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  1. Where is the best aquarium store in Brisbane? I have been doing most of my purchases from Exotic Connections Rocklea near the Brisbane Markets. But I find that store to be small and does not have any variety. Its stock is alright, but the variety is limited to the basic freshwater fish, and even lacks some of those. I live in the south west suburbs (Indooroopilly, Toowong) etc. I don't want to travel to the outer rural regions. Whilst on a holiday to melbourne, I visited the LFS, it was 80m long, underground store with so many tanks, so many varieties of fish, aswell as supplies etc. They even sold rare bettas for $25. The type you get imported for $40+. And it made me sad because I have never seen any shops like those in brisbane that I know of. Also would like some cherry shrimp... any sellers close to those suburbs mentioned? reply below
  2. Just to be 1000x sure before I blow up my tank, pool salt is EXACTLY the same as Aquarium salt, yess? I even just ate some to test it, and despite the fact that my mouth tastes like yuck now, it seemed fine. Just going through everything I've done to my 6ft in the last week that could have possibly contributed to the tank crash, and the only options: Added 200g of pool salt Treated with Pimafix Waterchanges (this is definitely a contributing factor with the insane readings from the tap on friday) Help relieve my paranoia!
  3. So just checking out kasman, john and a few others talking about adding salt in and what salt you use. Is there ANY difference between aquarium, pool, and table salt at all? Am I paying 20x the price at the lfs for a container with a pretty fish on it. Maybe iodized is better I'm not sure if fish share the same iodine deficiency we humans do? Lol
  4. Another month or so has past since the last thread to promote our Brisbane marine aquarium club and as usual we have had some wonderful low tide walks and free dive collection trips for our marine aquarium pets. The aandtsociety.org.au has had some top adventures over the years with in the clubs organised field trips and has been doing these fields trips for both freshwater species and reef life since 1927 from when the club was first formed. As most know we are only marine/reef keepers these days, though a few of us keep fresh water as well and over recent years the trips have become totally directed at enjoying the marine diversity that is achieved by the rare convergence of both tropical and temperate marine life forms here allowing us to get our own, sometimes a little unique marine life for the hobby of reef keeping. This is a little more of what we do on organised club trips. The south east sites we go to normally have some friendly stone fish to greet us on trips. One of the many varied zoanthids seen and collected,some of the guys like to keep them in the display tanks. This year will be called a year of copper bands-chelmon rostratus, they seem to be everywhere from this breeding season. Of course the global warming temps these days around the south east are contributing to the enormity of marine aquarium life over recent years,unlike the past From low tide rock pool club trips and some times at free dive trips, there are always heaps of lawn mower blennies-istiblennius meleagris around to choose that particular one or three for the tank to help with clean up, they are good workers!
  5. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/qah-queensland-aquarium-hobbyists-135/saturday-february-6th-queensland-aquarium-hobbyists-auction-127263/
  6. I would like to thank staff at A.O.E. for help choosing a low priced led aquarium light. They reccomended a worx 90cm light to illuminate my 110 cm tank. I have now installed it and am verrrrry happy with it. Thanks again guys. peter m
  7. Hi im just looking for opinions on filter selection for my new aquarium. Its a 4 x 2 x 2. 400 liters I have been looking at a fluval 406 and all so one like this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Aqua-Aquarium-External-Canister-Filter-Fish-Tank-UV-Light-MEDIA-KIT-2000L-H-/131247811389?roken=FmBhRY. My main concern with the ebay one is reliability and also power usage 55w vs 20w for the fluval. And with the 406 is it big enough. I have all so been looking at the eheim professional 2228. But cant find much about it. I dont have a huge budget as still have to get substrate, plants, lights, fish etc yet. Is there any suggestion of other filters to look at also. Thanks mike Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  8. Hi all! This is my first post on this forum so if I have done so incorrectly, please excuse me. I recently purchased an fluorescent AquaGlo T8 14W 15" bulb and it was delivered today. I bought this as my previous AquaZonic Tropical 10W globe blew and I have absolutely no idea why. I only just set up the new light probably an hour ago and noticed the globe gets considerably hot. The globe is being held in place by two thin metal brackets I got from my old ceiling light. I have heard that if a globe gets too hot in one particular spot then it may cause the globe to blow, however because the brackets are made to be held against the globe of the cooler ceiling lights I am uncertain if this is the case with these particular brackets. Does anyone have experience with anything similar to what I am describing? Will my globe eventually blow from getting too hot whilst touching the metal brackets? Thanks!
  9. Just wondering if there is anyone with recommendations for a person to do a few water changes while I'm out of town. I know of a few in Brisbane that I used to use but not around Toowoomba.
  10. Good evening ladies and gents, After years of not having a fish tank, I have finally decided to get back into it (my wife bought me one for my birthday ). I am looking for some inspiration on which way to go with my new fish tank, as I am second guessing if I want to go down the African Cichlid road again (I used to have Malawi colonies), as I would like to cultivate a more plant orientated aquarium. My wife and myself were looking at the African Cichlids, as my wife loves their colors, but I am still hoping to find a fish combination that will allow me to have a planted tank. I would love to take her to a show / display of various aquarium set ups and I am wondering if the upcoming Ekka will have a good variety of different types of aquariums setups for inspiration. Otherwise are there any other upcoming Aquarium displays / competitions in the Brisbane area that would be worth while going to? Otherwise feel free to post your planted aquarium set ups and fish combinations By the way my new aquarium is a 180l Octagon fish tank with 60cm height (small foot print for ground dwelling plants) and would need fish combination that would occupy all levels. Thank you everyone!
  11. Sure beats the Billabong, hands-down ! http://www.domain.com.au/news/finalists-for-britains-shed-of-the-year-competition-revealed-20160601-gp8rel/
  12. Hi all, I went through my shed and found some selleys silicone from bunnings. Use is for bathrooms and kitchens. (waterproof and no molds) Says it is 100% silicone but also says, not for aquariums. Does that mean it is toxic?
  13. Hi all, Does anyone know where i could purchase glass/acrylic for custom built aquariums? Planning on building myself one in the near future, so trying to see what is out there to plan it out. Name all the places i can find the best quality to the not so good quality glasses so i can compare and research. If you know any places that supply acrylic, name them also! Much appreciated, Kev.
  14. Over the past few weeks, I've noticed a film has appeared on top of the tank. I've removed it once, but it's returned. The only thing I can imagine is it's oil from the Eheim 2213. There's not oil slick rainbow, and when disturbed by fingers or food it separates into fragments. Any ideas what it might be?
  15. I'm looking to actually start actively caring for an corner style, triangular aquarium I inherited from a friend (about 50cm x 50cm x 70cm). Note that until now, it's basically been a box of water in an ignored corner of the house with 1 anubia on driftwood, and random java moss. Only a couple of platys and guppies which must be pretty hardy, as I rarely take any interest in them, and a few cherry shrimp. No filtration or aeration at all, and a dodgy little underpowered warm coloured LED light which means I can hardly see in the tank anyway. The substrate is just multi-coloured 10-20mm gravel. I'm at a crossroads - either get rid of the tank, or have a decent crack at setting it up and getting some enjoyment for both myself and the inhabitants. I've moved it to my office right next to my desk, so hopefully I'll get to enjoy it and give it the time/energy it deserves. I'm basically just after a nice looking tank, with bugger all maintenance/interaction (which in itself might be impossible). I'm happy to buy a better LED light so I can actually see what's in there, and can accept that a filter might be necessary, but would like to keep this as low maintenance and cost as possible. Don't really care what fish are in there, again so long as they're hardy, cheap, and don't take much work. IMHO plants make the aquarium, so I'm after advice about what species to plant where. Being stuck in a corner, I'm thinking tall plants towards the back, moving down to shorter plants towards the front. I'd really appreciate advice, including what to plant where. Once again, you guessed it, they must be hardy, and require little maintenance. Due to competing priorities, I'd be lucky to have an hour per week to spend on caring for this tank. Perhaps if I get more enjoyment out of it, I'll rearrange these priorities. I can accept that I might be wanting the impossible, and if so I'll walk away from it. Feel free to be brutally honest - I can take it! So, any advice from the ground up - substrate, plants, fish, equipment?
  16. Thought I'd give another DSM (Dry Start Method) tank a crack, so after receiving the plants in the mail this morning that I ordered online, I went down to Mitre 10 and got a bag of NatureGrow Cow & Compost, $7.70, can't complain about that, mind you, it was the only compost I could get in store, but should be fine though. Pulled out the AquaTopia Aura 25L aquarium, put down about 1.5cm layer of compost, then a 1.5/2cm layer of RichGro Play Sand, hoping that this will be fine and realise it could be some months until the tank is flooded, IF I decided to actually flood it, might keep it as a DSM tank, next was the Malaysian Driftwood, was going to go with the Seiryu Stone I have but decided against an Iwagumi, once I was happy with the layers and driftwood, I placed in the Lilaeopsis brisbanensis, I bought 4 lots of this, just broke each lot into pieces and placed at the back of the tank, then I placed in the Hydrocotyle tripartita, I actually should have ordered more as I only ordered 2 lots, but oh well, then I added in the Glossostigma elatinoides, this stuff was the probably the most healthy Glosso I have ever seen, was super green, super thick, looked great, but not for long as I separated it all into smaller blocks and planted it in, had a bit left over so that is now planted in the grow out tub down the side of the house, so will everything now placed in and planted, I got a 1l spray bottle and filled it was rain water and placed a cap full of Seasol Seaweed Fertilizer and heavily sprayed the plants, substrate, sides of the aquarium, but not to the point where it was flooded though, placed a couple sheets of cling wrap over the top of the tank and then placed the cover on. Was thinking of running it inside with a light period of 10 to 12 hours, but then thought, why not just give it natural light outside, so is now placed in the open and will be bought indoors or under cover at night, thoughts on this? Is this OK? I know this will take some months to get the required result, but that's OK, I'll be spraying the tank once or twice a day, depending on moisture in the tank, humidity, and will let fresh air into the tank every 1 or 2 days, again, thoughts on this? Anyway, here are details and photos of each stage below, cheers, all comments, feedback, suggestions, sledges welcome, haha. Aquarium: AquaTopia Aura 20L Light: Natural Heating: Natural Substrate: NatureGrow Cow & Compost (1.5cm) & RichGro Play Sand (1.5/2cm) Flora: Lilaeopsis brisbanensis (4 Pots), Hydrocotyle tripartita (2 Pots), Glossostigma elatinoides (2 Pots) Hardscape: Malaysian Driftwood (1) Fertilizer: Seasol Seaweed Fertilizer (10ml per 1l Rainwater)
  17. I have an aquarium similar to this one. Cracked>exploded>made a mess>bought a new one. Now I'm left with a choice of either throwing it out or making something good out of it. This is my idea I made it in Photoshop If anyone has some engineering experience it would be greatly appreciated. My thoughts are that if I silicone one divider where the crack is and leave that empty or put a plant in it or something. Then put a second divider in so that the water pressure is displaced between two bays instead of one. I would still like to filter both bays with one pump so I was thinking an overflow into one then maybe a siphon back to the other. I really don't want to have another flooded mess in my house so please let me know your thoughts if this would work or if I am wasting my time and $$ I think it will cost about $80 for the acrylic then some silicone. Here is the actual tank Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Has Anybody used Dee Aquarium Fish Tank Plant 6500k- 6800K LED Light from Aquaholics. Link - http://www.aquaholicsonline.com.au/dee-aquarium-fish-tank-plant-6500k-6800k-led-light-60cm.html I was looking for lights for my 30 inch 3tier racks - they need to grow low tech plants in a 15 inch deep tank Hygrophila difformis , watersprite , mosses , egeria najas . hornwort . That sort of thing . I am currently using Ista lights and Fluval ones dimmed halfway , but the fluval ones belong to other tanks - and these seem to be well priced . I have 9 Ista lights but the price has gone up and Over time I will need 16 more and because I can only buy 3 at a time I really can not haggle . These are substantially cheaper and look to be ok .
  19. I would like to thank staff at A.O.E. for help choosing a low priced led aquarium light. They reccomended a worx 90cm light to illuminate my 110 cm tank. I have now installed it and am verrrrry happy with it. Thanks again guys. peter m
  20. Nice idea when you stuck without air stone
  21. I'm aware of a friend looking to set up a small aquarium store. Is anyone aware of an owner looking to sell or a store for sale?
  22. Hi, i am seeing if anyone has the inside knowledge and know who the aquarium shops get there natives from? My local pet store wont order unless theres a certain amount and there not all usually available at the same time. Im after 2x salmon tail catfish, 1x eel tail, 2x mouth almighty (m&f), 1x bass, 2x bullrout, 1x yellow belly, 3x sleepy cod, 1x archer fish, 1x Saratoga jardine and 1x jungle perch. Big list and trying to get all within 6mths is gonna be hard. And help is appreciated. Willing to travel around brisbane and goldcoast if any pet stores have some. Even open to buying online. Thanks in advance. Muzzie h8ter
  23. Question. I am building a backing for one of my tanks using woomera rock. I need to attach a few pieces together. Can I use ordinary superglues seeing as they are ethyl cyanoacrylate same as the coral glues that you can buy. Are they safe ?
  24. Hi, im trying to find freshwater snails that will eat algae but not damage plants, any ideas? thanks
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