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Found 50 results

  1. Hi, I have just joined QLDAF am hopeful you may be able to help me. I bought my male angel along with 2 females about 3 weeks ago. They seemed fine initially but the male has gradually become lifeless, doesn't eat and seems to face upwards most of the time. When he does move he seems to be off balance and can even turn upside down and sideways. I have separated him from the main tank a day a go using existing water and gave him a double dose of Easy-Life fluid filter medium. Last night, I did a 100% water change thinking there could be some bacteria in the water but there has been no change. I have now given it a dose of Pimafex in case it is internal fungal. Other angels in the main tank are all doing fine. Can anyone offer a solution to my problem as I don't want to lose him. Many thanks
  2. Hello, Looking for some recommendations for the best place to buy Angel Fish - not looking for anything overly large - small is good. I am just setting up a new tank after being away from fish keeping for a number of years. I'm at Ormeau but willing to travel. Thanks in anticipation. Jeff.
  3. Hi there, I have an Angel fish with a white spot that suddenly appeared on her eye today. She has got fry at the moment is there anything I can treat her with that won't kill the fry. Also I don't know what the white spot is or what has caused it. There is only one other Angel fish and two bristle nose catfish on the tank. Any advice would be appreciated I will try an attach a photo
  4. Hi there, i have two Angel fish that have got fry, started off looking good, my angels were looking after their fry, but after a few days the fry started dying, a few at first then progressively more. When I only had about 10 left I moved them into another tank with a sponge filter, but they continued to die off until now I only have one left. Now my angels have got another batch of fry, they are at egg stage with wiggly tails. Any tips to help me try and save some of this batch? my tank has only got my angel pair in it no other fish. I use rain water for water changes. Any advice would be appreciated
  5. Just after people's opinions on a good pellet food for sub adult angles. Currently they eat a mix of frozen blood worms, freeze dries black worms, tetra bits and ocean nutrition flake. I am looking for something else to add to the mix to put in the auto feeder. Ideally I am looking for something similar in pellet size to the tetra bits seems anything smaller and they ignore it and their mouth can not take anything bigger just yet. I have tried some of the discus specific pellets and they refuse to eat it think it is a texture thing pellets that stay hard and sink tend to get left so pellets need to be floating/slow sinking kind. Flake on the other hand they gobble down just not auto feeder friendly. Has anyone had success with angels and a floating or semi floating pellet type food should love to hear some recommendations.
  6. How much is a nice 7cm tail to head lenth altum angel worth? I can get one but I'm not sure how much to pay. And yes, it is an altum . It was bought from pet city too.
  7. Hi all, I have a 200 ltr community tank, i have 4 Angel fish, two that seem to have paired up. Tonight when home from work i notice a heap of eggs on my cannister filter pipe. within a minute the male starts to eat the eggs, the best i could do was to use a small net and put them in a guppie breeder box hanging inside the tank (well i chucked it in a soon as i decided to try and save some eggs) The eggs aren't white but a light orange colour so they may be fertalised.... I have no more tanks to have set up as a fry tank (if I am lucky enough for them to hatch) Any ideas would be appreciated Cheers
  8. Im after an ID on a few small fish we caught in the cast net on the weekend in the Pine. I dont have a photo but they looked very similar to a typical angel fish but didnt have the long trailing pelvic fins. they were small just bigger than a 50c piece. Silver with a few black markings. Any ideas?
  9. Group shot FTS Another newcomer to the tank - Meet Diablo
  10. Hi, I'm after opinions please. I have an approx 4 year old Angel that has stopped swimming and is laying on it's side constantly. Will swim a little if nudged but otherwise it just lays there breathing (oddly its breathing looks normal). No visible signs of disease or trauma. All other tank mates are fine. 4ft tropical FW community tank. No new tank mates. Tank has been as is for over 2 years. I have checked water parameters and they are fine. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 10 nitrates, PH 6.5 (has always been this low, we are on tank water). I have done a 40% water change, salted the tank (no improvement) and then added Melafix (no improvement). We are now on day 6 and I'm not sure if I should try anything else or euthanize It's not eating and has lost weight. I don't want to lose this angel but I'm at a loss for what I can do to help it. It is currently in a XL mesh fry cage in the same tank. I hate seeing it laying there on its side. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.
  11. .ive got 2 nice pairs of angels that spawn regularly and as im working though the day, I cant feed the fry and im loosing them. has anyone got any ideas to help me out ??? cheers marty
  12. I have an angel that I got when I was quite small and have it in an community tank with other angels aswell as gouramies silver sharks etc, I feed my fish fairly heavily and do regular water changes, and this particular angel has grown to about 4 times bigger than the other angels. Over the last month or so has become quite aggressive toward the other fish in the tank. 3 of the angels have died and I'm assuming it was the angel that killed them, their fins were very tattered etc, my water parameters are all good and I keep my tank at 27 degrees. My question is there anything you can do to stop this behaviour or is it just a lost cause? Will I have to put it in a separate tank by itself? Cheers Ryan.
  13. Here are a couple of photos of my Andes fry. About 4 weeks old. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I got a pair of angels from [MENTION=10706]Robbo89[/MENTION] who got them off [MENTION=313]ssdiscus[/MENTION] and they spawned about a week after I got them. Unfortunately the eggs went rotten, so this time I'm going to put a wire cage over the eggs and put in some methyl blue. Looks like they will spawn again today. And here is a bad photo of the dad (I think lol) (he is a blue silver and the mum is a platinum)
  15. Hey all. Just a couple of pics of m y Angel fry. Dad is a yellow real scale & mum is a Ghost(i think this is right??) Got about 120ish. Their little bellies were full of freshly hatched BBS when i took the photos. Cheers
  16. I found 1 of my Juvi angel fish near the surface today & when i had a closer look it swam away slowly. Then i noticed every time it exhaled it looged like a dark coloured cloud came from it's gills? Now my fish are not smokers so this is baffling. subsequently it died about 15mins later. It wasn't bloated or gasping for air. It had full colour and looked in perfect condition. Any ideas would be helpful. All water parameters are spot on & temp is 27deg. Cheers, Troy
  17. Here are some shots of my new flame angel, an Aberrant morph. Very different and awesome! basically they lack most to all black pigment. This guys like a red hot fire cracker under the lights!
  18. hi.. I am interested in getting a regal angel but almost everything I read, and most pet store owners who I speak to say they are hard to keep because they are difficult eaters. Popular opinion is they starve to death. Alternatively I also like the purple mask angel but have heard similar stories... Has anyone had any success and could offer any advice. Thanks stuart.
  19. hey guys just getting into marine and setting up a 50gallon bowfront (aquaone ar980) and thought i would share a pic
  20. Hi I recently rescaped my 4 foot angel tank, the photos below are what it looks like after the rescaped. Any opinions on how to improve it?? I also have some thin val and Staurogyne Tropica available, planing to use the Staurogyne Tropica for the foreground, but not sure whether using the thin val for background or just let it out. Any suggestions on other selection of plants?? Tank: 48x15x18' Light: 54w T5Ho x 4 Substrate: Gravel (Can add Dino Dung) Co2: Planning to DIY FRONT VIEW
  21. Hi guys, i have kept fish for years, but since the passing of my 10 year old red devil, Bruiser, I thought I'd try my hand at tropicals. I have been getting some great help from Hung at red dragon aquatic, but i wont be over that way for a week or so, so i thought i might ask the question here. I had a case of white spot, i lost one hoplo and a cory, the only other fish that showed symptoms was a clown loach. to treat i upped the temp to 29 (From 26-27) and use protzin for the 6 day suggested cycle. The last 2 days my Gold Gourami and Angel did not look to be eating. I did a half water change yesterday (120lts) and all water tests are fine. when i get home from work today, the Gourami is gornski's and the Angel looks not much better. The angel also has a clear worm like poo hanging out. there are no visible signs on any other fish and they all seen healthy and active. they were being fed sera granules (looks like Nescafe abit) and recently changed to hikari micro wafers, to try and get the spiny eel to eat dry food. any thoughts and or help is muchly appreciated. thanks Bryan
  22. This male has really matured nicely. it displayed a leopard pattern when young but the smokey pattern has really kick in. It's also got some nice blue in the face and fins Your comments are welcomed cheers Matt
  23. Curious, were is the best place to get good quality angels, and what types are going to be easiest to keep yet look stunning in a 5x2x2, I can scape the tank to suit. also what are good and 'bio type' correct tank mates i could opt for if i go with Angels. also scaping ideas? live plants vs fake plants, substrate type/colour water movement? I know I can read on the net but nothing really better than getting the personal input of people localy and there experience. Basicly I guess you could say im after a QLDAF begginers to advanced guide on keeping/breeding Angels.
  24. hey i would like to get a pair off Peruvian angels never had a angel before so just wanted to hear your thoughts current tank stocking 75gal with 20 gal sump 5 tapajos 5 sterbai 2 rapheal cats 2 pictus cats 10 Buenos aires tetras 2 LFBN would they fit into the current tank ? water is just brisbane tap water buffered with IAL Cheers, Cliff
  25. hi all ive got a blue lipstick tang and an emperor angel in my tank, and have had them for quite a while now they have been behaving strangely lately and after some research, I havent really been able to find any explanation for it so what is happening is they are lying side by side (generally with the tang slightly below the emperor) and wiggling their fins and tails at each other (like i would expect from two fish who might be mating etc) ... the lipstick changes from a light blue colour to a darker blue colour (almost a dark greyish colour) im at a loss as to what they're doing, so if anyone has any thoughts please let me know! thanks heaps! simon
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