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Found 47 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm contemplating a sea change in one of my 5ft outdoor display tank. Currently housing various cichlids that I'm board with. Looking at changing over to a planted set up with fish such as the title suggests. I've never owned these fish before and have some questions. will they coexist? Do they share the same water parameters? Will they be suitable in a heated outdoor tank? Suitable substrate for plants? Suitable plants for these types of fish? Suitable lighting considering the tank gets morning sun From about 7am to 11am year round. There will be a few bn's in there to control algae but what damage will they do to the plants? Are these fish on par with cichlids as far as care demands or are they more temperamental and finicky? (I don't have a good track record with sensitive, delicate types of fish lol) and what are the main points to be aware of with these guys? Are they aggressive? Do they do better in large groups? If you were going to put these fish together what would be the ratios and how many of each type? What else would you put in there with them/in stead of them that are brightly coloured, active and do well in a community tank? the tank currently runs a 2000l canister, two large sponge filters and a 1200l internal filter that provides a decent flow that the cichlids love but will that be too strong for these types of fish? Im not completely stuck on the above types of fish but something along those lines, loads of color and activity is what I'm really aiming for. Any suggestions would be great! If you have a similar set up and can possibly share some photos for inspiration that would be AWSOME! Cheers
  2. Hi fishy friends, I was just out checking on my 6x2x2 as I put 5 young discus in last night and noticed my young pair (being qty 2) koi angels behaving badly chasing other fish away from one end of the tank. Well wonders never cease on an amazon sword leaf is a lot of eggs, weren't there earlier this morning. The fish are only about 5 - 6 cm in body. Well I think I can say they are a pair and if the eggs hatch then a breeding pair. In any case there is massive space for them and the other fish discus, electric blue ram pair and a young apisto pair should be managable for them. Not sure I can get a pic because I've scaped the tank for natural shadows and irregular shapes and branch placement and the sword is toward the back but I will try. Cheers all and Merry Christmas.
  3. Ok so i finally got myself a nice colony going with heaps of different bloodlines. So far they are still quite small, say 3cm-5cm aprox. I have 14 all up so i should def get a breeding pair trio. They are currently in my two foot tank but this weekend will be moved to my 4x18x18 once i catch and sell all my normal bn. So in the four foot i have five guppys, a male fighter, seven rummynose tetras and four corys. So nothing to eat or harm my peps. I may sell or move these fish but id like something to look at other then my shy peps I will post pics and update this like a blog, so if anyone else is contemplating breeding peps they can follow me. So thats where im at atm. I may move house yet but i will endeaver to not kill my peps in the process. Ill use as many pics and little words as possible to keep it interesting. Cheers Angel
  4. .My Angels laid eggs this afternoon and just wanting to get a rough idea of when they will hatch and then when they will become free swimming? Also should I keep feeding the parents as normal and when do I need to start feeding the fry? I'm assuming I need to feed them bbs when they are free swimming. Should I leave the parents in with them, or should I move the fry into a smaller tank? They are currently in a 60l tank.
  5. Thought id do a BIG thread full of pics of my fish and tanks. Phone quality, I have 36 pics all up, please don't comment until I get them all up, have to add five or so at a time, so bear with me ENJOY! I have a 6x18x18 5x2x2 4x18x18 4x2footers and a 20 litre fighter tank. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Just a quick one here all. When you see the length of Angels advertised. And they say 6" for instance. They "are" measuring from the tip of the dorsal fin to the tip of the anal fin right? Or is it from nose to tip of tail? Cheers...
  7. Well Im looking into setting up a live fish only tank in the near future with a bunch of liverock,etc and some guys Ive really taken a liking for are the larger angelfish... seriously what a beautiful group of fish :pop2:....I like the bigger guys and I'm really digging the Emperor angelfish,Majestic angelfish and the French angelfish....now the saddest thing is I am guessing keeping them together is probably unrealistic based on the chemistry...being the rookie I am in this field would there be any possibility in an 8ft/10ft tank if all introduced as juveniles...I'm guessing this might only buy time until they reach adult stages and then its gladiator games....and yep my super optimistic mindset has me thinking about trying to crack the breeding riddle of one of these variants...they have cracked it with some of the dwarf varieties but damn what a great challenge ...the fact they pr up and you can sex some of them(usually by size as with the Emperor angel) is already a big thumbs up in this confusing marine environment but yeah that's a long long way away so for the time being I'd love to hear thoughts/experiences with these guys and any opinions as to keeping more than one angelfish in a larger tank.... yes its time for some eye candy Emperor Angelfish Youngster: Adult: Majestic Angelfish Youngster: Adult: French Angelfish Youngster: Adult: Maybe my dream is not so far fetched.... Captive bred annularis angelfish from Bali Aquarich are real and they’re already here
  8. so, here it has come, the moment I've been waiting for. Months have passed and after deciding to plant the tank, my angels have spawned!! It's only the first spawn so i'm not TOO hopeful, but this could be an exciting display of things to come! Boy is the mummy proud, she lays her eggs and as I watch she finishes a line and wims over to me looking all excited, normally she snobs me, but boy is she a proud mumma! Here's some pics You can see the eggs, the proud mum laying and her male who is smaller than she sitting alongside. They've been chasing the other two ever since.
  9. Did a big water change today, to try to kick off the angelfish spawning, right on cue, the two of them started to clean up a spawning spot, the same spot she used last time. Lets see how it goes this time
  10. Thought id do a progression thread on my three Flowerhorns, i will try and do pics every wed Any info/advice etc welcome as im very new to these guys. I plan to keep only one, but will grow them as big as i can. Ok so ive got nick names kinda happening, and yes im a chic so they are kinda girly. Helps when im uploading pics So i will have seperate the posts as i can only do 5 pics at a time, Ill start with 'Little Miss' Shes the sweetest, least meanest but least colourfull.
  11. Only tablet quality, but ive been wanted to do a big thread like this for AGES, Stocking is located in my siggie Enjoy and please let me know what you guys think!
  12. So super super excited just ordered 3 red devil angels, should be arriving next Thursday or Friday Anyone kept them before? any tips would be great i have 4 footer beaming just waiting for them to arrive!
  13. Does anybody , Aquarium Shops , local breeders etc have these in the Brisbane area ? If so how expensive are they ? Does anybody know about what water conditions they require or any info on them at all . I have a 3foot(L) X18(W) x24(H) display tank I am considering setting up for them if I can find them and I can provide suitable conditions for them ( and can actually afford them ) Any info would be appreciated . I am not looking to buy them immediately but looking for info so if I can provide the correct conditions I can setup and cycle the tank prior to chasing them up .
  14. My two baby oscars in a 6x18x18, what do you think, camara and fish
  15. Just wanted to start a thread on my tanks. Only problem I have is my oscars are so clumsy doesnt matter what deco I put in there they hurt themselves!! Tips and thoughts appreciated. First pic is of both tanks. Can only post one pic at a time on mobiles.
  16. Hi all, i managed to drag the wife in to rpc today to have a look at some fish, she has fallen for angels, they look so gracious or something, so begins the planning, thinking maybe some sterbais or cory's? Can some larger types of tetras work with angels? Orwhat other kinds of fish? I also plan on planting the tank out a little bit, what are some tough plants for a first timer? Tank is 3x2x2 and planning on around 4-5 angels and maybe 10-15 smaller fish. Trying to get to a stage thats not so maintanance heavy like my cichlids, i'll part with them shortly and begin planting the tank before adding fish. Any ideas or opinions (good or bad) welcome as i've only kept african cichlids till now. Thanks, sam
  17. our pair of angels just decided to lay a good batch of eggs this arvo . they look nice & brown at moment so hoping we get good hatch ratio . just got to decide whether to remove eggs & hatch in seperate tank or take a chance with the parents .. only recently bought these as a pair so not sure on history .. defintly male / female though as i watched female lay eggs & male fertilize over them ..
  18. we got an new angel today and my other one is chase it around will the cool down and chill out ?
  19. Hey guys, I am wanting some silver angels, just your plain run of the mill silver angel but in looking around in some of my LFS's there doesn't seem to be anything decent. They all seem to be a bit off, crooked bars/lines or missing bars, not quite the right shape and alot them have fins all over the place, pairs of fins different lengths or crinkled up and skewiff. And it seems especially tough as there aren't many around, all the new breeds are all the rage. koi, blushing, sapphire etc Anyway, enough of my whinging, just after some straight, good quality silver angels, either a pair or half a dozen juvies to grow out to get a pair. Can anyone reccommend a breeder or shop to find what I'm looking for? Fishchicks would be the obvious answer but last time i was in there, the closest thing there were the 'manacopuru' scalare, very nice and tempting but Jodi-lea informed me they grow a fair bit larger than your regular angels which isn't ideal for me. Also checked the breeders registry with no luck. Thanks in advance, Beau
  20. This is the first time i have ever had any fish breed, We noticed just as the male was fertilizing the eggs, very interesting, Looking for opinions for the best chance of survival. I may have to move them other wise they will get sucked into the filter. also in the tank are BN's,Neons,Swords,Clouds,Danio's and More Angels
  21. just a quick question, we have a bgk thats about 15 to 18cm long, we are re-doing our 5ft tank and were wondering if we put him into it, can we still keep angels with him, maybe a couple discus later, the stock list we want would be, 1 x bgk, 2-4 discus, (don't have yet) 4-6 angels, (don't have yet) 2-3 plecos, 2 featherfin cattys, 4-6 clown loaches (small) (don't have yet) 4 paki loaches (don't have yet) couple bn, i know as some of these fish grow they will need to be moved, like the loaches can anybody see what might go wrong, or if we could add/remove the stock list, at the moment we are running a 1200ltr/hr canister filter, 2/3 large bio-filters, we can add another 1000ltr/hr canister if needed, but when i have everything ready we would be running a sump on it, any advice would be great,
  22. Hey guys recently have bought one of those aqua pro 2 ish foot tanks with the curved acrylic In it I have an Anubis on wood and 5 small angels is there any samll fish that would be nice to go with I'm new into these fish I'm usually with the jags devils togas and such Thanks in advance Tom
  23. So i picked these guys up the other day with some other fish as well, i have never kept these exact fish. How can i stop these Swordtails going the Angels? Angels are only small maybe size 20c to 50c piece size (body) Swords are that are giving them trouble are about 5cm (body) Any idea's other than splitting them up? If that is the only option would any one like to do swaps swordtails for whatever you got that will work lol.
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