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Found 23 results

  1. Hey there Fish Friends, Just started a scape, but not 100% happy with it quite yet. Plans so far are to remove sand and add more soil. Currently using Eco-Complete and liquid ferts. with new soil, i will have grasshair carpet the whole front and right side of tank. but the left side where driftwood is looks a tad bland IMO. was thinking of adding rotala rotundifolia in the very left corner and maybe some behind the big driftwood? Opinions on that or any plants that could look good? would love to hear suggestions wanting to fill it up more. Note: Waiting for new impeller for canister, thus the internal is there. Sorry for having too much to read! Cheers, Kev.
  2. Hi, i have recently this year set up a new aquascape, but im not happy with it. i am just looking for suggestions on how to improve the physical structure and colors of the scape, also what plants people think would work well. the tank is 4 foot with strong lighting. thanks
  3. Hey guys, So this is my first attempt at scapeing what do you guys think, are there any tips or tricks to scapeing and i also have larger rocks but am afraid of shucking them in and breaking the glass is there a certain weight of rock i shouldn't be chucking in thanks. to see pics go to dropbox link https://www.dropbox.com/sc/y8jon54gnzr7r2m/AAAd5rUP197ScgDH-td-7m5va
  4. Start to finish - 4.5 minute youtube build
  5. Just rescaped the 3fter, currently it is a temperate water tank with leaf litter, vallisneria Cory trilineatus, Pseudomugil mellis and rosy barbs, but will most likely change this and I may end up adding some wild type angels or wild green discus
  6. So im going to do an Australian aquascape with native fish and plants. Has anyone got ideas for plants and fish?
  7. I said to [MENTION=7848]PETFISH[/MENTION] that I would not mind doing a little aquascape and that is all it took to put a twinkle in his eye and he was keen. We got the orders sorted for the day and time for a play. I thought a little cube might be fun to have a play with. Before I knew it he had some rock sorted - Seiryu. I grabbed a cube and said I would not mind popping in a background in this one so we decided on the Universal Rocks Basalt and he had the dimensions cut in a flash. We were tossing up between attaching a Ista Canister and hanging it on the back but decided to go with a Ista hang on filter. Rather than an ADA soil we chose to go with Up Aqua 5kg Shrimp soil. Plants we went with Hairgrass, Blaxya, Glosso and some HC. As much as like the Azoo Flex light we ended up going with the Ista Cree light. In an hour to a hour and a half it was sorted and complete. First Step was to have the background in place add the soil and add a little water in the low iron Skylight 30cm cube. Put in the Hairgrass at the back and add the 3 Seiryu rocks Added the Glosso, Blaxya, and HC - oh and the plastic bag with air in it was just to help with the adding of the water so it would not disturb the soil. Pete wanted to break up the HC a little more but I was just wanted to get it in - Pete now calls me Mr Instant as I like to get it done quickly - he likes to break it up and watch it grow and spread. Uncle Pete putting the finishing touches.... Thought the CO2 line was a bit obvious so thought I would pop a little subwassertang around it to help blend in and when it was time to leave 2 hours later it was looking like this - and no the soil was not washed either. I so hate my job.....
  8. This is make a step by step for anyone that is interested in learning some techniques to aquascaping and showing the progress of my project Here is the first layer of the hardscape. Waiting on more sand I'm using the following for the first layer Substrate is made up of aquabase and Pisces New Zealand Iron sand with a layer of gold gravel on top. Ill be looking to get darker gravel to break it up even more. So far the hardscape is made up of Pisces gold pagoda for the rocks Plants i havent really laid out at this stage but i will be using full Australian natives minus the moss (seems to be impossible to track down )
  9. Hi, I was considering having a go at making an aquascape tank, before I get too involved in that idea... what is the logistics when having to move them? being in rental accom moving is unfortunately a PITA fact of life. cheers
  10. Hey guys, Having moved recently, that unfortunately meant shutting down all the tanks.... on the plus side though, it meant I was able to setup and create a new scape layout for the tank at my new place Anyhow, I spent a few hours this arvo mucking around with the idea I had in my head & this is what I came up with - it's still a work in progress as I'm not entirely happy yet with the pathway or planting positions but it's a start. The waters cloudy atm + the glare doesn't help + it was taken with my phone so I'll update this at a later time when the plants have filled out, water is clear & the photo will most likely be taken at night Dimensions: 60x60x45 I think Filtration: Serenity SIPF450 powerhead attached to sponge filter Lighting: 2x24W T5HO Substrate: Aggregate Sand, Up Aqua Soil, Aquaclay substrate Hardscape: Some striated red river rocks, gold vine Fauna: -chameleon shrimps -4x longfin albino bristlenose -??? may add some larger feature fish later on Flora: -Hygrophila pinnatifida -Hygrophila polysperma 'Rosanervig' -Rotala colorata -Rotala mini type 2 -Vallisneria spiralis -Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides -Ludwigia aromatica -Ludwigia brevipes -Nymphaea lotus zenkeri -Microsorum pteropus 'philippine' -Microsorum pteropus 'windelov' -Microsorum pteropus 'needle leaf' -Microsorum pteropus 'regular broad variety' -Microsorum pteropus 'mini' -Anubias nana -Anubias barteri -Anubias lorraine -Anubias barteri 'nana' -Anubias afzelii -Anubias nana 'petite; -Subwassertang -Native mini pellia -Native fissiden 1 -Native fissiden 2 -Native plaggio -Native bolbitis -Vesicularia montagnei 'christmas moss' -Vesicularia ferriei 'weeping moss' -Taxiphyllum sp. 'flame moss' -Taxiphyllum sp. 'peacock moss' -Crypt wenditti 'green' -Pogostemon stellatus -Bolbitis heudelotii -Echinodorus vesuvius -Aponogeton ulvaceus Inspiration Enjoy, John
  11. hey guys its aussie here and I have finally got round to uploading some pics of the new aquascape that I did last few weeks with the move. its very similar to the last scape with the driftwood tree but moved the African fern (bolbitus) to the other side because it was getting to big, I also added about 50kg of more red river stone mixed with some eco complete to start growing some dwarf chain swords in the front section. I ended up buying some anubias nana and some nice large pieces to add to the left corner and mid ground too. I have finally found a supplier that sells rare moss and the mother of all feature plants the Madagascan lace plant that will be a feature along the side of some nice tiger lotus's :-) anyways heres some pics of the newly setup tank hope you enjoy bose monitor speakers mounted to the lighting rail I made the ladies by the tank, you can see that ive raised the halides by 30in off the water surface 360w of dupla power (electra combi II) fresh 8000k 150w hqi coral blue's fresh 6500K 24w compacts nokia n8 (12mp carl ziess) pics below are taken with this phone and all above are Samsung galaxy s1
  12. Well I have been building this tank over the last 6 weeks or so, and I think it has come a long way since I started. It is a 70L Blue Planet "Starter" Aquarium, extensively modified beyond "starter". It is approximately 58cm long, 43cm high and 32 cm deep (backwards). It was always going to be a hassle to scape it because of the height and depth, but I wanted a challenge. Originally I decided to get back into the hobby as a bit of exactly that - a hobby. But it has become quite the money pit as I have found more and more ways to pour money into getting exactly what I want out of a tank. I am probably a great example for people out there who do/buy things on impulse, and it always costs more in the long-run. As it sits now I am on my 3rd lighting system, and I am still not 100% happy with it. There is a lot of intensity coming from 3 x 40cm high output LEDs, but I want to get some cree actinic blue LEDs in there while I am on holidays from studying. I don't think there is enough light penetration all the way down. I have pressurised CO2 injected from a Red Sea Pro CO2 injection system, with a highly efficient diffuser and my bubble count approaching 1.5 bubbles per second to keep me in the "green". I have no fertile substrate (which I really regret) and just have black gravel to a depth of probably 3 inches. If I had my time again / when I re-do this tank I will certainly use an enriched substrate, because I currently have to remember to fertilise twice or three times a week with liquid ferts (flourish comprehensive) or my plants go yellow and yuck. Livestock wise I have gone 8 Rummy-nose tetras, 4 purple harlequin rasboras, 5 golden white-cloud mountain fish, 8 neon tetras and an albino long-fin bristlenose. There's also two red cherry shrimp I couldn't catch to move to my shrimp tank and a whole bunch of unwanted snails I eagerly "extract" when I spot them in the open. My plant list is too long for me to list right now, and I can't even remember exactly what I have. I am more interested in making sure my mosses and HC thrive, which I hope they do soon because they are a huge part of my "dream tank" goal. Anyway here is a picture, enjoy.
  13. We have been commissioned to setup and stock a Rift Lake tank for a customer. The tank measures 200 x 70 x 70 and will be filtered with a 400lt sump and an FX5. I was given free reign as to stocking and the aquascape. I wasn't able to visit the Malawian Lake bottom for inspiration. I did get to visit the Kaikoura coastline of the South Island of New Zealand and found plenty of inspiration. I spent a long time collecting rocks that were of the same type and varying sizes. We then measured out the dimensions of the aquarium on the ground and placed the rocks into formations within boundaries. I would spend some time considering each placement until it just worked. Once we were happy with layout we started the process of placing the rocks into the aquarium. Not easy considering the waiting of two of the boulders (32kg each). The setup process is still going on. I will be connecting the plumbing for the sump in the next few days. I am very excited about it all. Thanks for looking.
  14. Hi guys, Just a quick update. I thought I would revive this old tank once again as it was sitting in the spare room collecting dust and cobwebs and my plants have grown too big for one tank so thought hey, I have lots of cool lava rock and its now in again thanks to Amano using it lots lately so lets make a mountain scape in it if possible. Got cracking on a 10 min scape as I was pressed for time and just wanted the rocks in there so they were not on my floor getting in the way and it actually turned out half decent considering I will probably tear it down for a better attempt! Here it is: Cant wait to get this scape finalised it will contain mini pellia, hc, hairgrass, flame moss, weeping moss, fissidens, erios, and peacock moss
  15. Hi guys, This is Daydream's latest aquascape. It is still well into the grow out stage and is coming along nicely. Just needs some more HC, Pogo Helferi, Eriocaulon sp. Red, Eriocaulon Sp Mini, Eriocaulon Shigas and then he should be all but done. Then it is off to the next journey. Hope you enjoy and please leave your comments guys; Thanks, Adam
  16. Hi all. Got 3 festae last night that I want to grow up in a 6 x 2. Ideally I will take it down to just a pair as these are a nice fish and would be even better to have a go at breeding some. What do people use for structure in their tanks? Are rocks and gravel on there own best? How do they go with Anubias? Do they like wood? Like logs etc. any advice would be wonderful. Thanks kris.
  17. hi guys i tried to do my first aquascape in this 10 gallon tank the plants include java moss, java fern, corkscrew val and (hairgrass will be put in soon) fish will include 45 guppy fry to grow up and 7 small albino bn and cherry shrimp trio hope u like
  18. Hi guys, Come across this today and thought that it was very unique and different. Not many would go down this path so I found it interesting and a refreshing change from many of the aquascapes found today; What are your thoughts on it? Obviously it is a minamalist style scape so it is left very simple and elegant however to me it is very pleasing on the eye. Adam
  19. Hi guys, I will update this properly soon but as for now here it goes. Proper pictures will follow as well as a progress of the aquascape itself as fine tuning is to be made. Still have a lot of planting to do later on tonight and rearranging of the mid and background section until I am satisfied. I guess in a sense you could call this a nature garden aquascape as it does follow that trend and it is especially what I wanted from this tank and especially love the bolbitis hanging out of the tank Anyways peoples constructive criticism of the scape welcome Adam
  20. Hi guys, Here is a good mate of mine, Jeff's Aquascape. Enjoy. Please leave a comment or constructive criticism thanks, Adam
  21. Hi guys, I often search on the sides of creek beds around where I live, looking for interesting stones for either aquascaping or bonsai. I found this stone a fair while ago, and it's one that I've absolutely fallen in love with. It's what I consider the perfect looking iwagumi/general aquascaping stone (IMO). Anyway after finding it I spend numerous hours searching for any stones in the same area that resemble it, but found none. Any ideas as to where I could find some similar looking stones? I'm only looking for a cpl more just to balance out any scape that I would want to use it in.
  22. Hi guys, I will update this properly soon but as for now here it goes. Proper pictures will follow as well as a progress of the aquascape itself as fine tuning is to be made. This is a start of what is to come; Hazy from used Ada taken out then put back into tank. Many more wonderful water changes to come before its clear. JOY! I will also need to pack the areas where the aquasoil has landslided and compact it more and also fill in the spots where there has been a air void and the soil has sank into the tank. So lots still to do with the substrate. Plants will consist of a range of erios, pogo helferi, hc, ug, eleocharis belem, eleocharis acicularis, possibly eleocharis vivipara, and some glosso... Planting will conduct as soon as I can find some HC I will give better photos once the haze clears up. I would love your criticism on the hardscape. MY only concern is the three rocks that are emersed above the tank and does not allow for a peak in that region.... PS hardscape was done by Jeff or Daydream. Great guy who is a bloody smart person when it comes to aquascaping and fishkeeping and more so breeding. Also really good at getting ADA soil behind the tank where you cannot get to mean while Zane, Chris and myself make a total mud pit of my bedroom hahaha!! Good night last night. I am unsure on the front right as other members on an aquascaping forum said they feel it is too bold on the front right and detracting a lot from scape but I feel it adds to the depth of the valley in the centre. Anyways peoples constructive criticism of the scape welcome Adam
  23. Just a quick post. Picking up a 4x18x18 tank next Friday for a special fish that I'll be getting in the new year. I just want to be well prepared. Tank will be set up to look like a Queensland Creek area and will be running a Eheim 2217. Only fish to be housed until the new tenant arrives with be my young barramundi. Only think I'm 100% on and already have are the sand (a mix of fine light brown/tan sand and a 2mm red brown gravel. Matches well to local river sands/mud), I have a few nice pieces of driftwood that will definitely be going in, and the stocklist. -------------- So far the thoughts are either to paint the back black OR go with a background? DIY or buy? What type/style of background would fit with the QLD creek theme? Would black be classier? I like elegant aquascaping and I want to do something really nice. =) So, suggestions, photos for inspiration, things to keep in mind? Plants that I definitely need?
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