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Found 18 results

  1. photo thread only, no chat, photo of my old goldfish pond that i sadly had to sell,
  2. Having no luck in the Dry Goods, so thought I'd try my luck here Aquaponics Feed the fish, Fish feed the Plants, Plants Feed YOU | Plants & Pots | Gumtree Australia Brisbane North West - Everton Hills | 1053102857
  3. I don't really know much about this aquaponics thing but i seem to keep stumbling across it as i research filtration for my fish room i will be hopefully making soon. I can't find a clear answer on the net but i am wondering if i can use my african cichlid breeding setup with aquaponics? Would the Declorinator, Ph Buffers, Riff Lake Salts and the like ruin the veggies i would like to grow with the aquaponics?
  4. Hey everyone. I'm looking at setting up an aquaponics system one a turtle tank I'm building, now just a quick question for anyone running an indoor aquaponics setup, what lights are you using? just a T5 HO fixture? I'm just going to be growing herbs. Thanks, Skinnnyman.
  5. Instead of creating a new thread I will just put the link here - Plant growth of mint, watercress and blackberry bush have been huge. In a week they have grown 1 - 3cm roots and plant growth of about 1 - 2cm http://www.qldaf.com/forums/photography-video-lounge-23/native-blue-ey-setup-89487/
  6. I'm thinking of starting a tiny aquaponics system (boredom of the holidays ) that wont affect the aesthetics of my tank and is removable. Looking around the house I found I had this old filter system that I got off a free nano tank that was cracked. I'm thinking of using the little black container as the growbed (yes it is tiny, but I dont aim to grow much at all). Im looking at perhaps growing mint or jasmine.... Can either of these grow in such small spaces? What would be an ideal substrate to grow these in - would aquasoil work? Most importantly, can an aquaponics system harm my fish?
  7. So for sometime now my partner and I have been playing with the idea of incorporating an aqua-ponics scheme that could work within our current hatchery setup. I love the concept that we end up with herbs and vegetables as a by-product of our fishkeeping. It has been a steep learning curve as most new ventures are. I am wrapped with results so far. We are experiencing great growth and massive increase of root mass. This week has been the first opportunity to sample some of the produce. They were some very powerful chillies. A wide shot of one of the aquaponic setups. Basil, lettuce and chillies Root mass being investigated by an Azureus male. Lettuce, perpetual spinach and silverbeet. Plant-lings growing on the Poret foam Basil growing on the Hamburg Matten Filter.
  8. Anyone interested in the hobby come and check out my facebook page. Brisbane Aquaponics. Come and share your pics, info and experiences. Thanks.
  9. Floating Garden by Benjamin Graindorge and Duende Studio I dunno if thats a good thing, or not.
  10. Something cool about aquaponics is that Australian backyard hobbyists continue to lead the charge. I met a lady yesterday who has a very effective low tech setup. Turns out she has a youtube channel REGINA LUKOSZEK - YouTube Its well worth a watch if you want to see what can be achieved with aquaponics, when they are stripped down to their most basic.
  11. Is any one on here doing aquaponics can you post some pics want to compare with what i have designed and see if it will work.
  12. I've been stuffing around with 'aquaponics' for a couple of years, here are some pics (excuse the messy yard). Ive hooked up a solar panel to a 12v car battery that runs a 12v dc water pump on a timer. (flood and drain). It drains back into the bottom through the gravel and plants which oxygenates and cleans the water. I have Silver Perch in there and im really sick and tired of how slow they are growing. Ive had them in there comming up to a year and a half. mind you I have grown heaps of veggies ! Soo I figured if I forget about trying fish I can eat, how about fish I could breed? How can I heat the water? OR What fish could handle cold temps (in qld) Cheers Chronic
  13. Anybody use / have these? Just looking to see if they are reliable strength wise they look pretty handy. Special the portability eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d
  14. My girlfriend's parents are wanting to set up an aquaponics project and asked me where they can get freshwater fish like Koi and Carp from. I have no idea so I've turned the encyclopedia of fish. Who in the brisbane area sells these fish? Thanks guys.
  15. 2 pics of the aquaponics system. All in place, but plumbing not finished yet. There's 3 1250L fish tanks, with viewing windows, and 6 540L plant grow beds. 2 of these will be filled with 19mm drainage gravel, 2 with the fancy (and expensive) expanded clay balls and 2 will be floating raft style.
  16. I'm keen to set up a 500l (later upgrade to IBC) tub in the center of my aquaponics setup (new project to start soon). I am trying to work out what is the ideal fish stock to stock. I'm not a fan of fish with strong fishy taste. I like trout and love crayfish. However I'm just at research stage of what fish meet these requirements: * pleasant table food (ideally cooked asian style or bbq) * rapid growth rates * will not be canabals and eat new fingerlings I add to ensure continuous supply Current thinking Murray Cod, Trout or Red Claws. If anyone has experience in this I welcome your input
  17. Hi I've recently read a bit about aquaponics and watched a few videos on youtube. It certainly got me interested so I bought 2 x 1000L IBC containers for this new exciting project. I am still working through what equipments I need What do you think about concept of aquaponics? do you think it worth a try? If you are already into aquaponics please share your experience about the pros and cons of your set up Below are some link about aquaponics http://www.aquaponics.net.au/ Cheers Toan
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