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  1. I seem to recall someone on here being a teacher with a good Aqua phonics set up at their school. I am chasing this person for a bit of guidance for another school set up.
  2. Has anyone looked into these tank and stand combos? http://www.aquaone.com.au/2015-04-16-04-47-04/2015-04-16-06-00-17/aquariums/item/3157-56168 They look like a pretty neat little setup for the money. I am thinking of one for a small planted display tank (comes with T8 if I remember correctly) to keep a few bristles, some tetras and some shrimp. I have a better filter to replace the under powered hang on one that comes with it. Opinions?
  3. My cf1000 has leaky taps, they were only replaced about 8-9months ago and up untill the last filter clean was all good but when i put it all back together it was leaking like crazy from the taps. Im out of work currently so would prefer it if i didnt have to replace them again. Any suggestions? Have tried thread seal tape but still getting a steady drip
  4. First bottle in my aqua one nano co2 kit lasted maybe 3 weeks, not sure if thats normal but i did expect longer. Latest bottle not even 2 weeks and we are empty. At $35 a pop its in excess of $10 a week on co2. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? I want to upgrade the a refillable cylinder but the initial price is a bit much for me at the moment
  5. I got an Aqua one nano co2 a few weeks ago, seems im starting to run out of gas. The aqua one replacments are approx $34. Just wondering if this kit is compatable with painball cylinders at all or any other cheaper brands.
  6. has any one got one ?Aqua One Mini Reef Series available in 90, 120 and 150l and not a bad price to I just had a look at a 120l new for $700 complete with lights, marine-reef filtration and a Skimmer any way what r like pro and the cons
  7. Hi All Was just after some information on the Aqua One T8 Led Tubes Upgrading my Aqua One AR980 from fluro's to Leds, saw these on line, but can't find any info on the Kelvin ratings, I want to be able to grow moderate hard plants, On a budget, and can get these locally Thanks
  8. After much thought and deliberation, I have decided to build a planted tank. I have done a lot of reading and research on the topic and have decided to purchase the following products next week: Aqua Manta Xanti 40L (60(L)x26(W)x27.5(H)cm) - I would have loved to get a customer tank built but $$$ is limited. Aqua One Nano Co2 Kit Aqua One Plant Glo (45cm, 18W) I feel like this will be enough to get me started, however as a planted tank newbie, I'd love to be corrected if I am wrong! The Mantis has been kind enough to give me some fantastic advice regarding planted tank set ups, particularly HC. I am hoping to use (assuming I can get my hands on them) the following plants: Mini Rose Moss Bamboo Plant Egleria Fluctuans Dwarf Hairgrass Eriocaulon Cinerum Hemianthus Callitrichoides Water Violet Whorled Pennywort Sulawesi Plant Pogostemon Erectus Crsystalwart Now I know it'd be ridiculous and adventageous to put all of these plants into ONE planted aquarium, but I don't anticipate being able to find and purchase all of them... so I put it to the people, what do you think would be good combinations? Have any of you used these plants before? My next question is regarding substrate. I've done a lot of research on the best substrates for planted tanks but I am getting a lot of conflicting information. What would you all recommend as the best substrate/s for a planted tank? I promise you'll all get photos as soon as it all get's going... I also have a sketch/plan I will post ASAP! I will be keeping Crystal Red and Crystal Black shrimp in the tank... so I am aiming to create a pretty epic landscape for them. I should probably also add that I have my rocks picked out and ready to go after a trip to the sunshine coast last week. They're black with white 'veins'. Although I cut up my knees, hands and feet... it was so worth it. They're nice rocks. Who knew you could get so excited about rocks? Happy fish keeping and I hope this post finds you well!
  9. Hi. Does anyone possibly know if Aqua Medic CO2 regulators will fit Ista CO2 cylinders? I was looking at an Ista cylinder yesterday but it looks like the fitting may be a little small. Where the regulator meets the cylinder, the diameter looks to be 12mm on the regulator side. If there isn't a direct fit, does anyone know of an adapter or cleaver plumbing solution? Cheers.
  10. Hey all is the aqua one presicion 7500 twin output strong enough to power two sponge filters?
  11. Hi [MENTION=1338]The Tech Den[/MENTION], Can you supply Aqua One 3 & 5 Litre breeder nets? I am after 5 by 3 litre breeder nets and 4 by 5 litre breeder nets. Cheers
  12. Aqua Illumination AI PRIME Led's Arriving next week at AOA. Priced at the Bargain price of only $299.00 each. That is exceptional buying when considering the build quality and specifications. Link - Age of Aquariums - AI PRIME LEDS One Light to Rule Them All With built-in Wi-Fi, the AI Prime® is brilliantly simple to use. Connect to one and it becomes the parent, controlling all other Prime children automatically. No Controller Needed There`s no need to buy an additional controller just to be able to use your light properly, the AI Prime® has control built-in. Just use your iOS, Android or internet-connected device to control the Prime, anywhere in the world! Spectrum The Prime continues the AI product line`s legacy of full spectrum performance with an output that exceeds the visible light spectrum, providing your livestock with the light they crave. Power Output With a spread of 18" x 18", the AI Prime® has a peak PAR of 500µMol at a depth of 12 inches, more than enough for your hungriest of livestock. Drawing a maximum of 50 watts from the wall, it follows in the family’s efficient footsteps. Optics The AI Prime® comes standard with 80 degree lenses giving you the best balance of power and spread. Our lens optics are custom designed, boasting greater than 90% optical efficiency and including a diffuse exit surface to provide improved color blending. Affordable At a price of only $299, it`s hard to imagine getting a better bang for your buck. Specifications Dimensions: 4.88" x 4.88" x 1.34" Power Consumption: 45 watts at full power Universal input voltage (100 to 240VAC / 50-60Hz) 10 ft. cable 7 different colors of LED diodes Total of 13 LED`s Wifi Enabled LED`s 4 - Cree XP-G2 Cool White (> 70 CRI) 1 - OSRAM OSLON Deep Red 1 - Cree XP-E2 Green 3 - Cree XP-E2 Blue 2 - OSRAM SQUARE Deep Blue 1 - SemiLED 415nm Violet 1 - SemiLED 405nm UV What`s in the Box AI Prime Power Adapter Quick Start Guide Mounting options: Hanging Kit or Tank Mount available separately.
  13. have a aqua nova 1200 canister filter, taps are leaking all ready!! (less than a year old) anyone know if the taps can be brought seperate or there is 2 o rings in there, should i just pull them out and stick new o rings in.. thanks for any help.. luckily i got 2 canisters runin on the tank,, the other aqua is at least 3yrs old never replaced anything still going strong.. ( oh yeah its the turn taps it self, not where they click to canister)
  14. ..Hi guys, Just want to know if anyone uses Up Aqua Shrimp Sand. I've looked around and it has some mixed reviews. I have it in one of my tanks and it seems to be ok but still early days I think. Just want to get everyone's experiences if any.
  15. Aqua Illumination has arrived at AOA. We have the Hydra Twenty Six & Hydra Fifty Two's in both white & black with all the mounting options along with the AI Controller & Director all in stock !!. Priced at $499.00 for the Twenty Six & $699.00 for the Fifty Two ( usual discounts apply ) Links - Age of Aquariums - Hydra LED's & Age of Aquariums - Mounting options Ben
  16. Hi Aquaholics, I am considering buying a 1400lph aqua one for my 4ft turtle tank. Do you think this is appropriate and do you sell any Turtle docks?
  17. Hi All. Great price if you ever wanted to try K1. Link - Age of Aquariums - Evolution Aqua K1 Kaldnes 1 Litre Ben
  18. For the serious fish room / pond. The Aqua UltraViolet 57w Twist UV is on Special today for the great price of only $699.00 Link - Age of Aquariums - Aqua Ultraviolet Twist 57w Aqua Ultraviolet Twist UV's are designed with a rotating union in the body for flexibility of installation. Easily place the inlet & outlet in a position to fit your plumbing schematic. Aqua Ultraviolet UV'S are the premium choice for water sterilization for a 1400 litre salt water aquarium or up to 11000 litres for fresh. When used as a sterilizer it will control the amount of harmful bacteria creating a healthier environment for your tank's ecosystem. When used as a clarifier it will clear ponds up 25000 litres (respectively) with 50% to 75 % plant coverage. Why Aqua Ultraviolet is different - Industry's longest lamp life: 14 months Destroys harmful bacteria and Protozoa Quartz Sleeve allows for 99.9% transmission rate 2" Inlet / outlet allows for easy connection Clear quartz viewing area tells you your lamp is on Designed for both indoor and outdoor use Manufactured in the U.S.A Limited life time warranty on housing
  19. Hi All, I had a bit of search prior to asking this and can not seem to find anything relevant. Has anyone modified their AR980 to take an external canister filter. I am a bit over the current filter system under the hood,I just do not seem to be achieving the water clarity I would like.I always seem to have bits floating around in the water. Originally I had from top down,filter wool under the spray bar,coarse sponge,three layers of micro pad then the ceramic noodles. I felt that because I was so densely packed with media,that I was getting by pass,hence the particles in the water. I have since removed two layers of the micro pads and have noticed less particles. So I am wondering if by going to a canister filter,I can improve things. If anyone has or could direct me to step by step instructions it would appreciated. Thank you. Andy
  20. The Aqua Zonic G2 Titan Heaters in 600w, 1000w and 1500w are due to hit Australia Mid August with some big improvements on the previous model. We are taking preorders at this stage and expect to be sold out on arrival and I think the first shipment is almost all sold already. For Starters - the electronics are not in the main unit - they are a separate controller, this will be a good way of going and avoiding any issues with the water and electronics. They also have a feature where they have a half power control so you can reduce the power usage by 50%. I think the 50% off would be handy where you are looking at extending and going on a rack system where you might be adding tanks at a later stage and might need the extra power. The option of using it to expand with out buying an additional unit. The 50% off will use just one of the two elements. Safety Auto Off Double Heating Units Temperature Precision +-.5c Fresh and Saltwater Multiple Heating Options Shatter Resistant Quartz Glass LED Water Temperature Display Plastic Cage to Protect Fish Anyway here is what they look like.....pricing is on the link and priced a lot better than the previous ones. Aqua Zonic Titan 600w Heater Aqua Zonic Titan 1000w Heater Aqua Zonic Titan 1500w Heater
  21. I have 5 x 300watt Aqua One Thermosafe heaters, 2 have failed now - light is on but they dont get hot. One was like this straight out the box, now one has failed about 12 months later. Anyone else had trouble with these? They have warranty but I cant trust them now.
  22. Hi guys just a question for the AQUA ZONIC EVO E08 SUBMERSIBLE WATER PUMP, it says it puts out 6000 LPH with a max head height of 5.5m but just wondering how much water it would put out with a head height of 1.5m? I can find the charts online anywhere. Also is this pump a good pump for a 4ft sump for an 8x2x2 fishtank or should i use the nxt size down? I have 2 x 1.5" overflows on the maintank.
  23. Anyone know if a aqua zonic miracle led 4ft would be suitabke on a 4x2x2 with anubis and firemouths ?? the plants are my main query i know the fish will be fine ???? thanks
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