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Found 85 results

  1. My goldfish have either stopped eating the Frog Bit or the recent weather conditions have made it grow very fast - Large plants are $1ea - Smaller ones cheaper - Deals on Bulk buys I have a recovery pond (once the goldies eat the leaves off the plant, it goes here to regrow ) that is getting crowded, they arent as vibrant green or as big as the others so I will do a small snack bag full for $10. Pickup from Redbank Plains, 4301. Can Express Post for extra $$. Thanks Tim
  2. Hi all, I currently own a fairly small 30 litre tank, but in the near future I would like to upgrade to a 4ft tank. When I do that, I will most likely use the smaller tank for a quarantine/breeding/secondary tank. I have a full setup for the smaller tank at the moment, but when I get the larger tank I want to put the smaller one on a desk or table. I don't want the smaller tank to be covered in wires and what not (I want it to look somewhat clean and low-tech), so instead of using a T8 fluorescent tube over the smaller tank, I would like to use something more subtle such as a reading lamp. However, I've been looking online and can't find any globes that grow plants which would fit in a lamp. I was wondering if anyone knew of any screw-in light globes which can fit in a lamp and can be used to grow plants and/or is aquarium specific? Thanks!
  3. I'm buying an established marine aquarium from a friend who is moving interstate, I'm looking for an aquarium removalist, preferably someone who can hold the tank contents overnight as there is quite a bit of plumbing involved. Tge tank is located in Ashmore on the gold coast and I live near movie world a distance of about 10 k's. Can anyone recommend a company or know how I could manage it with just the w of us? There is nothing artificial in the tank, all corals both hardcand soft are live.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Hi, what are the best places in the Brisbane and Gold Coast area to buy aquarium setups? I am interested in starting up a medium sized discus aquarium (approx 300 litres).
  6. Hey guys just thought id put a post up either to remind people of the dangers of salmonella in our aquariums or inform people who didnt know. Just got my 8 month old son home after three days in hospital for salmonella poisoning with my aquarium as the suspected cause.
  7. Hi all Live plants have been selling out lately, so we have decided to give people a weekly heads up on what we have on hand each week. Bit of a rushed one this week, but grabbed some sample photos too! Plenty of bunches of, Blue stricta Giant ambulia (why would you ever settle for normal when giant is this beautiful?) Lace ferns Mayaca Narrow ludwigia Pogostemon stellata Rotala wallichii (if you have the light power to keep it, this stuff is pure bling!) Wysteria Also still a few bunches of, Hygrophilia Hygrophilia Pisces Pink baby tears Cardamine lyrata Green pennywort Baby tears Rotala rotundifolia Ludwigia Bacopa Didplus diandra Bunches are $5.95 each or 4 for $20 A good mix of medium Anubias on wood ($39 each) And a few rather special nano driftwood creations ($59 each) for those who like their fancy on the small scale. And lots more fresh pots of HC ($12 each or 5 for $50), and lastly banana lilly, java and xmas moss. Have a great week end everyone, And catch you next week for the new plant list!
  8. Photos of best designs for aquariums both large and small - Does this example come close to "Zen and The Art Of Fishkeeping" ?
  9. .When I first saw this I thought - I had to get it. The amount of times it would have been handy to have a tube to either fix a leak or just put something in place and keep it there. So many things you can do with this. Live Rock, Marine use or fresh water. Fix leaks, stick items in place - does just about everything.... Seals leaks in concrete butyl PVC glass and many other surfaces. Gold Label Underwater Sealer Can I actually use this in wet conditions ie rain or under water? Yes. Gold Label is able to stick to a surface by displacing moisture from the surface. Will it cure under water? Yes, as it uses the oxygen in the water to cure. Does temperature affect it? In its uncured state, it does. It will not cure below freezing and it will be very slow curing under 5°C. Optimum temperature is 16°C. I cannot get it to stick Most common reason is trying to use it as a glue! It is a sealant which needs a body of product to work. If you squash the surfaces to be stuck then the area cannot affect a cure. Always apply a bead approx 5mm and gently attach object or liner patch to leave a bead of approx 2-5mm (Do not be tempted to pull it off to see if it is stuck before 3 days as temperature and thickness of sealer will affect the cure rate) Can I use it to repair gutters, roofs etc? Yes, Gold Label will stick to most surfaces. Will it stick to vinyl? Yes, make sure surface is clean and sound, and abrade lightly. Can I use Gold Label in marine tanks? Yes, there is no difference in performance between fresh water and salt water. Can I use Gold Label to stick living rock or coral? Yes, because Gold Label is an inert, non-toxic product it can be used safely on coral or living rock. I need to use acrylic glass for safety in my pond / tank. Will Gold Label stick the acrylic to the frame? Gold Label has 4 times the bond strength of silicone on acrylic and has been used in major installations using acrylic sheet. Can I use Gold Label to fix equipment eg pumps, filters to the side of ponds or tanks? Yes, make sure you bed the equipment on a bead of sealer at least 5mm. This is to allow slight movement between the two surfaces and support for 24 hours to allow the sealer to cure before any weight is put on it. Can I join two pieces of liner together? Yes, by putting two beads of 5mm diameter, 100mm apart on the overlap. Then gently run your fingers over the line to make sure the sealer has connected both pieces of liner. DO NOT PRESS FLAT. By having two beads of 5mm, the liner can expand and contract without tearing and it will allow for any imperfections in joining of the two liners. Do I have to drain the pond / tank before using Gold Label? No, you can use this under water to bond practically anything. Can I use Gold Label in swimming pools / spas? Yes, this will adhere even in chlorinated water. Can I fix a crack in a concrete pond / pool? Yes. First vee-out the crack to approx 10-20 mm and fill with Gold Label. If concrete is powdery, use primer first.
  10. Have updated my webpage Please feel free to have a look and comment or find spelling misstakes etc Petes Native Rainbowfish Aquariums and Frog Ponds
  11. The Age Of Aquariums now accepts payment by PayPal as an additional form of payment online. PayPal is used by millions and we thought it was time we entered the 21st century. Thank you for the on going support i appreciate your business. Ben
  12. .https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/4612189/oco-the-worlds-first-co2-meter-for-aquariums Not sure if this has been brought up before, but looks pretty cool. Thoughts? Anything like this before?? Cheers, Richard
  13. Scenic Aquariums Now Available in black and white with filtration and led lighting. Crazy introductory Pricing of $59.95 for the 29 litre and $79.95 for the 40 litre version. Specs: Overhead top filter 350lph ( 2.5w ) Led lighting - 3w for the 29l & 4w for the 40l Great for a first aquarium or the advanced aquarist looking for a cheap all in one breeding tank. Link - Age of Aquariums - Aquariums / Furniture Usual Discounts apply. Ben
  14. hey Donny as if you dont know already ...... your inbox is full !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
  15. Justwent for a quick look guys are working hard setting up and expanding stock good to see. Sent from my GT-I9100T using Tapatalk 2
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. Hi Guys, Lucky me... I'm on long service leave at the moment so I'm off to visit England, specifically London. Can any former locals or those with travel experience over there recommend any good aquariums be they shops or public aquariums to visit?? Oh... by the way I'm leaving tomorrow :dance::dance:
  18. Hey guys just curious about keeping coral trout in an aquarium. It's funny how the idea come about as I was at a Chinese restaurant the other night and they had live coral trout in tanks and some of them looked amazing !! They grow pretty big and I'd need a big full marine tank I think if I was to house it for life, has any one here ever kept one ? I'm guessing they are friendly and u could keep a few together ? Any advice is welcome thanks guys
  19. Hey everyone I just got new gravel for my 4 ft tank and after a month of the fish becoming established I plan to get some large driftwood pieces, driftwood creations and plants If anyone can give me advice on making sure any plants i get are healthy and happy it'd be great
  20. Unfortunately Red Devil Aquarium is closing it's doors at the end of October. They need to sell out all their stock so stop in and grab something for your fish room. Red Devil Aquarium 24 Aerodrome Road Caboolture They will be closing down with last day of trading to be 31 October. All tanks, fixtures, fittings, fridges, freezers, reference books, etc to be sold. Heaps of new stuff also available; 200m and 100m rolls of airline, ornaments, sponge filters, etc.
  21. Hi everyone, So I got my first big fish tank about 2 months ago. I visited my LFS and let them know what I had and we talked about the kind of fish I wanted to keep and with that in mind chose the substrate. With that in I filled up the 240L adding the prime and stabilizer. I followed all directions (about testing and adding the stabilizer) and cycled the tank for almost 6 weeks before the LFS and I were really happy with the water. So finally I could add fish. I got some decorations and plastic plants to make her look pretty and with help from my LFS chose my African Cichlids. I put in 3 yellow labs and 2 others (which I cant remember the name of). So everything went in on Saturday and they all looked great, however on Sunday all the fish seemed to be gasping....maybe not enough oxygen. I raced off to the LFS and got an air pump and an air curtain and stone. by that afternoon they were all happy again. I did my first 30% water change this morning. I made the water just a little bit warmer than the tank 28c (the tank has stayed at that temp from the 27c it was). Everything looks good and the water parameters also are good however the fish don't look really happy. Maybe the water is too warm. Not sure...or maybe I'm panicking. but they seem really shy and timid...more so when they were first put in. They don't tend to come up when I am feeling them, they wait till the food is on the bottom and then come out eat it. Anyway probably concerned over nothing but will keep an eye on everything.
  22. i dropped into an aquarium store in brisbane today and while having a good selection of fish and equipment to keep my interest, i was confused when i seen mondo grass in the aquarium plants section for sale. i have a frontosa tank and bare bottom breeding racks both of which have no plants at all, so my knowledge on the subject is limited. I thought there would be a difference between underwater plants and garden plants. can anyone shed some light on this for me please cheers Brenton
  23. Hey everyone, Just decided to get into the aquarium game and have picked up a little 20 Litre Nano real cheap. I understand the smaller the tank the harder to maintain water quality but I am willing to put in the effort. I am just looking for some advice on what I need to purchase to get it all up and running before I introduce some animal life. Was thinking of just starting out with a Shrimp tank for now based on the size of the tank and focus a bit more on having healthy plants growing. The tank is an Aquatopia 25L Aquastyle Nano (Cube version not the rectangle) just to go in my office. Can anyone give some advice on what products I will need to start things just so I dont forget to buy anything. even just the basics that in your experience find people neglect to mention. Also any advice on what plants I should look at to start with. I was thinking of something with low maintenance to start (eg: Java Fern, Crypts etc) however can anyone recommend some foreground plants that will stay small and wont need too much pruning. I am also not sure if I need a C02 kit for these plants, everyone seems to have differing opinions as to if it is necessary. The tank has a 3.5W LED light, is this sufficient lighting for these plants or too much? Was looking at a simple layout, something like a piece of driftwood in the middle, with some hiding spots for the shrimp, larger plants up the back and a few little rocks or smaller driftwood with small plants in the front/middle. Do not really want to overcrowd the tank however. (ie: Do not think I want to carpet the floor with HC or anything) Any ideas or suggestions or advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  24. Sydney aquariums recomendations pls
  25. I hope every ones tanks did okay or have at least bounced back from when that cyclone hit and the subsequent weather event wiped out power to some areas earlier this year, our area lost power for nearly three days. I lost some inverts and around four fish, luckily none of my tubeworms died. My faith in our power suppliers is completely gone now and in Feb I bought my first generator and it has saved my reef life twice already, amazing that no matter what hit our area in the past, we never lost power for more then 4 hours. Since the little shopping centre was put on this power grid, we have lost power 5 times in two years, amazing! This is the top tank flourishing once again, which is mainly invert life with only five fish. This is the one below the invert tank, that is mainly fish and just some corals and many other mobile inverts. All my favourite fish and inverts that made it through so much time with out power are all fine and growing beautifully.
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