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Found 15 results

  1. I have a 65L Aquaone tank (with hood) currently cycled, planted and stocked with 1 Betta and about 6-10 cherry shrimp. I was until recently running an aquael turbo 500 internal filter which was brilliant, but it had a fault where water was getting into the sealed motor chamber, and that 5/4 times turning the pump on/off at the outlet it would fail to do anything other than make horrible whirring noises. So obviously with the unit being less than 4 months old I had to return it. Since they have gone up massively in price, are out of stock in the LFS and hardly anyone in QLD even sells them anymore I swapped it at the LFS for an otto PF200N. I was told that they can be great little units, but the otto has waaaay to much current output for the tank and Mr Fish is getting blown around the tank and is not happy at all. It's also the loudest internal filter I've ever used and living in a small one bed apartment this is a major NO NO. I am currently running a small hang on filter until I find the right internal but it is limited in the amount of media I can use in the chamber. I'm not keen on a canister filter since I have a dog and all it would take is for her to chew an inlet/outlet tube and my whole apartment is flooded. What would anyone recommend for internal filters with large media chambers that are QUIET. Thrown in a pic of the tank so you can get an idea of what size filter I am looking at. Shown is the old Aquael. Anyway, thanks in advance for anyone who can offer their experiences on internal filters. Kritta.
  2. When we saw this tank at the Pet Expo recently showing off its stylish design we just had to take it home and is now on display in the store. The planted layout was designed by John Bailey from R&J Aquatics and Pets specifically for the trade show, some may recognise the name as the previous owner of the forum. Unfortunately we had to transport it so it had to be dismantled and we have redone the scape adding a few extra plants. The Glossy tanks will be available through us and ordered in as required and comes with the tank stand and as well as the LED light - the lighting is what sets this tank apart from other planted tanks as the LED is in a tube style allowing the twin LED light modules to be directed highlighting specific area's. If you are looking at a Elegant Display planted tank - pop on in and see the tank - the pictures just do not do the tank justice. Aquael Glossy 4ft with LED Lighting
  3. Too many in stock and priced to clear excess. $319 Less your discount will make these a awesome buy under the $300 mark. I do not ever remember seeing them for this low price ever. With the Australian Dollar performing the way it is - this is the ideal time to grab one. Limited stock available at this price!! Deal of the Day - Aquarium products best deal for your fishtank
  4. One of the best pumps on the market now at a great price. $130-$170 off- but then you get your discount which means... There will be a limited amount available at this price and the special can finish at any time. Get the 10,000lph for just $310.50 including your discount Get the 15,000lph for just $346.50 including your discount Get the 20,000lph for just $399.10 including your discount Get the 25,000lph for just $476.10 including your discount These are not cheap Chinese made pumps - they are quality.... modern asynchronous engine quiet operation and highest efficiency ceramic shaft providing the highest durability threaded intake and outlet large surface pre-filter allows for less often maintenance thermal switch protection 10 meter power cord
  5. Thought I would add this video. I have this on the same timer as my lights, this gives the fish a break and helps stop debris from settling during feeding times. Sorry about the quality. cheers, Dan
  6. .I have a aquael mini running on a 1 foot cube and a turbo running on a 2foot tank. I go these of Tech Den... So far I am happy. I like the simple practical side of both filters. The problem with many internals is cleaning is not easy. Yes, I am a lazy hobbyist. The sponge just drops straight down and off so easy to clean. The turbo has the sponge and then bio filtration so it is a system that makes sense. I first noticed the range when visiting a LFS in Lismore with a range of Nano tanks using this gear amongst others. The light range is funky being waterproof. Anyone else running this gear add your thoughts.
  7. ..We received an offer for some of the Aquael Pond Filters and Pond Systems and we just had to jump on these. Due to the price we got them for, we are taking 30% off and you still get your QLDAF discount off that again! To give you an idea just how good these prices are do a google search on the Aquael Klarjet 15000 and compare the prices. The Klarjet 15000 is designed for ponds up to 15000 liters - it comes with a Aquael PFN 7500 pump (we normally sell this for $219 by itself) and a massive filter box 52x100x75cm with media and also includes a 11 watt UV and comes with a 2 Year Warranty. By the time you take off all the discounts - the QLDAF Member Price ends up a bargain price of $472.50 With a bit of thought you might find these useful with IBC's too. Anyway - here is the link to all the specials so check them out... Aquael Pond Filters
  8. We have taken up a awesome deal and passing on the savings on the Aquael Circulator 1000 lph Powerhead. 50% off is good but even better when you still get the QLDAF 10% discount off that. These are not a cheap Chinese made unit they are quality ceramic shaft European made Powerhead. This is well below the normal wholesale price. Deal of the Day - Aquael Powerhead 1000lph
  9. Hi guys, I am thinking of getting a Aquael Turbo 1500 Internal Filter as my old internal broke. I already have a cannister filter so it's not going to be the only one. has anybody on here got one or have owned one can you tell me if they are any good. Thanks Breno
  10. Hi guys, i'm starting to set up my newly bought 4 x 2 x 2.5 tank and I'm wanting to put something in for water flow. Should I just get a circulator or go with an internal filter which will also give me some extra filtration at the same time. Aquael circulator vs the Aquael Internal Filter 500lph?
  11. Hi All. Absolute bargain price on the quietest & most energy efficient external canister filter on the market today. Made in Europe and being sold today for the price of a cheap chinese made unit. Link - Age of Aquariums - Aquael MidiKani 800 Ben
  12. You will appreciate this one - how about pumping 2 meters deep - how about virtually inaudible and how sexy is this - see through double wall encasing with dampening to make it super quiet. Even if you are not after a new air pump just check this baby out - just another reason Aquael is a major quality brand rocking and shaking up the market. Aquael Oxypro 150 Air Pump - ultra quiet and supplies air up to 2m deep
  13. We have the Aquael Turbo Filters, they have a section that you can put in the Macropore if you took out the rings. These use both Mechanical and Bio Filtration in one. Great if you do not have the room for canister but would like some bio filtration. Aquael Turbo Bio Mechanical Internal Filter
  14. Aquael MidiKani 800 External Canister Filter - A True Self Priming Filter with incredibly low running costs. 800 litres per hour 6 watts 4 stage filtration Biological, Mechanical & Chemical filter media included Quality Fittings ( hoses & spray bar inc ) A True Self Priming external filter - Thanks to the inline pump fitted to the inside of the aquarium Quiet and Extremely reliable Aqua-Stop anti leak system 2 year Warranty Suitable for up to 250 litres Made in Europe Dimensions 20.5cm x 20.5cm x 33.5cm ( l x W x H ) Priced at only $129.00 per unit link - Age of Aquariums - Aquael MidiKani 800 Ben
  15. Variable flow up to 10000lph External electronic flow regulation low power consumption - only 20 watts 12 Volts - Safe suitable for both fresh and saltwater max 20mm glass thickness Multi directional flow dimensions 10cm x 7cm Made in Poland 2 year replacement warranty Age of Aquariums - Aquael Reef Circulator 10000 Priced at $199.95
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