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Found 5 results

  1. qldaf as a group support registered businesses as a whole. we stand firmly against backyard trading and have done for some time. this is not about breeders, but dry good and traders. we continue to support breeders (of fish and plants) strongly though our breeders register section. the reason for this stance is the following: 1. registered businesses have insurance. the consumer has protection via fair trade policies. back yard traders do not. (proof may be sought as to business practices from businesses without a store front.) 2. back yard import of dry goods may not have the required testing done to electrical goods. cheap imports have been a major issue in many trades, especially the building trade. qldaf does not support backyard imports that are not tested correctly to comply with australian statuary requirements. 3. registered businesses pay there taxes. 4. registered businesses actively employ young australians. qldaf for some time has allowed mention of non-sponsor businesses within limits in posts, and does not permit backyard trading. (our only limitation on naming businesses is staff or associates doing the naming - very loose rule). we have many stores that contribute to the qldaf who do not get public recognition. so to the change. In order to be clear in our support for the aquarium business members who continue to give good advice and support the forum rules: 1. all store owner who post on qldaf will be required to apply to have their store name as there user name 2. all store owners will be expected to obey the qldaf rules. they are welcome and encouraged to provide information to members. they are not to sell goods or promote goods in any way. sponsors alone have that right. 3. future qldaf sponsorship positions will be considered from store owners who are involved in the forum giving advice. 4. store owners may apply to have a staff member recognised on qldaf. same rules will apply. Thanks, Steve
  2. The admin and moderators of QLDAF are always planning for the future. Since it is a given that NSW will win not only tomorrow but for the foreseeable future, we are making changes 1. QLDAF will become NSWAF 2. The red is too close to maroon, so the default forum colour will be blue 3. Any moderator found supporting QLD will be removed 4. All members of QCG will be removed for those dodgy maroon shirts Have fun.........
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Just went into the fish room and found my Thorichthys Ellioti"s have laid eggs all over 2 peices of slate, that means 2 pair Wo Hoo. Waited so long to get some of these guys now l will have heaps.
  5. I am pleased to advise parishioners of the imminent forthcoming union between Johnny Jaguar and Felicity Festae. The couple are delighted and have been dancing for joy and kissing all day. The reception will be held at the community hall of Saint Eight by Two Display, and guests include, Percy Polleni, Danny Dovii, Jimmy Jaguar, Tommy Texas, Rebecca Rivulatus, and Carrie Cuban. Despite the protest from some of the guests, and the likelihood of trouble during and after the union, the couple refuse to consider consummating their union elsewhere. In view of some parishioner's objections to mixed race unions, any fruit of the union will be notified in the hybrid rectory, as opposed to the main chapel. Go in peace. kev
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