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Found 46 results

  1. Hey guys, here are some recent snaps of new mod Daydream's breeding collection of apistogrammas so hope you enjoy. Note pictures are terrible no light in the garage so flash had to do, and the tanks have some dirty glass (dirty on the outside) but they are breeders not displays ; Also a big welcome to the new mod Daydream Apistogramma Cacatuoides
  2. Hi all, My Apistogramma Agassizii Double Red Female keeps killing her mates! she has gone through 3 so far.. can any one offer any advise? She keep chasing them to the top of the tank and never lets up till they are dead...
  3. Hello people ,looking for some apistogramma Inka for sale Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  4. Just wanted to share a few pics of my agasizzii fry! Also got a batch of borelli wrigglers I discovered while doing a water change.
  5. Hey guys, I've got 5 apisto cichlids in a 4x1.5x1.5 fully planted tank. They are 1m 2f cockatoo and 1m 1f borellii apisto. They are housed with 4 small >50m bn, a royal whiptail, a panda Cory and 2 neon tetras. My question is, is it normal for me to only ever see the males? Since going in the tank over a week ago, I haven't seen any of the females at all. Are they just guarding their own little territories in the plants? Regards, Nathan
  6. Took a trip to Fishchick's on Sunday. Saw these guys and could not resist bringing them home with me.
  7. Hey guys Was just re-scaping a bit of my tank, behold this is what I found (and so I decided to film it) Im worried that my disturbance (i rotated the rock) will inhibit survival of the eggs. It looks like she's eating the eggs Is there anything that I can do to help them? Also just realized while watching the female..... they can completely "remove" their stripes on their body at will!? what type of sorcery is this! (55 seconds)Edit - She still seems to be defending the eggs
  8. I love reading about fish I am interested in, but don't have any on apistos. I would love to get a good one to start off with as I know there is a big difference in quality and accuracy between books. Any recommendations would be great Thanx
  9. Hi Everyone I have a Apistogramma sp. "Steel Blue" or neon head as it was sold to me. I did originally have 5 of them but unfortunately I had a bad water change about 6 months ago and lost approx 50 fish (from varying tanks), so now I only have the one. Does anyone have any experience with these? I've only been able to find conflicting information on the WWW. Some say aggressive, others say not. Is he okay on his own or would he do better with a friend? He's currently alone in a 2ft tank with some corys. Up until a few days ago he was in there with two angels which have now moved into a bigger home. There were never any aggression issues between him and the angels. I won't be adding anything to this tank for a while as I'm having water issues (long story). Eventually, when the tanks settled, I want to move a school of white skirt tetras over from my big tank and possibly give this little guy a friend. There a plenty of plants, hidey holes and a biggish piece of driftwood in the tank. This little guy has actually claimed a tacky car wreck ornament as his home when he's not out and about. Here is a pic of him: So does he "need" a friend or will he be okay on his own with other species?
  10. Hey guys just a couple of pics showing the 3 x 2 Dwarf Cichlid / Apistogramma, and 4 x 2 Geo Eartheater tank after a rescape... Water in the 4 x 2 is still not as clear as id like it, but will give you an idea of the scape...... Apisto Tank Eartheater Tank
  11. A few of months ago I purchased my first Apistogramma's; a pair of A. gephyra (there were two distinct pairs in the tank). Now, I'm not new to keeping and breeding cichlids by any means (having kept and bred numerous African species now and in the past, and some New World as well), but I am new to the Apisto's. They are in a 2ftx1ftx18", aqua-scaped with river-rocks, an up-turned pot, driftwood, and various Echinodorus sp. pH is 6.0, hardness is 50ppm, temp. is 26 degrees Celsius. Ammonia/nitrite at zero. Water changes are done every week (25-50% alternating). They are housed with 8 Neon Tetra's, and their diet consists of Neon Tetra eggs (as my Neon's seem to be scattering eggs every other day), Frozen Rotifers, Frozen Daphnia, Frozen Brine Shrimp, Cyclopeeze, small slices of zucchini (which were originally placed in the tank for a small Bristle-nose who has since been re-housed into another tank, but the Apisto's love it, as do the Neon's), they also get peas (husks removed) about twice per week, live white worms & black worms weekly, a little flake, mosquito larvae (not so prolifically at the moment due to the cold weather),Sea-chem Fly Pupae/Wax-worms/Shrimp (broken up smaller for them). The male is approx. 4-4.5cm, and the female is approx. 2.5cm. Now so far as I've re-searched the male is at full size, but what about the female? Is she perhaps too small to breed yet. The male displays to her frequently, but she seems disinterested in him, even though when I purchased them they were quite clearly paired. Just wondering if anyone had any tips on breeding Apisto's at all, or anything they think I should change/do differently? NB: I have been trying to get some photo's of them, but just haven't got any decent one's yet (I'm not the most talented with a camera).
  12. Hi guys, I come across this a while go and forgot to share. It is about time I shared some awesome sites for you all. Here is one of high number of visited times haha...and is bookmarked on my computer; ƒAƒsƒXƒgƒOƒ‰ƒ}‚Ì’‡ŠÔy”M‘Ñ‹›}ŠÓƒŒƒˆƒ“ƒx[ƒ‹ƒAƒNƒAz Basically it is in another language so I have no idea what is going on, but the navigation bar is on the left hand side. By clicking each of them (you have no idea until you click one), then uploads a new page with English for us to view what type of apisto we are soon going to be looking at. By clicking on each of the links (sometimes multiple links per same apistogramma colour form) uploads a new page with an individual photo (hence the multiple links for the same colour form) of a gorgeous apistogramma. It is confusing a little I know, I am hopeless at explaining as well but be patient and go through the whole site thoroughly and be patient as the fish you like the most may be on a different link to that one you clicked. There are some gorgeous colour forms amongst it. There are hundreds of pictures to go through. You will be there for a while, but I promise you it is well worth it!!! So Apisto fans, tell me what you recon? What was your favorite colour forms and fish out of that site. Adam
  13. Hi guys Just a quick one. I noticed last night that my apisto is just sitting I'n the one spot with his mouth open. He doesn't close it it's really wierd. He is usually very shy and try's to hide but he has been sitting I'n the open with his mouth open. I'm not sure if he's eating or not but his colour seems normal and doesn't otherwise seem stressed. I checked my water parameters and I had some ammonia but not a dangerous level. I did a water change anyway to make sure last night and he was still the same this morning. Lol fish can't suffer from lock jaw can they lol??? Thanks Luke
  14. Hi guys, Picked up a pair of young quality Apistogramma Borellii Opals from Fishchicks that were European bred the other day. The pair at Jodi's looked stunning before coming home to a boring bright white tank. This is them in their holding tank in a bare as hell 3 foot with the worst lighting, brightest sand and no real shelter apparent in the pictures (is two or three apisto caves for them and also lots of wood present just the tank is a tad big and photos did not show it). They will be going into my 45cm tank for growing out then being released into their own 3 foot once they are of a touch more size. Cannot wait for these guys to grow up will be beautiful and I can promise you, these will be bred for lots of fry on the GC PLEASE EXCUSE the algae and water marks on the tank (havent had time) and please excuse the poor colouration of the apistogrammas, as you would expect with nothing but white substrate and no darks or greens or tonnes of wood for them to inhabit at the moment. All that will CHANGE as of tomorrow and new pictures will be added at end of week Male;
  15. Hi guys, I just acquired a breeding pair of Apistogramma Trifasciata. These photos were taken on early days of the fish settling in within the first week so not showing their best like they are now, absolutely stunning now. I will get a picture of the fish later this week as they are looking stunning now and will upload the ones of them now later on this week. Damn co2 diffuser dispersing co2 ruined this shot Thanks, Adam
  16. Hi guys, I have read during the week that the orders of Peruvian apistogramma being shipped to America and Canada are suffering mass losses of late(two orders). These losses occur within a week of arriving at first site. The good news is due to the pipeline to here fish from Peru must go Asia and then to here, we are not allowed to import direct. This means two sets of quarantine so we will not see the sick fish arrive here. The die offs are occuring within 1 week, so given the length of our quarantine we will not see the mass die offs affecting fish that get here. The bad news is that if they do not figure out what is going on we may well see no more wild caught fish coming through here. This in conjunction with the change of rules at the end of the year may mean the end of wild caughts. If you are thinking apisto I would not sit on the sidelines and wait too long. We may be seeing our last fish now. Peru Apisto Order...NO GOOD! - Apistogramma Forums - The Dwarf Cichlid Connection [
  17. This is my 4fter. Set up for apistos. Its a work in progress at the moment but slowly getting there. Going to try find more driftwood and add more leaves. Should be getting my fish next week Also wanting to add lily pipes soon. The green crap is annoying me Thanks zac
  18. Hi guys and girls, Some pics from my planted tank. Please feel free to leave comments... Cherry Shrimp Bye Bye Cherry Shrimp - Apistogramma Panduro WC (Male) Apistogramma Panduro WC Male
  19. http://www.monsterfishkeepers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=376231 Just seen this on MFK
  20. Hey, I got a pair of Masken at fish chicks last Friday and yesterday morning i turned the light on before work and both the male and female had lost the colour, i was a bit worried but when i got home from work there colour was back to normal, now is this somthing i should worry about? or were they just in shock from the sudden light? any help would be great, Thanks.
  21. Hi guys and girls, In my Geophagus Tapajos tank there are also some lovely Apistogrammas in there. Before anyone critics why, it is simply because the Apistos and the Geos never bother another and if a Geo comes within the Apistos area then BOOM the Geo gets it and the Apisto is more feisty than the Geo any day of the week. They are not big enough for the Geos mouth no chance in hell!!!! Until I found out tonight I was wrong. They get fed 3 times a day and just got their daily water change so unsure why it decided the apisto was an expensive snack after scoffing down a feed of live blackworm an hour earlier. Apistogramma Bitaeniata was the Apisto of choice for the Geo to be precise. They are growing at a rapid rate from small fry and are at about 3cms now with largest being 4cms. The smallest one however was no match for one of my dominant Geophagus Tapajos tonight who thought it would be awesome to munch on him head first leaving his tail wriggling around while he was still alive in the Geo's mouth. I had to become fish vet for the evening and catch the geo and try and save the poor Apistogramma however it was too late RIP APISTO I got action shots for those who want to look at the fat guts (got so bloody mad at him too wanted to stab him for doing it but it is not his fault after all) Will upload the youtube link of tank soon including it holding the apisto in its mouth Adam
  22. Took some videos of some of my Apistogrammas so that I had something better than still photos to show. All fish are for sale in the live goods section. =) First vid, A. viejita 'Super Red' male http://vimeo.com/14476602
  23. I'm thinking of remodeling my 6x2x2, and I've been thinking about setting it up as an apistogramma tank. I'm just wondering if any forum members have had an appisto tank this big, or have any advice on substate, filtration and setup. I dont know which types I'd be looking at just toying with the idea. I'd still like to keep my pictus and corys as well. Thanks for any help.
  24. Took me ages this morning, but got some great shots of my new Apistos. From Jodi, of course. =)
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