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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all. I have had these plants for a couple of weeks now (my first endevour into plants) and have noticed a big growth in the roots. My questions are, Should the roots be trimmed? Is it normal for anubias roots to grow this way? Will they try to bury into my substrate( pool filter sand) and if so, is this ok for the plants? sent from sony xperia via tapatalk
  2. Hey guys and gals, I've got some java ferns and anubias in my tank for a bit of green and have a few questions on splitting the plants so I can spread it out more. 1. Some of the JF have new plants stemming off from the leaves how would I remove them safely so that the new plant can grow? 2. How would I go about breaking off parts of both to make a new plant (splitting on plant into two separate plants)? 3. Best way to plant them Cheers, Adam
  3. We now have a range of plants available to be sent out except for WA (Customs) Anubias, Swords, Bolbitus, Microsorium and a few others. Comes potted with true root system. Click on the link and check them out.... Live Plants -
  4. I pulled down a tank last night and forgot to put a small piece if Nana or Petite back in the water I just found it now 12hrs later and its dried out but not to the point of going crunchy, I am now just floating it in my tank which gets dosed with flourish twice a week, Now will it come back, should I take all the leaves off and just float the rhyzome or is it a lost cause. Sent from my RM-821_apac_australia_new_zealand_218 using Tapatalk
  5. I acquired some Anubias that had been affected by BBA. So treated them with about 5+% bleach (as prescribed?) 2 minutes/rinse in fresh water. Placed them in recovery container .After a few days noticed the rhizome on some "going home" turning to mush. Have trimmed back to what seems like good flesh. Some are worse than others. Any expert help/advice to save these plants is much appreciated. Peter
  6. hey i was wondering if someone can help me im looking at selling some of my anubias and need some help with what type they are im pretty sure the seccond one is nana mini but what are the others?
  7. Ive recently decided to have a crack and some emersed crypt and anubias cultivation. Currently have 2 potted crypts (1 has been emersed for 3-4wks now, the other i just purchased today), and a bare root anubias i picked up today. Not sure what the crypts are in now but im thinking of repotting them anyway. For the crypts ive been considering just a sand/coco peat mix or one of the commercial plant substrates, amazonia i think it is? For the anubias i have no idea what to put it in? Any ideas?
  8. I have a community tropical tank where the anubias plants are being destroyed. My stock list is: Angels 2 x koi/marbled 2 x blue sapphire Tetras 2 large congos 5 beunosaires 5 Columbians Sharks 3 silver 1 albino rainbow 1 rainbow Catfish Large albino long fin Large albino common/longfin hybrid 2 peps 1 common bristle L397 L080 Sterabai, peppered, albino, juli corys 1 pictus 2 Hoplos 2 glass Loaches 5 asstd sized clown 2 kuhli 1 yoyo 2 kribensis Med sized black ghost knife 2 halfbeaks Bout it I think Any ideas on what's eating me plants? All help greatly appreciated Cheers Bryan
  9. Hi guys I was wondering if anyone could point me to a decent source of Anubis (not fussed what variant) not interested in on rock/wood/etc versions. Plant only Thanks
  10. Hi guys, Does anyone have experience keeping Green Terrors and Anubias in the same tank? I need some extra fill and want to get some large ones on driftwood, but there is no point wasting the money if they will just get shredded. Cheers, Jon.
  11. first of thanks to the people that sold me some plants or swapped for fish you guys are champions!!!!!!! so i got this nice pieces of timber and wanted to cover it with anubias put the call out on the forum and got lots of it (thanks again guys )finished work early today and got stuck in here are some pics the log then had all these small left overs so i did 1 more
  12. hey i have a problem with my anubias plant not sure wat type but i have 3 of them the 2 with the larger type leaves seem to be getting rips and holes through them and also each leaf has a brown edges all the way around them still plenty of green and looks great from a far but im worried if i leave it any longer it may be too far gone... i had a quick squiz on google yesterday and my problem may lie with pottasium mang....nte ANY TIPS MUCH APPRECIATED
  13. Looking for some anubias nana petite. Willing to pay shipping costs. Anyone seen any anywhere or heard of anyone growing the stuff? Pm me please. Thanks in advance. -Zane
  14. just want to know a price on 3 anubias plants one with 13 stems with leaves and 2 others with 9 stems with leaves???
  15. I put a few anubias in my tang tank a couple of weeks ago and I'm really happy with how it looks now. Only trouble is, they are slowly being eaten away by someone. I was under the impression anubias are less prone to being eaten by fish. Is that true? The fish I have in that tank are:- Black Calvus Gold Comps Sailfin Gibbicep Cuckoo Catfish Tret Brichardi Leptosoma Who is the most likely culprit?
  16. I am after a few anubias plants that i can attach to some existing driftwood in my aquarium. The LFS only seem to have them already attached to driftwood. Anyone know if you can source them not attached?
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