a fair few fish in there to hopefully spread out the aggression as they get bigger stocking so far is 2 synspilium, 2 jack Dempsey, 2 jags, 2 green Texas, 2 braziliensis, 3 salvini, 3 green terrors and 3 clown loaches future fish 2 oscars 3 more clown loaches and 2 festae that are in another tank waiting for the other fish to get a bit bigger before they get added[ATTACH=CONFIG]45041[/ATTACH] looks a bit empty at the moment but not for long
  19. Was setting up my std 4fter for some geophagines and assorted tetras, however even though I have added driftwood I can't seem to keep the PH below 7.8. I dont really want to keep chemically lowering the ph and the tapwater is 7.2 so I think the double washed sand I bought from Bunnings may have some calcium carbonate in it. So thinking of replacing the driftwood with some base rock (anyone got some pls?) and putting in some display tangs such as fronties (yes I know how big they get) leleupi, black and gold comps and possibly a small occie colony down the end. Any ideas welcomed?
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  21. The water is getting murkier every day on what a blood parrot is, what a king kong parrot is, what a red texas is etc. A bit of a dilemma for the buyer who expects e.g. a parrot that will grow to maybe 15-18cms getting a midevilXparrot or FHXparrot that quickly grows to 30-35cm with damaging mouthparts. And the variability of so called red texas hybrids is even more confusing. Kind of like the difference between a bull terrier and a mini-fox terriers - both dogs and both terriers but that's where it ends. Its even more of a worry when you are breeding and want to get some uniform results. How useful would it be to develop some physical descriptions that a fish has to meet before it can be called and advertised as a blood parrot, KKP, RT etc and how would it best be done?
  22. Soooo.....I tried to increase my Cory population from the present 5 to 8, in my 6-footer that also has: 2 jags approx 22cm, 2 oscars 28cm Black belt 25cm 3 salvinis 15cm 2 convicts 3 loaches I have a pretty deep sand layer approx 12cm which gives awesome nitrate reducing, to the extent that I have an almost constant stream of bubbles and never register any nitrates on testing. My fish are about 7 mths in the tank and sorted off around 3-4 cm mark. The Cory's do an excellent job of digging around and releasing the gas hence why I wanted to increase the population. The Ams don't even notice the present fish but when I put the extras in they were eaten by day 2, (I suspect the Oscars but I can't prove it) yet still the original Corys are still happily digging in my sand. New fish were smaller than present Corys. Didn't think the Ams would be able to tell the new fish from the old, but there you go. Has anyone out there successfully introduced new fish into an established tank? Would like to know how Cheers Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  23. I'd never heard of wild fish getting obese to the point of liver damage! Apparently P.volitans does so well on cleaning out US fish stocks they've got issues with their waistlines...
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