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Found 28 results

  1. cranky lil apisto caca
  2. Hey guys Still havnt stocked my 2ft tank >.<, currently thinking of getting a pair (m & f) of Apistogramma trifasciata. Would it be alright (space wise, compatiability etc) to add some green neons as dithers?
  3. Would appreciate an ID please i was told they are both male 'Nijsenni' but not 100% sure. Also could i get an ideal female ratio if both are male. Thank You in advance.
  4. FINALLY my apistogramma cacatuoides have spawned, have noticed my super orange female (mum) has coloured up and been hiding in one particular part of the tank among wood. Got the torch out and found a bunch of eggs!!!! she is guarding the eggs well, but hard to tell how big the spawn is!!!! very exciting
  5. Just pulled out the first batch of fry to be raised in my hangon fry box and I'm not sure if I've pulled them to early. I'd say they have just become swimmers however they aren't swimming much at the moment. I used an air line to syphon them out. I guess really only time will tell but I'm just curious as to what other members do. Cheers, Sam
  6. I just found that my female Apisto Cacatuoides Super Reds have laid a second batch of eggs only 7 days after they last laid, the other fry still arn't free swimming but mums looking after both batches. This is a film of them yesterday Apistogramma Cacatuoides breeding - YouTube and this is the eggs I found today
  7. Hey guys, Well all the africans have now been sold and I have an empty tank sitting there begging me to start my new adventure So I thought I'd do a progress journal thing as I haven't been able to find a 'apistos for dummies' anywhere and I'd love feedback from the gurus as I go as I want to do this %100 right. No more selling fish 4 months later as I find out they won't work. Ready? The tank is a 5x15x2 which I am looking at upgrading to either a 4 or 5x2x2 down the track so I have more room to scape. Substrate: I've read that sand works well for apistos so sand it is. I was thinking of having a light coloured sand to try and lighten the tank a little as with the tannis from everything it is going to be very dark. I'll also have leaf litter on the bottom until it annnoys me and then it'll probably just be the leaves in a filter bag in the canister. Filtration: At the moment I have two canisters on the tank one 800l/h and one 1400l/h. The only worry I have with filtration is the water movement it will create as I have been told apistos like still water so if anyone has any ideas on how I can still achieve over filtration on the tank but with less movement let me know. I was thinking of diffusing the output using maybe a sponge over the spray bars. Water Parametres: I'm planning on having the ph sit at around 6.5 and using the tannis from Indian almond leaves and drift wood to soften it. Hardscape: I want to try and achieve a complex environement using driftwood roots, plants and rocks. Not sure what plants to use though so advise away Stocking: Thinking 2 male cactoudies and 6 females, some form of tetra to fill out the top. I have a spotted raphael catfish that I am going to trial in the tank and see if he eats anything. I doubt he will as he is fat and more wobbles rather than swims. I'd also like to have maybe 3 L numbers in there. Well I think that's about it for first installment. More to follow as the tank develops and I'll be adding progress as I go
  8. My first batch of apisto babies born in September last year are parents! I am thinking there must be something in the water, my 2 foot tank which I was using as a grow out for them is now a nursery, I have 4 females with fry and 1 very smug male. My big concern is that the females get extremely protective of the fry and will have a go at each other. I also have other females that couldn't find a cave otherwise I might have had more with babies. I have placed indian almond leaves sideways in the sand to act as blockouts from each of the female parents hopefully that will minimise the aggression. For little fish they sure have moxy. I took some pics of them getting jiggy with it, eggs and the fry.
  9. Hey guys and girls, I thought i'd share with you all a few pics and details of my new apisto setup. I upgraded the apistos tank, so that my partner could move her fighters into a heated tank over winter, for the apistos i got a 2x18x15 setup of here from steveandjules, which i was meant to pick up friday morning... Well you know how they say if something can go wrong it will... Well it did.. yep thats right someone crashed into me, less than a k short of steveandjules house... gotta love my luck hey Anyway after the police showed up and did their thing they where nice enough to drop me around to steveandjules (i had a concussion) i explained to steve what had happened and he was nice enough to help me find a towtruck so i could get the mess which was my partners car home, so again steveandjules thank you. So after fridays false start, i drove my car down on saturday arvo and picked the tank up, this time I did not have an accident and the tank made it home in 1 piece. So after a few day procrastinating i finally got off my butt and set the apistos new home up, it took me all of about an hour to set it up (thats cleaning sand, driftwood, filling etc) which was nice considering the last few tanks i've had to setup have all been fairly big.
  10. what colour variant is this lil fella
  11. I'm looking at exploring into keeping Apisto's and have a go at breeding them. Will look at getting a pair or trio in a few weeks after tanks are fully cycled. Does anyone keep them in Toowoomba? oh an probably only after some cacs or the slightly easier ones to start off with cheers, Ashleigh
  12. Hi guys, Here are some pics of some Apistogramma Viejitas. These look totally different to most labelled Viejita in Aust that are actually Macmasteri and hoping they are the true Viejita, awaiting confirmation on Apistogramma forum by Mike Wise.
  13. Hi guys, Here are some gorgeous Apistogramma Viejita Golds. Not something you see every day
  14. Hi guys, Here are some piccies of some Apistogramma Hongsloi Type II;
  15. Hi guys, Here he is. Probably my favorite apisto. Guess what he is (including what colour form or region )
  16. Hi guys, Picked up a breeding pair of Apistogramma Trifasciata a little while ago and finally their first spawn Unfortunately with lemon tetras in the tank this will be long lived I am assuming I might consider removing them in the not so distant future and maybe then I will get some success with the spawning (does not bother me as it is a display tank not a breeding tank) Here is a pic; Mum guarding the eggs on the wood closely Adam
  17. Its taking a while but these little ones are growing up, starting to show a bit of colour. and a girl i think... thanks for looking
  18. Hey, Just thought I would put a few pics of the fry I'm currently growing out. There are 119 of them! Most are silver and black, some are yellow then only a couple of the white ones below. Only have a few of these cool white ones! My biggest A.Inka 50 fry Thanks for looking PS - The angels will be up for sale soon, if anyone is interested just PM.
  19. This is my new Apisto tank, Tank size is 2.5x12x18 (LxWxH), i have a pair of masken, and 4 panda corys in there, thinking of some kind of tetra, not sure what type yet. Suggestions?, or somthing other then tetra? Here it is, tell me what you think. Sorry about the iphone pics lol. Thanks for looking. any ideas to make it better are welcome.
  20. Hey Guys was wondering if anyone would be able to hazard a guess as to what Breed this Apisto is. thinking he might be a breed of Agazazzi but not to sure
  21. Hey, I have some apisto cacatoide fry that are about 2 months old and are about 1cm long. My question is at what age/size should I sell them at?? Cheers Marty
  22. Typical set up - leaves, pots and driftwood. I do use gravel on the bottom of my tanks. Originally I wanted to go bare bottom - but the fish didn't like it. Most literature reccomends sand - and it does look cooler. Note my breeding pots are a terracotta pot and saucer. I enlarge the drain hole and silicon together. This means I can easily move things by covering the hole and lifting the mother and babies to a different tank. Note the setup of my tanks allows the fish to see each other in adjacent tanks - hence generally no need for dithers. The fresa will not come near the camera. dithers - breed my own- always on hand My pride and joy is my wilhemi. Steve
  23. Hello all, Just wondering could I keep 10 day old apisto fry with just hatched blue rams wrigglers?? The apistos are in a 1ft with heater and double sponge filter. I have a fry saver but they can fit thru the holes.... Any help would be great!
  24. Hey, My apisto cacatoides have laid eggs which have since hactched and I have also taken out of the tank. My rams had fry but they soon got eaten so I didnt want the same with these. They would now be about 5-7 dyas old and are free swimming but still only tiny. I have been feeding them aquasonic complete fry starter, how long should I feed them this? When should I start feeding them other foods like baby brine shrimp?? Many thanks
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