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Found 71 results

  1. I've been outta this hobby for 3yrs but it me or is it that American cichlids aren't as popular anymore. Finding it really to find any breeders. In particular breeders if Silver Saums. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  2. EOI. I'm Looking for rare large growing Americans, cheers.
  3. Hey guys have an interesting situation happening In one of the tanks... I recently grabbed a bunch of what we commonly refer to as Saums (Gold and White) and well the interesting thing is a colony has formed as in 1 dominant boy(looks like there isn't even any other boys in this large group so wondering if hes destroyed any competition at a younger age! )and well he seems to have about 18 girls who he takes turns with depending on availability.....these guys have given me what seems to be a little factory of ongoing Saums!! I remove a pot..replace it..eggs within 48 hrs....and this is ongoing now....I have so many girls swimming around with tubes down..blackened and just waiting there turn...Ive never seen this personally and love to hear thoughts,experiences guys on an American breeding colony...its a Harem on steroids!!!...The best part is the Dad is a stunner!!
  4. Can you keep a saratoga with americans? I have a festae, red devil, gt, synspilum, jag all males and pleco and featherfin in an 8×2×2?
  5. Hey all, Thought Id share some pics of my Americans that Ive been keeping for the last few months.
  6. so bit of a change from africans,,,, picked up this beautifull 28cm jag and his little mate 17cm sg texas?, (camera phone not the best pics) love the jag some really nice deep purple along his back they follow each other around like best mates..
  7. Hey guys, So I've been keeping Africans for a couple of years now and was thinking of changing into Americans just for a change. I have a 4x2x2 tank with a 1400lhr filter. I was wondering what are the larger more colourful Americans I would be able to have and how many of each. I'm not looking to breed Oh and please no one say convicts :') Any other advice is greatly appreciated Thanks Roy
  8. Hi everyone I'm almost ready to start buying fish for my tank. I'm new to chiclads I'm after people's opinions on Americans v Africans What are the pros and cons of both? Which would you choose and which fish would u recommend? Thanks
  9. Hi all I have the chance to get a large (5 years old) black shark for nothing. Great looking and swims nicely I have NO knowledge on these guys and wanted to know if they mix it with Americans (all fish in my 10ft are bad boys and girls like red devil, Saratoga, festae, salvini, blackbelt, synspilum, etc...) Any ideas on compatability?
  10. So I'm setting up a 6x2x2 for Americans, and was wondering what you folks think is the most appropriate substrate for them. Thinking of stocking 1-2 oscars, couple blue acaras to start with, maybe a jaguar if I can get hold of one. Not really interested in a biotope just want fish to look good on it. Would something likes super white sand be an option? Seen some you tube vids with black substrate. Did this with my discus and looked awesome for 3-4 weeks then the fish decided they wanted to blend in, now have peppered fish. Does a darkly substrate make Americans lose colour/darken up? Keen to have some opinions
  11. I'm in the process of setting up an 8x2x2 and I am wondering what are good non aggressive Americans? I've got a colony of 11 Geophagus Altifrons coming and didn't know what else I should put in with them?
  12. My fenestratum and coatzacoalcos did the business. I’ve moved the eggs into a small tank, they’ve hatched a few weeks ago and there are now 15 around the 6mm mark. Tank is about 30 litres, has a light, bubbler, small stone substrate, and heater set at 28 degrees. No filter. I’ve been feeding them a pre-packaged food recommended by Exotic Fish (will have to check name tonight) plus some very fine guppy food. The tank is growing lots of brown algae including some tendril type stuff as it gets the sun through garage door window. I haven’t done any water changes as I’m afraid of sucking them out. Any tips on what I’m missing/doing wrong or what I should do next greatly appreciated. I plan to transfer of few of these to my main American tank if they get to a reasonable size. Any thoughts on what to do with the rest of them? PS - I've only been keeping fish 6months so be gentle
  13. I own: Festae dovii salvini Peacock Bass Looking for Freddy's But what else is nice and stunning to own for me. I some what don't want anything too common but open to any suggestion. Cheers James
  14. So I have a display tank with a mix of Americans with a school of tin foils. Yeah it's gonna be over stocked when they all get big but I will sell the ones doubled up when the time comes. I can't help my self I love there charisma and attitude and I just want one of everything;) Anyway just thought I'd make a remark on my geo Braziliensis that I had to get cause it looked awesome. I thought it would be the softy in the tank but boy was I wrong. He (I think) has had a bad day with the salvini and they have been having a spat with each other tonight, nothing serious like lip locking or anything just chasing each other in a circle like a tornado, and the geo is not backing down and even chasing that evil little salvini off, Good on him I say, they'll sort it out. Who would have thought he'd have it over a salvini? Those things are nutcases even my 20cm Escondido won't have a bar of them... Man I love Americans. Haha
  15. Hi all, I'm kinda new to keeping Americans. Had Africans for ages. Now want a change and just want maybe 2 big fish. My tank is 500 lts and pretty roomy. I'm thinking of getting a red dragon ( flower horn I think) with a big kok and a red devil or marble fenny. These should mix ok right? Next thing, I'm at ferny hills north Brisbane. Any one close with any of the above. Thank you. I want to buy today. Just don't want pay 3 times as much at a shop, but may have to. Tried getting onto flowerhornfun.com but you have to wait
  16. Just a few pics of some of my young americans...sexy young white rivulatus and some nice dempsey(and should have the ability to produce some ebjd so makes them 2 times yum)...
  17. I am looking at getting a turtle to add to my tank but i have a few questions first, have been researching but some questions I have do not seem to be answered. - By installing a UV light in the tank, will this be harmful for the fish? - Is a normal tube lighting not the same thing? - Jags as tank mates, are these a little too big and aggressive?
  18. Anyone know how this is going to go? i have a 5ft fish tank that i was thinking of having dwarfs in but i still like to have my big americans even if its only 2 or 3. So if i put them all together is this going to end badly or will it be alright? I was thinking as long as i keep to low aggression lvls it might alright but again i'm not really sure
  19. Hey guys i was doing some research on my turquoise cichlid and apparently they really only accpet food from the botton but when ever i feed them he has been eating so i am unsure whats going on there. However the thing i actually wanted to know was, do you feed any of your americans vegetables (apparently some like them) and if you do what vegies?
  20. Ok so in my 5ft I currently have a jd, a gt, a jag and a plec. Just wondering what catties ect I can have in their without them becoming food. Cheers Sam
  21. Tank is 5x2x2, 2000l/h external filter as well as a couple internals. Tank currently has two Bn and a jd. Just looking for a suggest list. The tank is for display. Cheers, Sam
  22. Thought i'd update the pics of our fish family, over the last few months tanks have changed and so have the fish, sold all our Africans. Our current family consists of, 4 Medium Sized EBJD's, 4 Juvi EBJD's 3 Split Gene Dempseys, The Eartheaters- 2 Rio Branco's, 1 Tapajos, 1 Araguaia, which are forsale, 5 Firemouths, 4 Salvini's, 12 Juvi Festae's, 1 Large Female Festae, 4 Gold Edge Rivalatus, 2 White Edge Rivalatus, 3 Rainbow Cichlids, 2 Kribensis, and some regular bristle noses.....think thats everyone.....apart from some L numbers that I want, im done buying fish now.....I think, just need somemore tanks. So heres some el-crapo phone pics
  23. Hey everyone just a few quick questions about south American cichlids I have looked a bit into these guys and have decided to set up a simple tank maybe 1 or 2 Rivulatus or perhaps something else. Looking for something a bit more "special" then your average varieties you find in the LFS. Any suggestions? And also from peoples experiences selecting fish I have heard the some south Americans will be dog ugly when they are young but grow into the mosts colourful fish? Also I have a colony of demasoni about 3m 12f all with straight bars breeding regularly never sold my fish before but wanted to know if anyone could tell me what they would be worth? They are young fish from different bloodlines some f are holding there first mouthfuls and others are fully grown matured and holding huge mouthfulls. Only 1 of the males is at full maturity the other 2 are around 3.5.I also live in bundaberg so you can't get these fish at any of the LFS here.
  24. Hey guys/girls, Just wondering how a 10-15cm saratoga would go with my texas, festae, red devil,dovii and jag all that size (biggest is the devil at 15cm). Theyre all getting along now they have since i got them when they were juvies, my brother is moving interstate and wants to offload his saratoga to me but i dont wanna take it and it outgrow them and kill everything, ive researched they can grow an inch a month and get pretty angry. Ive never had a saratoga and dont know what to expect..... What do guys think???? Thanks Corey
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